• Published 27th Dec 2012
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Heroes For Equestria - CSFORLIFEFUL

An evil force is about to be unleash on Equestria. In order to stop it, three unlikely heroes are sent to Equestria to fight the evil force, saving Equestria from total annilation. Rated M for swearing, violence and other stuff.

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Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Desert assault


Kay: Everypony! Keeps your heads down!

The army of combat unicorns keeps persuading the train while firing bolts. Kay and Josh pops out of cover, shooting combat unicorns. The ponies covered their ears from the loud gunfire.

Kay: We have to take them all out! Or this train won't take another hit!

Josh: To many of them! They're shooting shit at us!

Combat unicorn leader: Shoot the wheels!

The combat unicorns shoots the wheel, damaging it.

Josh: They're shooting the wheels!

Kay: FUCK!

Rarity: Twilight, do something!

Twilight: I'll use the force field spell!

Before Twilight could use her magic, the wheels already took enough damage and the train tilts violently to the left, almost falling off its track. Twilight got hit on the head and knocked out.

Josh: Twilight! Do something! TWILIGHT!

Rarity: She's unconcious!

Josh: Dammit!

Aonther wheel breaks and the train falls off from its tracks. The train cart is completely off track and is flipped on its leftside. Josh gets back up on his feet and saw Kay taking fire on the combat unicorn, and Twilight is still unconcious.

Kay: Josh! I need back up here!

Josh takes his sniper rifle and fires at the combat unicorns.

Rarity: When will this ends!

The combat unicorns fires endless bolts at the fallen cart, making it risky for the humans to pop out of cover to fire. Kay got shot in the right arm, causing him to take cover quickly.

Fluttershy: Kay!

Kay: Its okay, I'm fine! Fuck, there's to many of them!

Josh: Just hold on!

Kay ignores his injured arm and fires back at the combat unicorns.

Applejack: We're not gonna make it!

Josh: Yes we will!

Kay: We're sitting ducks here!

Josh: Just keep shooting!

The firefight is very intense and the combat unicorns are getting closer to the cart. Kay doesn't want to pop out of his cover because of more bolts firing at his position.

Kay: Oh God...Fluttershy, stay behind me...

Kay blindfires from his cover, killing incoming combat unicorns. Kay's right arm started to weaken because of the wound. He draws his deagle out and blindfires from cover.

Kay: Josh! I don't think we're going to make it!

Josh: Don't give up yet!

Kay: I ain't giving up! I'll have my last kill!

Kay furiously fires at the combat unicorn with his deagle. Fluttershy can see the feeling of lost hope in Kay's eyes. She gives Kay a hug and tears forms on her eyes. Kay wrap his arms around her.

Kay: I'll protect you! No matter what!

Applejack sees Josh still firing at the combat unicorn, then saw Kay with Fluttershy in his injured arm while firing at the combat unicorns.

Josh: (takes cover) Shit! (draws his Raging Bull) Too many of them! We're not gonna make it...shit...

The mane 6 and the humans are now trapped and waiting for their doom. Before the combat unicorn gets closer to the cart, a chariot blocks their way. Josh heard the loud thump.

Josh: Its our ride! Lets get the hell out of here!

Everyone(pony) gets out of the fallen cart and entered the chariot. Kay and Josh gives covering fire while escorting the mane 6, lifting Twilight, to the chariot. After the mane 6, the humans gets in the chariot. Kay keeps shooting at the combat unicorn before slamming the chariot door shut. The group sits back and relieve that its over.

Kay: We're made it..can't believe we made it!

Josh: How do you know that we're in trouble?

Guard: One of our scout in this part reported an army of combat unicorn waiting near the train tracks. We think that they will attack you all in the train so we'll pick you up. Sorry we're a little late, we encounter lots of resistance on the way here.

Josh: Well, we survived. Thanks for the extraction.

Twilight finally recovers.

Twilight; Uh..what..what happen? Where are we?

Rarity: We're safe, darling.

Twilight: Kay, your arm!

Kay: I got shot. And hell it hurts.

Twilight: I'm sorry I didn't put on the spell to protect the train.

Applejack: Its okay, sugarcube. Its not your fault.

Twilight: Thanks you, Applejack.

Kay: Fluttershy, you okay, girl?

Fluttershy: I'm fine, really. But your arm.

Kay: Nothing to worry about. Just a flesh wound. I'm glad you're safe love.

Josh: This..is one hell of a day...