• Published 27th Dec 2012
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Heroes For Equestria - CSFORLIFEFUL

An evil force is about to be unleash on Equestria. In order to stop it, three unlikely heroes are sent to Equestria to fight the evil force, saving Equestria from total annilation. Rated M for swearing, violence and other stuff.

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Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Taken
Kay: Son of a bitch! Fuck!
Josh: Kay, will you relax.
Kay: How will I relax if they got Fluttershy!! Fluttershy. It's my fault!
Josh: No, it's my fault. I didn't protected her. I'm sorry.
The two went silent, while Yuri and the other mane six are watching.

Applejack: Ah..Ah can't believe they took Fluttershy. What's gonna happen to her?
Twilight: I-I don't know....

Then, Princess Celestia and Lauren steps in.

Celestia: Kay, I'm sorry but we can't find her exact location. But she's still alive, I'm sure.
Kay: So what are we gonna do? How are we going to find her? AARRGGHH!!!!
Then, Kay got a headache.
Josh: Kay! Shit, not again!!
Kay: Get off my head!!!!!!!!!!

Discord: There's no use resisting, Kay!!! If you want to see your Fluttershy again, meet me at the sculpture garden and you better come alone, or I'll end her life!!!

After that, the headache's gone and Kay fell on his knees again.

Kay: He's...he's waiting for me at the sculpture garden.....I'm gonna kill him!
Josh: Hold it, Kay. You're not going there and get yourself kill. Now, we're going with you, and that's final.
Kay: If you two come along, he'll kill her! Just let me handle this myself!

Kay lets go of Josh's grasp and heads to their chariot to grab a pump-action shotgun, and off he goes to the Canterlot Sculpture Garden to meet/kill Discord.

Josh: Dammit, Kay! Why do you have to be so stubborn!
Celestia: Perhap you should go help him without letting him know. There's another path to the garden there, I'll show you the way.
Josh: Thank you, Princess. Yuri, ready up.
Yuri: Da.

Sculpture Garden
Kay: Alright Discord! I'm here!!
Eric: Just as planned.

Then, Eric appear with Fluttershy with her wings and hooves tied up.

Fluttershy: Kay!
Kay: Fluttershy! Let her go! (aim his shotgun at Eric) I said let her go!!
Eric: Stop, or this dagger goes right through her hearth.
Kay: You'll be filled with buckshots before you can even use that dagger!
Discord: Kay! It's a pleasure to meet you!!
Kay: Discord! You motherfucker!! Let her go, now!!
Discord: Don't you forget, Kay. You are more than this! You are just the man I need for my army! I cold-blooded killer who never gives any mercy, you are sent to this world for a reason! To join me and conquer this world!!
Kay: I'm sorry, but I already chose one side, and that side is going to shoot you in the head!! I am not joining you!
Discord: Well then, looks like I have no choice!

With that, a large painful headache strikes Kay. In his head, he can see all his wrong doing when he's in the drug dealing business.

Discord: This is who you are, Kay!!
Kay: That's no longer me, I've change!!
Discord: No! You are in a shell!! The true you is inprison inside!!! I want the REAL you!!!
Kay: NO!!!

After struggling with his mind, Kay's finally undercontrol by Discord.

Discord: Yes. This is the Kay I always wanted.
Kay: What is your order, sir?
Discord: Simple, kill Fluttershy!!
Eric: What?! But I want to kill it!
Discord: Shut it, Eric! You can kill another pony next time! Go on, Kay. End her life! You no longer love her!
Kay: Affirmative.
Fluttershy: Kay..no....

Kay aims his shotgun at Fluttershy, ready to shoot her.

Discord: That's it, Kay. End her life!

Fluttershy now loses her hope, she's now about have her life taken by the man she loves.

Fluttershy: I know you can still hear me, Kay.
Discord: Oh, please! Kill her already!!
Fluttershy: I-I love you....

With that word spoken, Kay regains his concious, and shift his target to Discord.

Kay: No!

Kay fires his shotgun and the buckshot hits Discord's shoulders.

Discord: What!!? It's not possible!!!!
Kay: (pumps his gun) No one fucks my head!!!

Kay aims his gun at Discord but Discord use his magic and throws Kay to the ground.

Discord: NOW YOU DIE!!!!
Kay: I'm gonna kick your ass, bitch!!!

Eric immediatley drags Fluttershy far away.

Eric: Well that's ashame, looks like I'm going to kill you!!! Prepare to go to pony hell!!
Josh: Oi, suzy.

Before he can kill Fluttershy, he gets a butt-stock to the face and knocked him out. Josh untied Fluttershy.

Josh: You got to get out of here! Go with Yuri! He's over there
Fluttershy: But, what about Kay?
Josh: Just go, I'll go help him!

Fluttershy quickly runs and meetup with Yuri.
Yuri: Come on, Fluttershy! I'll get you to safety!

Back in the fight
Kay keeps shooting his shotgun at Discord but he's too fast and he can easily dodge the buckshots.

Kay: Holds still motherfucker!!!
Discord: Why don't you stop playing with those peeshooters. (grabs Kay and throws him)
Kay: (Grunts)
Discord: Come on, Kay! It's that all you got!!

Kay gets up to shoot Discord but his shotgun is completely dry. He then draws out his combat knife for close quarter combat.

Discord: Ah, a blade! Excellent choice!

Discord's paws glows and then appears a sword on his hand.

Kay: Fuck.

Discord swings his sword high and Kay dodge the swing.

Discord: What's the matter, Kay! Afraid of swords!

As Discord's sword impale to the ground, Kay quickly stomps the swords, burrying it deeply to the ground and slashes Discords's chest then kicks him.

Discord: Nice one! Now try this!!

Then, six daggers magicly appear and attacks Kay. Kay swings his knife to block the daggers but git hit on the arm and one dagger slashes his legs, causing him to fell on his kness. Then, the daggers disappears and Discords teleport right infront on him.

Discord: You not so tough after all.

Then, Kay stabs Discord's legs, climbs on him and ready to stabs his hearth but Discord uses his strenght to lift him and toss him, hitting a statue.

Discord: How's it feell to be weak! (putting his foot on Kay) I gave you a chance to be powerful! But you neglected it! And it's all because of a mare!!
Kay: (spits at Discord) Fuck you!!!
Discord: (wipe Kay's spit on his face) Alright, time to die!

The sword appears on his hands and he lifts it up to stab Kay. Josh takes aim and shoots the sword from his hands. The sword drops from his hands, misses Kay by an inch.
Josh: Hey!! Over here!!
Discord: Fool!!!

Discord lunges at Josh and grabs his neck.

Discord: Do you want to have the same fate!!

Then, Kay gets up and sprints towards Discord and stabs the side of his body, letting go of Josh. Badly injured, Discord creates a tornado and covers the area with fog. He then disappears.

Josh: Kay! Back to back!

The two quickly go to their positions, while preparing for another strike.

Discord: You think you can stop me!!

Kay: Josh! The hell you doing here!
Josh: I'm helping you! Ain't no way I'm leaving you to die!!
Kay: What about Fluttershy?
Josh: She's fine, she's with Yuri! Now keep your eyes open!!

Then, Discord appears right infront of Josh to attack him. Josh repeals with a swing kick. Discord then disappears and appears infront of Kay. Kay tries to attack him with his knife but got clawed to the chest and Discords diappears again and appears infront of Josh. This goes on untill the two almost lose energy.

Discord: What's wrong? Getting tired!!
Kay: Dammit, he's too strong!!
Josh: We have to keep fighting!

Then, Discord appears again.

Discord: You all nothing but weaklings!!
Kay: Arrgghh!!!

Kay runs towards him to stab him but Discord grabs his arm.

Discord: You are a weak ungrateful maggot!!

Josh takes out his revolver and fires at Discord but he quickly disappears.

Discord: Why do you have to use those peeshooters?

Out of nowhere, Discord grabs Josh and twist his arm to disarm him. Then Kay fires his deagle at Discord and he teleport infront of Kay and Kay tries to tackle him but got punch on the face.

Discord: You never give up, don't you?

Kay backs away from him.

Discord: Now you scared! You can never defeat me! You are a weakling!
Kay: I heard that already.

Then, a RPG warhead flys to Discord and he quickly catch it, struggling from the warhead still propelling. Kay aims his gun at the warhead on Discord's hands.

Kay: Adios, motherfucker.

Kay shoots the warhead and it exploded, damaging Discord. Discord, now weak after the explosion. Kay grabs his throat and punches him repeatly till Discord's face is cover with blood and his teeths are falling all over the place.

Discord: Stop! Have mercy on me!!
Kay: You forgot didn't you! I don't give mercy!!
Discord: All I ever wanted...is to be powerful again....
Kay: And you form an army and start killing innocents!
Discord: Haha...yeah.....so they will all fear me..
Kay: Guess what, no one will be scare of you anymore. Cause I'm going to kill you.
Discord: Pity....but killing me isn't going to stop this madness. Soon, another terror will come.....

Kay shoves his gun at Discord's head.

Discord: All of you will still be suffering....

Kay pulls the trigger and the bullet went right throught his head, killing him instantly.

Kay: But for now, you'll rot.

Kay drops the lifeless body and sigh a relief.

Kay: Josh! You're alright buddy?
Josh: Dammit, I think he broke my arm!
Kay: We'll get that check. Let's get out of here.

Then, Yuri and Fluttershy came to aid them.

Yuri: You guys alright?
Kay: We're fine but Josh's arm is broken. We better get him outta here.
Josh: I can stand, alright. Ouch!
Yuri: Come on, don't strain yourself.
Fluttershy: Kay!
Kay: Fluttershy! Thank God, you're okay! I'm sorry, it's my fault you got kidnap!
Fluttershy: Don't blame yourself, Kay. It's over, I'm here with you now.
Kay: Fluttershy....
Josh: Okay, guys. You two can kiss and have sex once we're home, my arms is killing me.
Kay: Alright.
Yuri: So, it's over?
Kay: It's over....for now.

As they about to left the place, Eric grabs Josh's dropped revolver and shoot Fluttershy. Yuri saw this and shoots at Eric but he went away.

Kay: Fluttershy!!! NO!!!
Yuri: Chyort!! He went away!!
Josh: Yuri! Fluttershy got hit!!

Despite having a broken arm, Josh tries to help Fluttershy.

Kay: Fluttershy! Come on, don't die!! Please don't die!!
Yuri takes out some bandages from his vest and tries to cover Fluttershy's gunshot wound, but she loses too much blood.

Kay: Fluttershy! Stay with me, baby!
Yuri: She loses too much blood!
Fluttershy: K-Kay....
Kay: Fluttershy? Fluttershy, it's going to be okay!
Fluttershy: I-I want to say....t-thank you, for be there for me...to love me...
Kay: Fluttershy....I'm sorry...I got you into this.
Fluttershy: Kay...I love....you....

After she said those words, her eyes close, and her body go limp on his arms. In her eyes, there are no longer sign of life.

Kay: Fluttersy? Fluttershy!! No no no no!!! Fluttershy!!! Don't leave me!! I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT YOU!!! I NEED YOU!!!
Yuri: I'm sorry, comrade....she's gone...
Kay: DON'T YOU SAY THAT!!! W-why......WHY!!!!

Canterlot Castle
Princess Celestia, lauren and the mane six are waiting eagerly for their friends. Then, the door open and everypony's excited face turns to sorrow when all the saw is Yuri with a sad face.

Yuri: I...I have a bad news....Fluttershy....she died.

Author's Note:

Well, that's the sad part. Special thanks to the author of the FIMfiction "The Hoof In Two Worlds" for letting me use his idea for this chapter.

Now, will you excuse me, I want to go to the corner and cry.