• Published 27th Dec 2012
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Heroes For Equestria - CSFORLIFEFUL

An evil force is about to be unleash on Equestria. In order to stop it, three unlikely heroes are sent to Equestria to fight the evil force, saving Equestria from total annilation. Rated M for swearing, violence and other stuff.

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Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Accidental Magic
Kay's entry
After we take the enemy's weapon supplies, we ship it back to Canterlot. With Josh's wide knowledge on military stuff, they will train Equestria's armies to use modern weapons, so they'll be prepare for this war. Uh, looks like Josh and Shining Armor will be too busy. From what I hear, Princess Celestia wants Josh to be captain. I knew he had it in him, shouting order and all that shit.

Me? Well, I'm just gonna chill with Yuri in Ponyville. There won't be any shooting...for now.

Yuri's house
Yuri: Tell me, Kay. How do you became a man?
Kay: Does growing up in the slums, selling drug, possesion of illegal firearms and spent five years in prison answers your question?
Yuri: When I was ten years old, I killed a bear with the my bare hands.
Kay: What? Seriously?
Yuri: Just kidding. I was actually eighteen when I wrestle my first bear and make fur coat out of it for my mother.
Kay: Wow, that's badass. So, they are busy preparing an army and here we are talking about each other's masculinity.
Yuri: Is it true that Josh will be captain.
Kay: That's what I heard.

Then, a load explosion sound came from the library.

Yuri: What was that?
Kay: Whether's somepony play with a grenade again or Twilight's attempt to learn a new spell, but failed miserably. I'm gonna go check it out.

Twilight's house
Twilight: Spike! Are you okay?!
Spike: (coughing) Yeah, I'm okay.
Twilight: Not again. Everytime I did, it never happen.
Spike: What are working on, exactly?
Twilight: I'm trying to learn to open a portal.
Spike: A portal?
Twilight: Think about it, Spike. We could open a portal to another dimension, or maybe a portal to their world so we can learn more about them.
Spike: Isn't that abit too risky?

Then, Kay enters the library.

Kay: What the hell just happen?
Spike: Another failed attempt.
Twilight: Spike!
Spike: Nothing.
Kay: Well, we should get this place cle-WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!!

The other two looks behind them and say a ball of green glowing orb.

Twilight: Oh no! This isn't happening!
Kay: What?!
Twilight: I accidently create a living portal!
Kay: A living what?!
Twilight: A living portal! It's a portal has a mind of it's own!
Kay: Can we kill it?!
Twilight: I don't think we can!

Then, then orb charges at them but Twilight create a force field. The enrage orb tries to break the force field by hitting it repeatedly.

Spike: Twilight, do something!!
Twilight: I'm trying!!
Kay: How do we destroy this thing!!
Twilight: You can't!! It will only be destroy once it transport somepony to another dimension!
Kay: Well, who do we sacrifice?!!

Then, Fluttershy came in

Fluttershy: I heard something here and-Oh my!

The force field breaks and the orb charges towards Fluttershy.


Kay jumps at Fluttershy to block the orb. The orb hit Kay and explodes in a bright light. Once it's clear, Kay and Fluttershy's gone.

Spike: What happen to them?!!
Twilight: On no! The orb! It transported them to another dimension!
Spike: Where do you think they gone to?
Yuri: YA zdes'!!! What happen here?
Twilight: I accidently create a living portal! Now Kay and Fluttershy is in another dimension!
Yuri: What?! Then how do we get them back?
Twilight: I cantry make another, more stable portal to gett hem back, but I have to master the spell and I'll take forever!
Spike: It's okay, Twilight. I can help you.
Twilight: Really?
Yuri: I'll help you too. We have to get our comrades back.
Twilight: Thanks you guys. Now let's get started but first, to the Canterlot library!