• Published 27th Dec 2012
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Heroes For Equestria - CSFORLIFEFUL

An evil force is about to be unleash on Equestria. In order to stop it, three unlikely heroes are sent to Equestria to fight the evil force, saving Equestria from total annilation. Rated M for swearing, violence and other stuff.

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Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Call of Duty, not Juarez


The train arrive and the mare 6 are the first to get off the train. Kay wakes up Josh, who is taking a nap.

Kay: Josh, we're here.

Josh grabs his sniper rifle, stands up and stretches his body. The two of them gets off the train to meet the others. Then, Braeburn appears to greet them.

Braeburn: Howdy, ladies! Welcome back! What brings ya'll here?

Applejack: Howdy, cuz. Princess Celestia send us here for a mission.

Kay: And we would like to talk with the sheriff, its very important.

Braeburn had a confuse look on his face, he never saw a human before.

Kay: I'm sorry, my name is Kay.

Braeburn: Name's Braeburn, nice to meet ya', Kay.

Josh: Josh. Call me Josh.

Braeburn: Pleasure to meet ya' too. Now, ya' folks follow me, ah know where the sheriff is.

They all followed Braeburn to the sheriff's office. Braeburn stopped them for a second.

Braeburn: Ya' folks stay here for a while, Imma talk to the sheriff first.

Braeburn enters the office, while the humans and the mare 6 waited outside.

Braeburn: Sheriff, Applejack and her friends are here, along with other folks. They wanted to see you.

Silverstar: Well, let em' in.

Braeburn opens the door to let them in. Sheriff didn't expect to see two humans enters his office.

Kay: Hello, sheriff. My name is Kay and this is Josh.

Silverstar: Pleasure to meet ya' two.

Kay: Did you heard what happen to Fillydelphia?

Silverstar: Ah heard what happen there.

Kay: Well, we fear the same thing will happen here, so Princess Celestia wants us to go here and prevent the same thing from happening. So, you won't mind if two armed men guarding Appleloosa until the threat is gone, won't you?

Sheriff Silverstar looked at the two "men", holding their weapons. Silverstar rubs his chin with his hoof, while the humans and the mane 6 are waiting for the answer. Then, Silverstar gives the answer.

Silverstar: Okay, but don't you two cause trouble here in ma town.

Kay: Aye aye, sheriff.

10 Hours later

As the only sniper, Josh provides overwatch from a roof on top of one of the buildings. He scans the whole area with his sniper scope. Then, he saw a pony pulling a wagon. To Josh, the pony looks very suspicious, so he contact Kay with his earpiece.

Josh: Kay, I got eyes on a wagon, the pony looks very suspicious, why don't you take a look, over.

Kay: Roger that.

Kay moves from where he stands and heads to the wagon. He pull out his hands to stop the pony, while keeping his finger off the trigger.

Kay: Sorry, sir, but I have to check on your wagon.

The pony stop and lets Kay to check on the wagon.

Kay: Josh, keep your scope on him but warning shots only, unless he tries to kill me.

Josh: Roger that.

Josh aim his scope at the pony, ready to fire a warning shot, or a lethal shot if the pony do something stupid. Kay check the content of the wagon and saw lots of wooden boxes, all stacked up. Kay walks to the pony and tell the pony to move along.

Kay: Its a clean one.

Josh: Roger that.

The two humans continue their patrol. When the cost is clear, the pony went to the clock tower and hides the wagon behind the building. The pony took a different route to avoid the humans. He looks around and enters a saloon. He enters a room and takes off his hat, revealing a unicorn horn. Inside, he meet one of the bombmakers, an earth pony.

Bombmaker: Did you place the bomb?

Unicorn: Yes, sir.

Bombmaker: Good, gather up everypony so I can began the timer.

Unicorn: Will do.

The unicorn put on his hat and went out to gather up his comrade. He accidently bumps on Applejack and Fluttershy.


The unicorn shout at Applejack and went off.

Applejack: What's his problem?

Applejack looks at Fluttershy and tries to cheer her up.

Applejack: Its okay, Fluttershy.

They continue walking until they saw Kay, still patroling.

Kay: Good to see you two, its getting boring here.

Applejack: Need some company?

Kay: Yes, please.

Kay continue his patrol with the two ponies, and Fluttershy walks near next to Kay as usual.

Josh was busy scanning the area and didn't notice Pinkie Pie behind him. Pinkie Pie think of scaring Josh while he's not looking. Pinkie creeps slowly to Josh till she got close enough. When she's about to scare Josh-

Josh: I can hear your footstep, Pinkie. You failed.

Pinkie Pie drops to the ground in a loud thump.

Pinkie: I almost got you!

Josh: Better good luck next time.

Pinkie then sit next to Josh to accompanied him. Josh was okay with the silence but Pinkie can't stand the silence. So, she decide to talk with Josh.

Pinkie: Don't you feel bored here?

Josh: Nope. Silence is my friend.

Pinkie: Well your "friend' seems to be very boring.

Josh: Well, I got used to it. Being a sniper, you need concentration, that means be quite all the time.

Pinkie Pie just stood there with Josh. Then, Josh saw a group of ponies.

Pinkie: Those guys don't look friendly.

Josh: They don't.

Josh contacts Kay with his earpiece.

Josh: Kay, we got a group of ponies, they don't look very friendly.

Kay: Roger that, I'll keep my eyes on them.

Applejack: What was that?

Kay: Josh spotted a group of suspicious ponies. I think we better scout them.

The three wait in one corner and wait for the group. Seconds later, Kay finally saw the group, and like what Pinkie said, they don't look friendly. Fluttershy hides behind Kay.

Kay: Josh, I got a visual on the group, repeat, I got visual on the group. There're entering a saloon. I will go check them out.

Josh: Roger that.

Kay: Okay, you two, stay here. Imma go check what they're up to.

Fluttershy: Be careful, okay?

Kay nodded at Fluttershy and went to the saloon.

Applejack: He'll be fine, sugarcube.

Applejack too worries about Kay, but she tries to hide it. Kay hugs the wall and peeks inside the window. Inside, he saw the same pony before.

Kay: That sonovabitch...

Kay can hear their converstaion.

Unicorn: Okay, the timer already start so we have to get out of here.

Kay: You sons of whores not going anywhere...

Kay burst through the door and fires at the unicorns. The unicorns jumps from cover and start fires bolts at Kay. Kay takes cover behind a flipped table. Fluttershy and Applejack was suprise hearing the gunfight inside. Josh heard the the gunshot and contacts Kay.

Josh: Kay, I heard gunshot! What the hell happen?

Kay: Looks like they were unicorns, Josh! Need a little help here!

Josh: Okay but hold on!

Josh rappels down and went off to the saloon. Pinkie Pie jumps off the roof and land on her hooves, and then follows Josh.

Kay was trap in a gunfight and was pinned down. He can't pop out of cover without getting hit. He blind fires, hoping he could hit one of them. Then, Josh jumps in through a window and fires his Raging Bull at the unicorns. Josh shot three unicorn dead, then jumps to a cover.

Kay: Hey! You came just in time!

Josh: Yeah! Lets take them out!

Kay pops out of his cover and shoots a unicorn dead, then shift his target to the next one. Josh fires his Raging Bull and one round hits a unicorn in the heart. The last unicorn saw all of his comrades are dead and runs to a door.

Kay: You're not going anywhere!

The unicorn slams the door shut and locks it. Kay fires the door knob and kicks the door. He shoots the unicorn in the head and shoots the bombmaker in the hoof. The bombmaker drops the floor, and Kay stomps on the bombmaker's injure hoof, breaking the bones inside. Josh came in and aims his Raging Bull at the bombmaker.

Kay: Alright, I want answer! Where'sthe bomb!

Bombmaker: I'm not telling you anything!

Furious, Kay stomps the bombmaker's hoof, making it more painful. This makes the bombmaker speaks the truth.

Bombmaker: Okay! okay! The bomb is in a wagon, behind the clock tower!

Kay: Is that true?

Bombmaker: Yes!

The bombmaker scream in agony as Kay's boots gets deeper in the wound.

Kay: Alright.

Kay lifts his leg up to free the injured hoof, and draws his Deagle and aims at the bombmaker.

Kay: This is for those innocent lives lost in Fillydelphia.

Bombmaker: NOOO!

Kay fires his Deagle at the bombmaker's head. Blood was all over the floor where the dead pony lays.

Kay: Come on, we got to find the bomb.

Josh: Roger.

Applejack, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie are waiting for the humans to come out in one piece. Twilight, Spike, Rarity and Rainbow Dash arrive just in time after hearing the gunfire.

Twilight: What's going here? Is everypony alright?

Applejack: We're fine.

Spike: Where's Kay and Josh?

Then, the two humans comes out of the damage saloon

Kay: Twilight, tell everypony to get away from the clock tower!

Twilight: Alright. Girls, we need to tell everypony to get away from the clock tower!

Dash: I'm on it!

Rainbow Dash flies to the sky and warn the resident about the danger. Everyone(pony) starts panic and runs away from the clock tower. The other ponies escort the residents to a safe place. Kay and Josh put on their gas mask and began searching for the chemical bomb. Josh check behin the clock tower and saw the wagon.

Josh: Kay! Its over here!

Kay enters wagon to search for the bomb. He pushes the boxes away and saw the bomb.

Kay: Sneaky sonovabitch.

Kay pull out his knife and cuts the wires, defusing the bomb.

Kay: Bomb as been defuse.

Kay gets out of the wagon and tells Josh about the bomb.

Kay: Bombs gone. We did it.

Josh: Ooah.

Both of them takes off their gas mask and went to meet the others. Rainbow Dash landed near them.

Dash: You guys did it! You guys save Appleloosa!

Fluttershy flies to Kay and hugs him.

Fluttershy: You're okay! I'm so glad!

Kay: See nothing bad happens.

Kay kisses Fluttershy. Josh scratch his head and look at other direction.

Applejack: You guys save Appleloosa and everypony's lifes.

Silverstar: And for saving this town, we would like to celebrate for your bravery.

Josh: Thanks sheriff, appreciate that.

Kay is still kissing Fluttershy, so Josh shoved Kay's arm.

Kay: Oh sorry, uh, thank you, sheriff.

Silverstar: Please,stay here for awhile, we'll throw a party, honoring our heroes.



Luna: Looks like Appleloosa is save, sister. They did it.

Celestia: Indeed, Luna. They done well.