• Published 27th Dec 2012
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Heroes For Equestria - CSFORLIFEFUL

An evil force is about to be unleash on Equestria. In order to stop it, three unlikely heroes are sent to Equestria to fight the evil force, saving Equestria from total annilation. Rated M for swearing, violence and other stuff.

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Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Sorrow
Fluttershy's funeral
Everypony in Ponyville goes to her funeral and showing sad faces, at the dead of Fluttershy. Kay is the most devasted by her death. All he ever dreamt is to be with her. Now that she's gone, he's dream crushed with her soul. Josh is still upset about what happen to his friend. The man who doesn't afraid of getting killed and just picks up a gun and shoot his way out, now crying near the grave of his lover.

After the ceremony, everpony left, except Kay, who still mourns her. Josh tries to consult him but Yuri hold him, telling him to leave him alone. Josh as no choice, but to left.

Kay's been crying the whole time, but he knows that that will never bring her back. He keep remembering his precious moments with Fluttershy.

"Um..my name...is.....Fluttershy"
"I love you Kay"
"I love you"

Kay's clinches his fist, remembering about what happened to her, the moment she died on his hands, the person who kills her.


18 days later
Josh's entry
"We just got intel from our spy that the enemy is now moving out, abandoning their bases. According to our spy, their new leader, Eric, as ordered every base to be destroyed and abandon. We are going to assault on the remaining base. We have to captue the general for interrogation, so we have intel on the main base."

"After the dead of Fluttershy, Kay as been suffering from traumatic stress disorder, haven't talk to any of us since then. He has no regard of his safety. He began showing sign of homicidal fixation on Eric, which causes him to disobey orders. He changed. He's no longer the Kay I know. Her death, must have been a huge slap on the face for him."

While three are waiting to be deploy, Kay is busy sharpening his knife. The other two just stay quite.

Pegasus guard: We're getting near! Prepare yourselfs!
Josh: Alright, lock and load, we're dropping in ten!

Kay puts his knife back to its holster and ready his AK47.

Josh: Alright, five seconds! One! Two! Three! Four! Go go go!!

On his signal, Kay rappels down, followed by Yuri, and then Josh. After the three touches the ground, Josh give them a quick briefing.

Josh: Alright! Our objective is to get to the general and we need him alive!! We're oscar mike!

The three proceed to the base compound. Once they reach there, they take cover behind wooden boxes.

Kay: Looks like they're too late to start packing up.
Josh: We still got time. Yuri, toss a grenade.

Yuri takes out a grenade and toss it at a group of combat unicorns guarding. The grenade kills the guards and alerted the others.

Josh: This is it! Open fire! Open fire!

There are only a small number of unicorns, so taking them all out is a complete ease to them. They spread out to different cover while pushing the combat unicorns. Kay, never cares about his safety, comes out of his cover and fires at the remaining combat unicorn.

Josh: 'Not again.'

After the area is clear they continue their search. On the way, they encounter many resistance, but manage to proceed thanks to their experience. After hours of gun and magic fight, they've reach the barrack where the general suppose to be.

Josh: Kay, plant those charges!

Kay takes out a C4 an plants it at the barrack doors. Kay gives them the signal and waiting for Josh's command.

Josh: Blow it!

On his command, Kay press the detonator and anypony who stands too close to the door dies from the explosion. They breach in, shooting any combat unicorn protecting the general. After all of the unicorns are dead, Kay tackles the general and stabs the general's legs with his knife.

Josh: Kay! That's enough!

Kay lets go of the general.

Josh: Okay, if you wanna live, tell us everything.
General: We-we are just about to left this place untill you came in!
Josh: Tell us! What was his plan! Why is he telling all of you to abandon your post!
General: I-I don't know! I'm just following his orders!! I swear, I don't know!
Josh: Alright, but one last question. Where is the main base?
General: I keep hearing about the main base, but I never go there. I swear! I've never been there!

Without warning, Kay shot the general in the head.

Josh: Kay! What are doing! We need him alive!!
Kay: He doesn't know everything! Why waste time capturing him!

The two went silent, untill Kay broke the silence.

Kay: Can we just get outta here!
Josh just stay quite, while leading them out.

Yuri's house
Yuri's just sitting on a metal box while holding a bottle of cider. Then, out of nowhere, Pinkie Pie suddenly appear.

Pinkie: Yuri! I've been trying to make Kay smile again, but I don't see a single smile!
Yuri: Pinkie, you do know what happened to him, right?
Pinkie: Um..yes..
Yuri: He loved her so much, that, after she dies, he never smiles again. I miss the old Kay.
Pinkie: I miss the old Kay too!!
Yuri: There is nothing we can do...cider?
Pinkie: Of course!

Twilight's house
Josh: We all miss Fluttershy....but we need to move on now. Wish Kay can do that.
Dash: What about him?
Josh: He still mourn her, Dash. I tried to tell him that but everytime I do, we got into a fight.
Twilight: I can't hardly imagine Kay's feelings right now. What are we gonna do about him?
Josh: I-I don't know.....

Fluttershy's cottage
Kay enters the now empty cottage. Eversince Fluttershy died, all of her animals went to live in the forest, even Angel the bunny starts living in the wild. Kay heads upstairs to her bedroom and lay on her bed. The silence of the cottage is the only thing Kay needs now.

Twilight's house
Applejack: Even though Fluttershy's gone, Kay still sleeping on her cottage. I think he misses her so much.
Twilight: Josh, I think you should really see him sometimes. He needs a friend. You're his bestfriend, Josh.
Josh: I know...I go talk to him.