• Published 27th Dec 2012
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Heroes For Equestria - CSFORLIFEFUL

An evil force is about to be unleash on Equestria. In order to stop it, three unlikely heroes are sent to Equestria to fight the evil force, saving Equestria from total annilation. Rated M for swearing, violence and other stuff.

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Chapter 50

Soldier: Sir! We lost contact with our search team in Everfree!
Yuri: Can you find them?
Soldier: Maybe I can.... Wait... There! They are inside the ABFs vehicles. Wait, they're splitting up.
Yuri: Get our team ready! We're getting them out!

Chapter 50: Brothers Look Out For Each Other
At first, it was dark with little light, but Josh and the rest of his captured units know that they are in a some vehicles. Josh's head still hurts and still try to remember what just happened. Then, it hit him. His unit was surrounded, and the ABFs captured them. Then, he remembers Kay's got shot. Now, he's waiting what would happen next, so as his unit. After a while, the vehicles stops and the door opens to groups of ABFs. Each of his unit get pulled out of the vehicles and Kay got pulled by an android with a more menacing skull mask. Josh tried to fight back but the android punches Josh, stunning him. The android lays him on the ground.

Android: Sir, we got the enemy captain. What's your command?
Eric(through the comms): Execute their captain. And also the other prisoners,
Android: Affirmative.

With that, the android points it's gun at Josh, and Josh prepares to accept his fate as images of Twilight appear on his eyes. Infront of him, is Shadow Hooves with an android preparing to execute him. Suddenly, an explosion took out one of the ABFs vehicles, alerted the entire ABFs. The android who's about to execute Josh got shot in the head, and white blood spews out from it's cranium. Shadow Hooves fights the distracted with his knife, finishing the android with a throat cut.
After killing the android with the M4A1, Yuri gets off the chopper and help Josh up. He gives Josh the M4A1 and two magazine.

Yuri: Are you alright?
Josh: Kay... We have to find Kay.
Yuri: They're taking him to cave miles from here. Let's go, before it's too late.
Shadow Hooves: Captain. You have to get to sarge. I'll do what I can from here.
Josh: Alright, let's move.
Yuri: Lima niner, take us to the location of the second ABFs cargo.
Chopper pilot: Roger that.

The two board the chopper and fly their way to rescue Kay and the other units.

After avoiding ABFs trying to take them down, they arrived at a huge cave, made into ABF's base, where Kay and the others are kept. While in air, they got shot at by ABFs trying to take the chopper down. The pilot retaliate by firing his minigun and rockets, clearing the entrance of the cave.

Chopper pilot: Area is secure.
Yuri: Drop us down, Lima Niner!

The chopper pilot landed the heli while staying alert for any ABFs. Yuri and Josh unboard the chopper and proceed into the cave. Once they're inside the cave, the ABFs takes cover and engage them. Yuri and Josh shot their way deeper into the cave, killing any androids that stands in their way.
They succesfully reach the area where they keep their prisoners. The sight of fresh blood on the cave floor is enough to make them wondering what would happened to Kay or his units. One of the cell, closed of metal doors, has strong scent of blood inside.

Josh: They're must be inside here! Kay!

Josh press the red button that opens the cell door. As the door opens, the smell of blood flow through the air. Inside, they saw piles of death Equestrians soldiers, with their throats sliced.

Josh: Kay? You're in here?

Then, they spotted a familiar figure laying just beside of the piles of deads. It's Kay, stripped from his gear and a bleeding from both his shoulder and stomach.

Josh: Shit! It's Kay!

Josh rush to his friend to check on him. He checks his pulse and relief that Kay is still alive, but weaken. Yuri wrapped Kay stomach and shoulder to close his wound. Kay, weak from losing too much blood, can only open his eyes slithly and saw his two friends.

Kay: Eric...... He was here....
Josh: We have to get him out of here.
Yuri: Lima Niner, get the medic ready! We got an injured man here!
Chopper pilot(through the comms): Yes sir. What about the others?
Yuri: They didn't make it.
Josh: Come on, Kay.

Josh lifts Kay up his shoulders and Yuri did the same on the otherside.

Josh: What the hell did they do to you, Kay?

Outside of the cave
The carry Kay till they reach the chopper with a medic getting ready for them. Yuri and Josh carefully put Kay into the chopper for thye medic to check him out. Then, Yuri got shot in the shoulder by a shooter behind Josh. Josh turn around a saw an android that just fire a shot. Josh's about to shot the android untill a gunshot roar near Josh and the android dies from a shot to the head. Josh turn around and saw a weaken hand holding a M9 with steam coming out from the barrel. He turns to see the shooter and it was Kay who shot the android despite his condition. Josh then help injured Yuri up and help him board the chopper, followed by Josh.

Kay: You can't kill me.....