• Published 27th Dec 2012
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Heroes For Equestria - CSFORLIFEFUL

An evil force is about to be unleash on Equestria. In order to stop it, three unlikely heroes are sent to Equestria to fight the evil force, saving Equestria from total annilation. Rated M for swearing, violence and other stuff.

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Chapter 34

Chapter 34: The mare's soul, the man's anger and the loaded shotgun
After hours of going through the Everfree forest, Kay's finally reached the Verfree Castle. He enters the castle and begans looking for the passage.

Kay: 'Where the hell is it?'

He went to the place where Nightmare Moon was defeated. He searched everywhere but still haven't found the passage. Tired from looking around, he sits on the platform where Nightmare Moon once sets her hooves. Then, the platform collapse and Kay fell into a hole.

Kay: 'What the fuck was that!!"

Kay gets up and wipe the dust on his gear. Then, the torches that are gaung up on the walls began to light up all by its own and reveals a passage.

Kay: Now that's a way lock this place up.

Even with the torches lighting up the place, Kay flicks on the flashlight on the shotgun for better visiblity and he then heads to the hallway. After passing the hallway, he reaches a wider but darker area. He now has to rely on the flashlight. He walks slowly and keeps illuminating his pathway. Then, he hears something sounded like a crawling insect on the ceilling and quickly shoots whatever making that sound. Then, something's fall on the floor and when Kay points his light at it, he saw a giant spider, as big as a pony, now dead after being shot by Kay.

Kay: What the fuck is that?!

Then, he heard another crawling sound behind him, but this time, it sounded like a hundreds. He turn around and saw more giant spider crawling towards him.

Kay: Holy shit!!

Kay fires his shotgun at the spiders while backing away. One spider pounces at Kay but got shot before it can kill him. When he's about to fire another shot, the shotgun shoots nothing but clicking sound. He takes out a grenade, pulls the pin and rolls the grenade at the approaching spiders. He immediately runs away while loading his gun and the grenade explodes, killing the spiders. While he runs away, a spider pounces at him and Kay grabs the spider's head to keep it from bitting him and killing him with it's venom. He draws his knife and stabs the spider to death. After he kills the spider, he throws it away and another spider is ready to jump on Kay but Kay manage to grab his shotgun and shoot the spider. He got up and saw more spiders.

Kay: Fuck this!

Kay decided not to take on the horde and run off. Luckily, he finds a huge door. He pass throught the door and close it tight but the spiders don't want to quit and starts pushing the door. Kay use all his strenght to keep the spider from going in.

Kay: Give up already!!

After the struggle, the spiders finally stops. Kay then pushes an old table to barricade the door. He turns around to see another room, this time, it's filled with statues of the royal guard. As he walks pass some of the statues, he saw one statue stabs and skeletal remains of a pony, and that's when he fells something is not right about the room. He keeps on walking but keeps his guard up. Suddenly, he heard a chlling whisper from one of the statues.

"You shall not pass....."
Kay: Not good...

Then, all of the statues starts to move and their eyes glows red and about to attack Kay.

Kay: Arrgh, fuck me!

Kay firs his shotgun at the army of statues and back away but a statue swing it's sword and Kay dodge it and shoot the statue. He toss agrenade at the group of statues and the explosion destoys it. Soon, the other statues comes to life and surrounds Kay. Even if he's surrounded by killer statues, he keeps fires his shotgun untill it's empty. No time to reload, he draws his Deagle and shoots every single statue that's coming near him. Even with the Deagle's infinite ammo, the statues aregetting near him. Not giving up, Kay still shoots the statues. As the statues getting nearer, Kay began to lost hope. Then, something came up on his head. He remembers why he's here for, to get Fluttershy back.

Kay: 'I didn't come here to die now...I'm getting her back!!"

Kay turns around and swings his fist at a statue, breaking it's head. He grabs the statue's spear and use it to fight the advancing statues. Statue after statue, rubble after rubble, Kay fights the army with his rage, stop at nothing to destro every single statue that tries to kill him.
After minutes of fighting, the remaining statues stops. Kay, covered with dust, waits for another attack.

Kay: What are you waiting?! Kill me!! Come on, kill me!!

Then, the statues just left Kay and return to their position, then a door opens behind Kay which leads to another room. He picks up his guns and proceed.
After passing throught the door, it closes by it's own, and the room lights up by rows of fires on the walls and Kay saw lot of remains of those who tried to pass. The room looks more like arena, with columns coverd with spikes. As he walks to the center of the room, a large minotaur, five times bigger than Iron Will, appear ot of nowhere. The beast roars at Kay and Kay replied:

Kay: You are one ugly mother!!
The minotaur charges at Kay and Kay dodges it's charge. Kay shots the minotaur but that's just angered the beast more. The minotaur punches the ground and the impact shakes the ground and Kay fells to the ground. The minotaur grabs Kay with it's massive hands and crushes him. Enduring the pain, Kay manage to slips his hands free and stabs the minotaur's hand, releasing Kay. Kay can feel his organs and bones crushed and tries to endure the pain. He picks up his shotgun and shoots the minotaur's head but the beast is still alive even after having buckshot penetrating it's head. While the minotaur is in pain, Kay remembers about the spiked columns and position himself near it. After the minotaur recovers, Kay taunts at the beast.

Kay: Come on, shit breath!!

The minotaur roars and chargers at Kay. Kay dodges the charge and the minotaur instead crash to the spiked colums. The spikes penetrate throught the beast but it's still alive and tries to pull itself away. Kay sees this opportunity to shot a few buckshots at the minotaur. After the minotaur pulled itself out, the beast truns around, with its body badly damage by the spikes, but still breathing. The enrage monster lifts it fist high and pound the ground. Because if the impact, the ceilling started to break apart and large chunks of rubble fell to the arena. Kay dodges the falling rubble to avoid getting crush by those rubbles. He then hids behind a column to regain energy. The minotaur loss sight of Kay and starts looking for him. In his hiding, Kay loads his shotgun and prepares himself. The minotaur is right near the column whre Kay is hiding when it smells Kay's odor.

Kay: (sniffs) Ah shit...

The minotaur tores the column apart and Kay runs away to avoid dead and shoots the minotaur with his shotgun. After a few shots, the minotaur takes too much damage and becomes weaker but still willing to kill Kay. As the minotaur's about to kill Kay with it's fist, Kay swings a powerful punch at the beast's face and the beast is stunned by the punch. Ignoring the pain on his fist, Kay climbs the back of the minotaur, pulls the pin of a grenade and plants it inside minotaur's wound, but the minotaur regains conciousness and grabs Kay from behind. The beast is about to crush Kay with his other hand when the grenade detonates, blowing off the beast's back, killing it instantly. The beast fell while Kay is still on his grasp. Kay use his last strenght to release himself from the dead minotaur's hands. After he succesfully release himself, he tries to get up but the pain of his inside getting crush are already gnawing on him. Kay tries to proceed to the next room while enduring the pain.
When he made it to the last room, he sees a huge, golden door.

Kay: 'This is it....the Cloister of Love..'

After long hours of enduring the pain, Kay has enough and fell to the ground. His vision is blurry and his body is weak, but he still wants to get to the door. He uses his hands to drag himself to the door, no matter how much pain he's suffering. When he's about to reach the door, he became too weak to carry on. His vision begans to blacking out.

Kay: Fluttershy... I'm sorry................... I-I love you............

After that, Kay accepts his fate.

"No. You cannot die now, warrior. You have pass throught three trials. Nopony as ever succed. You cannot die now. You will have your wish. You've earned it."

Kay: Urgh...where am I? Am I dead?

Kay wake up and found himself in a large room, the size of a stadium and brightly lighted. The room has one large golden statue of a stallion on the center.

Kay: 'Hope this one doesn't come to life and tries to kill me.'

Kay gets up and suprise to no longer feel any pain and his wound is healed, like he never sustain any. He walks to the statue and began talking to it.

Kay: Are you the one who saves me back there? If you are, then thank you.

Then, he fell on his knees.

Kay: Please, bring Fluttershy back. I can no longer live without having to see nopony to be beside me whenever I wake up. I can no longer live my life! She's everything to me! She's the reason why I kept carry on! I want to be with her again! Please! Please...

Then, the statue glows and a golden hue forms infront of Kay. As the glow getting dimmer, Kay can see the mare he loves.

Kay: Fluttershy?

Kay look up to see his love, curled up and asleep.

Kay: It's you! It is you!
Fluttersh: (wakes up) Kay? Are you dead?
Kay: Almost, Fluttershy...almost...but you're back..It's good to have you back...

Kay hugged Fluttershy, and tears form up on his eyes. Finally, after eighty days of sorrow, the mare he loves returns. The two then kiss for the first time since her death. As the two kiss, a light glows brighter, covering them and sent them outside of the castle. Kay open his eyes and notice that they are outside of the castle again.

Kay: Fluttershy, lets get out of here. I'm sure they'll be surprise to see you again.
Fluttershy: Okay, lets go home.

Author's Note:

So beautiful. Thank you author of "The Hoof In Two World" for his permission. Now then, lets move on to Yuri and Josh's situation, on the next chapter!!!

If any of you have read "The Hoof In Two World"(not mine, but it's a good one, try it out), you must know who's Tory is. So yeah, Kay has the same destiny as Tory, only Kay's stamina change to that of a soldier and his prop gun turns to a realthing instead of having magical abilities. Both loves Fluttershy, both got their heads fucked by Discord(althought, Kay's situation is far more serious) and both went to the Cloister of Love to get Fluttershy back.

The only difference is that Tory is a gentlemen(like he said) and good at solving puzzles, as seen in the Cloister of Love.
Kay, however, is a AK-totting,shotgun-totting, machinegun-totting, trigger happy, ass-kicking, explosion loving, former criminal, raging badass. So that's why the challenges in Cloister of Love in "Heroes For Equestria" is more of a surviving and killing anything that tries to kill you than the one in "The Hoof In Two World" , cause if it's a puzzle one, Kay will take too long to figure it out and need Josh or Twilight to help him solve it, or he just shoot the puzzle and swear for the rest of his life.