• Published 27th Dec 2012
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Heroes For Equestria - CSFORLIFEFUL

An evil force is about to be unleash on Equestria. In order to stop it, three unlikely heroes are sent to Equestria to fight the evil force, saving Equestria from total annilation. Rated M for swearing, violence and other stuff.

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Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Library Showdown
With the glow on her horn, Trixie unleash a powerful beam and shoots at Twilight. Twilight create a force field to block the beam but the beam breaks the force field and blows Twilight back. Yuri takes out his Berreta M9 and shots Trixie but she quickly use her magic to create a shield for thin air, blocking the bullets.

Trixie: It's that all you got!!!

Then, Trixie create a portal and the chainsaw majini comes out of the portal. It starts his chainsaw it was holding and prepare to attack Yuri.

Yuri: Chto eto, chert voz'mi?

The majini swing it's chainsaw and lets out a maniacal laugh. Yuri fires his gun at hit but the majini doesn't stagger and still swing it's chainsaw.

Trixie: Looks like your friend will be too busy!

Without warning, a beam hits Trixie, throwing her away.

Twilight: This is has to stop, now!!
Trixie: (coughing) Make me!!!

The two unicorn charge at each other and unleash powerful magic.
The majini, even after getting shot lots of time, still willing to decappitated Yuri.

Spike: How do you kill that thing?!!
Yuri: I have no idea!!

The majini swings it's chainsaw hard to cut Yuri's head but Yuri summersault to the right and the chainsaw instead stuck to the floor. The majini pulled it's chainsaw out and is about to kill Spike. Scared, Spike suddenly breaths fire and burns the majini. The majini squirms inpain untill he fell on the floor.

Yuri: Good one, Spike! You kill him good!
Spike: I did? I mean, I did!
Yuri: Let's go, we have to help Twilight!
Spike: Let's go!

Just when they're about to get to Twilight, they hear a breathing right behind them. They turn around and saw the majini, back on it's feet, entire body is burn but still moving.

Spike: We just can't kill it!
Yuri: Not good!

Twilight shoots out endless beams at Trixie. Trixie runs away to avoid the beam and closing in on Twilight. She jumps to tackle Twilight but Twilight use her magic to lift Trixie up.

Twilight: Stop it!! Now!!!
Trixie: NEVER!!!

Trixie lets out a magical blast and blast Twilight to the wall. Twilight gets up and and shoots a beam at Trixie.

Yuri and Spike back away from the menacing majini while filling it with lead.

Yuri: Spike! Do it again!!
Spike: I don't know if I can!!

Distracted, the majini swing it's chainsaw to Yuri's neck but Yuri catches it before it can comes in contact with his neck.

Yuri: DO IT SPIKE!! DO IT!!!

With that, Spike spits fire to the majini's face, causing it to let go of the chainsaw and trying to put out the flame on it's face. With the chainsaw on his hand, Yuri starts it and going for the kill. Yuri thrust the chainsaw at the majini's stomach, spewing lots of blood and guts from behind. Yuri pulls out the chainsaw from the majini's guts and then cut it's head off. The decapitated head fell to the floor and tower of blood shoots out of the stump where the head used to be. Yuri then stabs the chainsaw to the bloody corpse.

Yuri: It's dead now!!
Spike: Finally. Let's get to Twilight!!
YurI: Da!

After the intense battle, Twilight is weaken, but still gets up on her hooves.

Twilight: Trixie!! Stop it right now!!

Trixie just stay quite and stare at her opponent.

Trixie: That's The Great and Powerful Trixie to you!!!!

Hiding behind a bookshelf...
Spike: What are we gonna do?
Yuri: I don't always do this. But when I do, it's for my COMRADES!!!!

Yuri gets out of his hiding spot and runs towards Trixie. He grabs her and truns around. In split second, Trixie's about to shot beam at him, but Yuri gives her a surprise. A french kiss. Twilight and Spike had their mouths wide. Yuri quickly snatch the book and runs away.

Twilight: Let's go, Spike!!!

After the two left the library, Trixie just stand there, motionless.

Away from the library....
Spike: What! The hay! Was that?!!
Yuri: I can't fight her or she'll sent another one of those freaks at me! So I use my secret weapon, just to get the book!
Twilight: Guys, atleast we have the book. Come on, let's head back.

Twilight's house
Twilight: Okay, I think I finally know how to create a more stable portal.

Yuri and Spike are hiding inside a makeshift fortress made from pillows.

Spike: You sure no more living portal?
Twilight: Sure, Spike. This time it's safe, so no need to hide from there.
Yuri: Me and Spike feel safer here.
Spike: Yeah!
Twilight: Fine.

Twilight concentare and creates a small green light and the light's getting bigger. As the light getting bigger, it transform into green orb.

Spike: It's that thing again!!!
Twilight: Don't worry, Spike. This one is stable. Now, somepony should go there and get them. Anypony?
Yuri: I'll go.

Kay's apartment
Fluttershy: Wake up, Kay. Kay?
Kay:....Fluttershy...good morning. Sleeping well down there?

Fluttershy replied with a nod.
Then, a green orb suddenly appear on the living room. Kay grabs Fluttershy and hid on the side of the bed. He grabs his gun, a Glock, and aims at the orb. Then, the orb turns to a portal and out came Yuri.

Kay: Yuri!
Yuri: Kay! Thank God it works!! Fluttershy? Is that you?
Fluttershy: Hi-hi, Yuri...
Yuri: What happen to her?
Kay: Somehow, she turn to a human.
Yuri: But, she have wings?
Kay: No shit.
Yuri: Whatever. We got to go back, now.
Kay: Okay, but we're kinda naked here, so-
Yuri: I understand. Just step into the portal once you're done.

With that, Yuri steps into the portal back to Equestria.

Kay: Well, that's a surprise.
Fluttershy: So, we're going back?
Kay: Looks like it. I though they will never find a way, and we could-
Fluttershy: What?
Kay:...w-we could live a new life here...
Fluttershy: No matter where we are, I'll still be with you, remember?
Kay: Yeah, you're right. Let's go back.

Kay gets up and put on his balck t-shirt, camo pants and his tactical belt. Fluttershy, however, is not wearing anything.

Fluttershy: We don't normally wear clothes, remember?
Kay: (chuckles)

The two steps into the portal and return. The portal then disappears.

Twilight: Finally, you guys back! I'm sorry I've cause all this.
Fluttershy: Oh, it's okay, Twilight.

Yuri: Good to have you back, comrade.
Kay: Well, looks like I'm back in the fight.
Yuri: We still need a soldier like you, comrade.
Twilight: That will be the last time I tried using the portal spell.

Then, Spike spits out a letter.

Spike: Hey! It's a letter from....Josh?
Twilight: What does it say?
Spike: This is Captain Joshua Mills reporting Kay and Yuri to the base. We have sent in transportation to your location. Captain Josh?
Kay: Knew it!
Yuri: Well, looks like we have to get ready.

10 minutes later.....
After waiting for their transportation, it finally arrived, but not what they expected. Instead of chariots, a helicopter landed right infront of them. The other ponies are surprise to see a vehicle they never see before. Inside there were two ponies piloting the chopper.

Kay: This is our ride?

Then, a pony in modern military gear holding an assault rifle, came out of the chopper.

Soldier: Captain Mills needs the two of you at the base ASAP!!
Kay: Roger that!!