• Published 27th Dec 2012
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Heroes For Equestria - CSFORLIFEFUL

An evil force is about to be unleash on Equestria. In order to stop it, three unlikely heroes are sent to Equestria to fight the evil force, saving Equestria from total annilation. Rated M for swearing, violence and other stuff.

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Chapter 53

As time passes, we are get nearer to our doom.
The king of chaos will bring a boy, who knows not of this world, but filled with hatred towards this world.
He has the knowledge that he will use to bring Equestria to it's knees.
He will lead his army, to lay waste on Equestria.
But before his arrival, three heroes will set their foot on Equestria, and fight the evil and it's armies.
A mercenary, fighting for his next meal, who wished to once again fight for his land.
A son of a soldier,with the knowledge same as the evil, but he will use it for good, and his leadership will lead our armies to victory.
A man, who once walk the path of a criminal, repented but still a dangerous fellow, fond with those with a kinded heart, but never show it himself.
These men, will fight like the enemy, to bring peace to Equestria.
In the final days of the great war, one of them will shed the blood of the evil, ending all wars.

Chapter 53: Last and Final Suffering
Everfree forest skies,
Half a click away from point DELTA
Captain Joshua Mills
Lieutenant Commander Yuri Kravchenko
Staff Sergeant Carlos Eduardo Lopez

Infiltrate ABF main base
Kill ABF leader

As the war ragest on, an AC-130 gunship is closing in on The Lost Forest, where the enemy main base in located. Inside the plane, three heroes are getting ready for a fight of their lives.

Josh: Okay, remember the plan?
Kay: Go in, kill that son of a bitch, and get out!
Josh: Correct!
Yuri: How much longer?
Josh: We have to reach point DELTA before we're deploy! It's a safe distance away from the drones! The pods will launch us near the base and we proceed there on foot!
Kay: Good plan!
Pilot: We're almost at point DELTA. ETA 30 seconds.
Josh: That's our ceu! Go to red!

The three stands up and open their pods. Each of them lay down inside the pod before the pod doors closes. The plane crew ready the pod in it's launchers and prepares the launchers.

Pilot: We are at point DELTA. Turning right.

Inside the pods
Kay(through the comms): Hey Josh.
Josh: Yes?
Kay(through the comms): What's the worst case scenario right now?
Josh: Two actually. One is for unknown reason the pod explodes in mid-air or while it's still in the launchers. Another one is that we won't survive the impact.
Kay: Cool.

The pilot turns the plane around untill the pod launchers aims directly at the main base. Then, three launchers fires it's pod, with the speed same as Rainbow Dash.

The pods crash through wall of trees, which each pods landed on different areas. As the pods hits the ground, the impact creates a crater underneath it.

Kay: Hey Josh!
Josh(through the comms): Yeah?
Kay: It works! It's fucking works!
Josh(through the comms): Glad to hear that.

After the pod door opens wide enough, Kay gets out of the pod and picks up his M16A4 with a grenade launcher before he heads out to regroup.

Command and Control
Shining Armor: Bravo Six, are you there?
Josh(through the comms): Acknowledge.
Shining Armor: I'll be your eyes on this mission and provide intel from here.
Josh(through the comms): Thanks, Captain. We'll be needing that.
Shining Armor: You're welcome. Now regroup with your squads and get it done.
Josh(through the comms): Roger that. Bravo Six, out.

The Lost Forest
Getting out of the pod, Josh proceeds throught the forest to look for his comrades. As he slowly creeps through the forest floor, he can hear light footsteps behind him. He lets his M4A1 SOPMOD hang on it's sling and grabs the katana on his back before unholstered the katana and turns around, only to see Yuri aiming him with his AK47.
Josh: Yuri, you're scaring me.
Yuri: Sorry, comrade.

Yuri puts his gun down while Josh holstered his katana and equips his rifle, before Kay appear out of the bushes with a dead Cockatrice on his shoulders and a severed head of a Timberwolf on his other hand.

Josh: The hell happe-
Kay: I'm just not that good with animals.
Josh: And you killed them?
Kay: They're trying to kill me! (throws the Timberwolf's head on the ground)
Yuri: We should keep moving, or there'll be more creatures coming to us than that thing Kay is eating.

Josh look at Kay who just bite a large chunks of flesh from the dead cockatrice.

Kay: ... I'm hungry.
Josh: Let's move. The sooner we done with this, the sooner the war end.
Kay: Ooah.

Command and Control
While busy observing Bravo six, Twilight and her other friends barge in.

Shining Armor: Twiley, what are you doing here?
Twilight: We need to make sure that they're okay, are they?
Shining Armor: They just reached The Lost Forest and now proceeds to the ABF's base.
Twilight: Will they be okay?
Shining Armor: This... is a suicide mission. We're not sure if they can make it.

This spreads worries amongs the mane six about their friends who are now inside enemy lines.

Twilight: We'll stay, just to see how it goes.
Shining Armor: As you wish. Now they're already near the main base.

ABF's main base
After walking throught the forest, they almost reached the main base. The skies above them is filled with flying drones, but it can't spotted them on the ground.

Kay: Hijo de puta. How many drones are flying right now?
Josh: We don't know. But we do know is that all of these drones are attacking Equestria.

They sneak behind the main base and stopped by metal fences.

Josh: Fences? I was expecting a brick wall. Okay, we'll just cut throught and-

Before Josh tries to grab the fences, Kay stops Josh from getting nearer.

Kay: Hold your dick, something's not right about this shit.
Josh: What?

Kay grabs a stick and toss it at the fences. The sparks that emits after the direct contact between the stick and the fences shows that the fences that's srrounds the compound are electric fences.

Kay: Electric fence. Save your life again, Josh.
Yuri: Blagoy. Now what are we gonna do?
Josh: The only way in is through the front entrance.
Kay: With those "dildo" armies guarding? Yeah, goodluck with that, genio.
Josh: Then what's your idea on getting getting in?
Kay: We can try digging throught.
Josh: Digging? That'll work if we have a fucking shovel!
Yuri: I have an EMP device we can use.
Kay: That... that could work.
Josh: EMP? Where the hell you get an EMP?
Yuri: I told you, I worked with the largest weapon manufacturers, and they made this EMP device.

After that, Yuri place the EMP device near the fence and stands back to avouid the EMP effect. Yuri activates the device, disabling the electric fences.

Kay: It works, Yuri.
Yuri: Now we need to cut through.
Josh: Stand back.

Josh draws his katana and swings it at the fence, creating a hole fit enouhg for them.

Kay: Fucking A, amigo.
Josh: Okay. (holstered his katana) Let's move out.

Yuri picks up the EMP device and deactivates it, enabling the elctric fences and their comms.

Shining Armor(through the comms): Bravo Six! Bravo Six, what happened? We can't get your comms!
Josh: It's alright, just the EMP effect.
Shining Armor(through the comms): A what?
Josh: EMP, Electromagnetic Pulse. It disables any electrical devices. We used it so we can get through the electric fences, but it also disable our comms.
Shining Armor(through the comms): Okay. Now that you're all in, that should be a control centre around the base. We trace the source and it came underground. There's ventilation shaft near you that leads to the underground floor.
Josh: Very convenient. Roger that, we're on the go.
Kay: What's the plan?
Josh: We climb down that ventilation shaft and proceed to the command and control centre.
Kay: Nice. I like a little Gordon Freeman action around here.

While Yuri and Josh guards the perimeter, Kay use his strength to ripped off the ventilation shaft exit before the three infiltrate the underground floor.

Josh: We are clear to engage hostile. Repeat, we are clear to engage all hostile.
Kay: I was waiting for that.

The three proceeds through the hallway. Then, Josh hold his fist up, signalling the two to stop.

Josh: Hostile, eleven o'clock.

The three quickly hides from nearby cover.

Josh: I'm going to throw a flashbang at them, and then we take them out.

Josh throws a flashbang at them and exploded in a blinding light, blinding the androids vision. The three pops out of cover, taking out the blinded androids. The gunshots quickly alerted the base.

Kay: We stirred the hive!
Josh: Let's go! It should be this way!

The three fight there way throught the underground floor, looking for the command and control centre. After all the fighting, they finally found the room they've been looking for.

Josh: Here it is. Finally. Get ready to breach!

Kay and Yuri wall hug on the right side of the door while Josh place the breaching chargers. The chargers exploded, blasting the door open. The three quickly pops out and shoots any android guarding the room.

Yuri: Right! Clear!
Josh: Left! Clear!
Kay: Clear over here!
Josh: Alright, let's find a way to disable the drones.
Yuri: Let me do it, I know this.

Yuri begans working on the computer trying to gain access on the drones.

Kay: You're good at this.
Yuri: They don't call me "Yuri the hacker" back in my Spetznas days. I'll try to gain acces to the tower and control the entire drones.

But Yuri's hacking skill as put to the test as Yuri has hardtime trying to get to the tower.

Yuri: Der'mo! Eto trudno!
Josh: What's wrong?
Yuri: It's the firewall! It's impossible to gain acces!
Kay: That means?
Yuri: I can't gain control of the tower. We'll just have to destroy the tower to end this.
Kay: You mean going out there and destroy the tower ourselves?
Yuri: Da.
Josh: Let's go, we don't have much time. If we have to destory the tower, we'll have to do it.
Yuri: I'll stay here and do what I can from here. Just go!
Kay: Good luck, comrade!

With that, the two left Yuri in the control room.

Shining Armor: Bravo Six, what's your status?
Josh (through the comms): We found the control room but Yuri's unable to acces the tower and disable the drones. We'll just have to destroy the towers ourselves with everything we got.
Shining Armor: Captain, the tower is too strong. Are you sure you can destroy it?
Josh (through the comms): We got enough C4s.

ABF's main base
Josh: We'll blow that thing to the ground.
Shining Armor (through the comms): Roger. Overlord out.
Kay: We do have enough C4s, right?
Josh: Let's stick to the plan, ooah?
Kay: Ooah.

The two enters an elevator to the surface.

Yuri (through the comms): Josh, I can't gain access to the towers but I can gain control on the unused drones. Hacking one right now.
Josh: This one won't attack us, won't it?
Yuri (through the comms): Da. I reprogrammed the drone to only attack androids.
Josh: Solid copy. Over and out.

Main control room
In a room filled with computers and a huge screen in the middle, Eric watch as his drones and his armies tears Equestria into ashes.

Eric: Finally. Ponyland is now on the verge of annihilation. Now one. I mean no one! Will be able to stop me!
Android: Sir, we have a breach in the underground floor.
Eric: What?! Show me!

With that, the android shows him the camera feed of the elevator with the two heroes inside.

Eric: Some people are just too stupid to quit. Alert the troops! Set an ambush!
Android: Yes sir.

Kay: Allgunas personas son demasiado estupidos para darse cuenta de que me voy a volar la cabeza de.
Josh: What?
Kay: Nothing.
Yuri (through the comms): Josh, bad news. The ABFs are setting an ambush right on the exit. I'll ready the drone to take them out.
Josh: Do it, Yuri. We don't want any surprises out there.
Yuri (through the comms): I copy.

While the androids prepares to enter the tunnel entrance, one of the unused drones activates and fires it's minigun at the androids. The loud gun battle can be heard by the two who are almost at the top.

Kay: Looks like the fight just starts.
Josh: Okay, look military.

As the elevator reached it's spot, the two proceed through the tunnel, and are welcome by a drone flying above them, firing it's arsenal at the androids.

Kay: That's ours, right?
Josh: No shit!
Yuri (through the comms): I can see you through the drone camera. Your path is clear, the drones will follow you and provide air support. I'll stay here and find a way to get inside the tower.
Josh: Thanks, Yuri. I knew we can count on you.

Soldier: Sir, our troops from Ponyville are engaging ABF!
Shining Armor: What?! Get a contact on those troops!
Soldier: Yes sir.
Shining Armor: This Captain Shining Armor, what's the status on Ponyville.
Colonel (through the comms): ABFs are attacking us from all direction! We got multiple casualties! Requesting reinforcement! Say again! Requesting reinforcement! (gunshots) Hurry!!

Hearing the distress call, the mane six started to get worried about their homes.

Shining Armor: Contact the base and bring in reinforcement to Ponyville!
Soldier: Sir, our base is also under attack! We cannot bring in reinforcement!
Shining Armor: Get me Captain Mills!
Soldier: Yes sir.
Shining Armor: Bravo Six, what's your status?
Josh (through the comms): We are proceeding to the towers but we got heavy resistance!
Shining Armor: Bravo Six, we need you to destroy the tower immediately! Ponyville and our base are under attack!

ABF main base
Josh: Roger that! We're get it done as fast as we can! Bravo Six out!
Kay: What was that?
Josh: Ponyville is under attack now! We need to get this done!
Kay: Shit!
Josh: Yuri! Can you do something over there!
Yuri (through the comms): I'll try!

Then, with Yuri's control, the airborne drone drops a four legged drone and starts firing it's minigun at the heavy resistance.

Yuri (through the comms): That will give you ground support!
Josh: Good enough!

Then, one android fires an AT4 at them.


The two quickly runs away from their cover, but the rocket hits the cover, destroying it. The two lay on the ground before regaining their conscious.

Josh: Kay! Use the drone for cover!

The two gets up and hide behind the drone, taking cover from heavy fire.

Main control room
Eric: Wait, why are those drones shooting at ours?!
Android: Sir, someone took control of those drones.

The android shows Eric the camera feed of the underground control centre with Yuri trying to hack the tower.

Eric: That russian. I want my troops to kill him!

After fighting through the ABF armies with the drones, they finally reached the base of the tower.

Josh: Alright, let's blow this place up.

The two split up to plant C4s on different area of the tower. After they done planting C4s, the two runs to a safe distance.

Kay: Ready?
Josh: Blow it.

Kay press the detonator, detonating the C4 and destroys the base of the tower. The tower is damage underneath, but even that's not enough to bring it down.

Kay: What the dick?! I thought that works!!
Josh: Yuri, the C4s are not strong enough! The tower is still up!
Yuri (through the comms): O know, it's still sending out signal.
Josh: Any luck there?
Yuri (through the comms): Still nothing, comrade. Chyort! They found me!
Josh: Yuri, come in!
Yuri (through the comms): I'm engaging ABFs!!! AAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!! (AK47 firing)(explosion)
Josh: Yuri, come in! Yuri, come in!! YURI!!! Shit! We lost contact!
Kay: Yuri's dead?
Kay: Dammit!! FUCK YOU ASSHOLE!!!!
Josh: This is Bravo Six! We lost Yuri!

Josh (through the comms): Repeat! We lost Yuri!
Rarity: Y-Yuri? No!

Devastated by his lost, Rarity breaks into tears while Spike and Fluttershy try to calm her down.

Twilight: Yuri... he's gone?
Shining Armor: There's nothing we can do, Twiley. Bravo Six, are you still in the mission?
Josh (through the comms): We'll get it done, we'll avenge Yuri and end this war. Bravo Six out.
Fluttershy: I'm sorry, Rarity. I'm very sorry.

Then, multiple red dots appear on the screen approaching Canterlot.

Soldier: Sir, multiple ABF boogeys are coverging at us!
Shining Armor: Get our troops ready! Twiley, you have to get your friends to safety. They are about to reach Canterlot.
Twilight: Okay.
Spike: Come on, Rarity. We got to go.

Rarity, still sobbing, tries to get on her hooves and follow them to safety.

Outside of the castle
General: All units! Get into battlestations! Enemy drones are converging to our position!
Shadow Hooves: Sir! What's going on!
General: ABFs are coming at us, corporal! Get your flank ready! Those force field ain't gonna hold them longer!
Shadow Hooves: Yes sir!

As they are getting ready for the attack, the drones almost reached Canterlot and shoots it's missiles at Canterlot but only hit the force field surrounding the compound.

General: Remember! The force field won't hold them much longer! So get ready!

Canterlot castle
From the window, the mane six and Princess Celestia can see the drones trying to shoot their way through the force field.

Celestia: The force field isn't going to last.
Twilight: W-what are we gonna do now?
Celestia: Twilight. Prepare the Elements of Harmony.

ABF main base
Kay: What now?
Josh: Our last objective. Kill the punk.
Kay: Finally, we get to draw blood. I mean real blood.
Josh: Lock and load.

The two checks their ammo before proceeding to the building with Eric and the androids are. Kay blast the door open with his grenade launcher, killing any androids that stands too close to the door. The two entered through the blast wall, almost blinded by floating dust and debries. Suddenly, an android that survives the blast tries to take on Josh but Josh draws his katana and cut the android in half. The two proceeds through the hallway and upstairs.

Main control room
Android: Sir, they've breach the perimeter!
Eric: What!

Eric looks at the camera feed and saw Kay, doing the throat cut hand gesture at the camera, sending fear on Eric

Eric: I-I want troops in there. NOW!!
Android: Yes sir.

As the drones fires it's missiles, the force field started to get weaker.

Twilight: We're ready, princess.

With that, Princess Celestia use her magic and strengthed the force field.

Twilight: Alright, girls. Our turn.

The mane six, all with their element, starts glowing and creates a powerful surge at Twilight and Twilight shoots her horns at the force field, strengthed it more.

Celestia: We have to hold long enough untill they succeed on their mission!

ABF main base
Android: Sir, their force field are gettng stronger. Our drones still can't get through.
Eric: Tell them to hit it with everything they got!

Androids with rocket laucnhers and tanks started firing at Canterlot.

Twilight: They're hitting it with something more stronger!
Celestia: Don't give up! Keep holding them!

After a lot of hits, a crack starts to build up on the force field.

ABF main base
Kay and Josh are fighting their way through the ABF soldiers. They fight their way till they reach the a window with the full view of the damaged tower.

Kay: I got an idea
Josh: What?

Kay grabs two AT4 and toss one at Josh.

Kay: Let's do it again! Let's end the war, then we kill him!
Josh: Smart idea.

The two aims at the tip of the tower, and fires the AT4, hitting the tip and stops the signal from being sent to the drones.

Android: Sir, we lost the signal for our drones.
Eric: What happen?!
Android: The tower is destroyed, sir.
Eric: WHAT?!!

As the tower destroyed, all of the drones are disabled and falls on the skies. All of the cities and towns started raining with falling drones. This gives the Equestrian army an advantage and they fight the ABFs off the map.

The screen that was once full of red dots, are slowly fading away.

Shining Armor: They did it. They did it!!

Outside, the drones falls from the skies, falling ontop of the ABF too unfortunate to be underneath those drones.

General: What just happen?
Shadow Hooves: They did it, sir!
General: Well then, we're not finish yet! Let's fight them off!

The soldier starts fighting off ABF infantries and tank.

ABF main base
Kay: OOAH!!! There's goes those fucking drones!!
Josh: Alright, let's go kill him.

Then, Josh got shoot in the leg, causing him to collapse in the floor. Kay drags Josh to cover and fights the ABFs untill the it's clear.

Kay: You alright?
Josh: Go! Just leave me, I'll be fine!
Kay: Okay.
Josh: And Kay.
Kay: Yeah?
Josh: Kill him. For Fluttershy. For Yuri. For Equestria.
Kay: What else should I be here? Alright. See you later, got some punk to kill.

Main control room
Eric: How the hell this happen?!!
Android: Sir.
Eric: What!!
Android: You may wanna take a look at this. He's on his way here.
Eric: Shit, grab your gun and get ready!

With his command, all of the androids prepares their guns and takes cover. Eric takes cover behind a control panel and ready his stolen revolver. As the sound of gun fire gets closer, Eric gets nervous and he's about to make a run for it as the man he pissed off is coming to get him and he only relies on his androids to protect him. Then, the gun fire stops. They waited for a few seconds before the door blows up, creating a huge wall with dust covering the entrance. Then, a flashbang is thrown inside the room and exploded into a blinding light, blinding the androids.
With the androids blinded, Kay enter the room, with a Death Machine he found. He spins the menacing gun and fires endless bullets at the androids, shredding them to death while Eric cowardly stays in his cover. After Kay clear the room of androids, he throws the gun aside and draws his Deagle and looks for Eric who is still hiding behind the control panel.

Kay: Where are you, punk!!

Eric collects enough courage and pops out of cover to shoot Kay with the revolver but Kay dodge the bullet and shoots Eric's robotic hands, disarming him. Despite his damaged robot arms, Eric tries to tackle Kay but Kay grabs his arms and the two ends up in a thug of war.

Eric: Face it, brony! I'm more powerful than you!
Kay: Like hell!

Kay puts his foot on Eric's stomach and tears the robotic arms off Eric, leaving a huge hole oozing blood. Kay then hits Eric's face with the severed arm and toss it away. Now completely afraid of Kay, Eric crawls away from him.

Eric: Don't kill me! Please! Have mercy!
Kay: You want mercy? After what you've done! My friend died back there! Like hell I will give you any fucking mercy!!
Eric: Aren't you suppose to show love and tolerance?
Kay: Not in my book! People fuck with me! They die! People fuck with me! They get a bullet to their heads!! People fuck with me! THEY DON'T GET MERCY FROM ME!!

Kay aims his Deagle at Eric's head.


Kay pulls the trigger and fires five shots at Eric's head, before stomping his head into bloody pulp in anger.
After that, he leaves the room and meet up with Josh.

Josh: You did it?
Kay: Yeah. Can you walk?
Josh: Is that a stupid question? I got shot in the legs!
Kay: I can see that.

Kay drags a dead android and sits ontop of it. Then, he takes out a metal container containing three cupcakes, one for Yuri.

Kay: Looks like Yuri's won't have his cupcake.
Josh: Yeah. We're gonna miss him.
Yuri (through the comms): No need to miss me, comrades.
Josh: Yuri?!
Kay: Yuri?! You're not dead?!
Yuri (through the comms): They never give a good fight. So Yuri Kravchenko survives!
Kay: Holy fuck!! I though you died back there!
Yuri (through the comms): Not today, comrades. Not today. Oh, and I think our extraction is nearly here. We should get out of here.
Josh: Roger that, I'm getting tired of this place.
Yuri (through the comms): See you two outside.

Kay gives a hand to Josh and lifts him up and excorting him outside.

Kay: You're okay?
Josh: I'm fine.
Kay: Shit, we really did it, buddy. We really fucking did it.
Josh: Yeah, that was a good run. And Kay.
Kay: Yeah?
Josh: Equestria. Ain't so bad.
Kay: *chuckles* Ooah.

As the two reached outside, surrounded by dead andriods, they are greeted by Yuri who looks like he just fight an entire army of androids.

Kay: Yuri, you son of a bitch!!
Yuri: My friends! Good to see you alive!
Josh: Good to see you alive too.
Yuri: So, is he dead?
Kay: He's dead alright. Best part, I won't go to prison after this.

Then, a helicopter arriveds and landed on the ground. Kay and Yuri helps Josh board the chopper and treated by a medic. Yuri and Kay then boards the chopper and takes off, before more choppers landed on the base carrying soldiers to secure the place.

Josh: So... It's over?
Kay: Si. It's over now.
Josh: Finally.
Kay: Cupcakes?

Author's Note:

So, the story almost reach it's end. Sorry about some misspelling and other shit.