• Published 27th Dec 2012
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Heroes For Equestria - CSFORLIFEFUL

An evil force is about to be unleash on Equestria. In order to stop it, three unlikely heroes are sent to Equestria to fight the evil force, saving Equestria from total annilation. Rated M for swearing, violence and other stuff.

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Chapter 52

Chapter 52: Emergency
Command and Control
Soldier: Sir, we spotted multiple unidentified aircraft heading toward Stalliongrad.

Josh rush to the screen to see the image himself.

Josh: How far?
Soldier: Eleven clicks away, sir.
Soldier 2: Sir, unidentified aircrafts are closing in Manehattan! Eight click and counting!
Soldier 3: Unidentified aircrafts are nearing Las Pegasus!
Josh: Give me full view of the map!

With that, the main screen flicks to the map of Equestria, with multiple red dots approaching every major city, towns and village in Equestria.

Josh: Shit. I want troops on our defences ready for an attack!
Soldier: Yes sir! All defence unit, you have multiple enemy aircraft converging to your position!
Josh: Get our troops ready and provide evac for the civies!
Soldier 2: Yes sir!
Josh: Get Princess Celestia!
Soldier 3: Yes sir!

At the castle balcony, Lauren is staring at the horizon, and senses that something bad is coming. Princess Celestia saw her on the balcony and approaches her.

Celestia: What's wrong, Lauren?
Lauren: It's happening.
Celestia: What? What is happening?

Then, a royal guard, now with modern military gear, alerted the two goddesses.

Royal guard: Your majesty! Captain Mills is on!

Royal Command and Control
In a room similar to the Command and Control room in the base, Princess Celestia and Lauren face a large screen with Josh on the screen.

Celestia: What seems to be the problem, captain?
Josh: Your highness, Eric as launch a full scale attack on every location in Equestria! Our defences are holding them back but I'm not sure if they can hold it much longer!
Lauren: It's happening now. The evil as unleash it's full power!
Josh: We're getting our troops ready and deploy to all locations. Our airforce are now on their way to engage enemy aircraft.
Celestia: What about The Elements of Harmony?
Josh: We sent extraction team to evacuate civilians to a safer location away from the attack, that includes The Elements of Harmony.
Celestia: I want them here in Canterlot. The Elements of Harmony could be our final hope if the situation gets worst.
Josh: Yes, your higness. We'll do what we can here. Signing out.

Fluttershy's cottage
As Fluttershy's busy tending her animals, she heard a knock on the door. She quickly rush to the door, hoping it was Kay. But when she opens the door, the only thing standing there is a full-geared soldier, with a armed humvee behind.

Fluttershy: C-can I help you?
Soldier: Are you Fluttershy? The element of kindness?
Fluttershy: Y-yes.
Soldier: Come with us, we need to get you and your friends to Canterlot.
Fluttershy: W-what's happening?
Soldier: Ma'am, there is a full scale invasion coming this way. We need to evacuate you and your friends to Canterlot, Princess Celestia's order.
Fluttershy: But what about my animals?
Soldier: We'll make sure they're safe, ma'am.

Convince by the soldier, Fluttershy follow him and rides the humvee to the town. Following them, another group of humvees, trucks full of ordnance and tanks, while attack choppers and chinooks flies above them.

Twilight's house
While busy doing stuff in the library(I don't know what to start, just read on), Twilight and Spike heard a commotion outside. Curious, they went outside and saw all of the Ponyville residence getting evacuate and soldiers setting up post.

Spike: What's going on?
Twilight: This is bad.

Then, a soldier approaches them.

Soldier: Are you Twilight Sparkles? The element of magic?
Twilight: Yes, that's me.
Soldier: We need to evacuate you and your friends to Canterlot.
Twilight: Can I bring my assistant along?

The soldier look at Spike for a moment, before telling Twilight that she can bring Spike along before escorting them to their transport chopper.
Along the way, a soldier is carrying Rarity's bags.

Soldier: Ma'am, are you sure we have to bring these bags along?
Rarity: I'm not letting my fabulous dress destroyed when this place is under attack, won't I?
Soldier: "I'm payed to shoot, not carrying bags!"
Sweetie Belle: Where are we going again?
Rarity: Somewhere safer, my dear.

Not before long, they are joined by Twilight Sparkles, Spike and Fluttershy.
Amongs the evacuating crowd, an argument between Applejack and a soldier sparks.

Soldier: We need to get you to our transport chopper for the VIPs!
Applejack: Ah ain't leavin' my family!
Soldier: Ma'am, we cannot bring civies with us!
Applejack: They're not just civilians! They are my family!

Not wanting any trouble, Twilight quickly rush in to break the argument.

Twilight: Applejack, you need to understand. They need us in Canterlot. You got to understand.
Applejack: Ah'm sorry, Twi. But I'm not leavin' my family behind!
Twilight: Come on, Applejack. Princess Celestia needs us.
Soldier: The attack is imminent. We can't waste more time.

After thinking it for awhile, she finally join them.

Applejack: Alright, Twi. Ah'll go with you. But first, Ah need to talk to my family, first.

While, Applejack's busy talking to her family, Rarity tells Sweetie Belle to join the Apple family to evacuation.

Sweetie Belle: But!
Rarity: I'm sorry, darling. But I can't bring you along. So'll just have to join them to safety.
Sweetie Belle: But!
Rarity: Sweetie Belle. They're going to a safer place. In any moment, Canterot too will be under attack. You have to go with them.
Sweetie Belle: .....o-okay. Be careful, sis.
Rarity: I will.

After giving her sister a hug, she slowly trotted to the Apple family to join the rest.
Then, Twilight and Applejack joins the group.
Soon, Rainbow Dash joins them while escorted by pegasus soldiers and Pinkie Pie escorted by two soldiers now annoyed by her blabbling.

Pinkie: Oh my Celestia! This never happens before! I mean, everypony are going to abandon this place! Me and my friends are invite to Canterlot? That's great! Are you invite too? Silly me, of course you are!
Soldier: Ma'am! We really need some quite right now!
Pinkie: Okie dokie Lokie!

After all of the Elements of Harmony are all together, they are ready to be escorted to Canterlot.
Twilight: Alright, now that we are here, lets-
Shadow Hooves: Get into the chopper and let's go.

Twilight turns around to see Shadow Hooves, with his face covered, leading the VIP extraction team.

Twilight: Right. Let's go, girls.

Twilight is the first to board the Chopper, followed by Pinkie Pie who hops to the chopper, and then the others, with only Rarity with her bags.

Shadow Hooves: Alright! Everypony here!
Twilight: I think that's all of us.
Shadow Hooves: Okay.

Then, Shadow Hooves saw his little sister, Fluttershy. But with his face covered with mouth covered and goggles, she can't hardly notice him. Shadow Hooves turn his back and sit next to the pilot.

Shadow Hooves: Alright, we are clear to take off!
Pilot: Roger that, taking off!

As the pilot activate the rotor wings, the chopper slowly lifts off the ground untill it's high enough to fly to Canterlot.

Rainbow Dash: Why can't I just fly there?!

Soldier: It's too risky, ma'am! You can't do that!
Shadow Hooves(contacting Josh): Captain Mills, we have the VIPs! We 'll be landing in Canterlot in ETA 50 minutes!
Josh(through the comms): Roger that, Corporal. Make sure you get them safe.
Shadow Hooves: Roger that!

Equestrian Military Base
Command and Control

Josh: Looks like they are heading their way to Canterlot now.
Kay: So, Eric starts a massive drone attack across Equestria.
Yuri: And now Equestria is at the brink of war.
Josh: Alright, we need to get our asses to Canterlot, now. Lets' pack up.
Kay: Roger that.

Pilot: This is Hotel Lima Niner, we got VIPs onboard. We are prep for landing.

Observing Canterlot, it's no longer the same thing they seen before. The busy streets filled with ponies now are filled with soldiers and military war machines. All of the residence are getting evacuated.

Twilight: This is no longer the Canterlot I remembered.
Rarity: I can't believe I have to see Canterlot like this!
Soldier: Well, you ain't see nothing yet.
Shadow Hooves: Princess Celestia will be expecting all of you. You will be escorted to her throne.

After the chopper landed on the helipad, the mane 6 unboard the chopper and Shadow Hooves escorted them to the throne. On their way, a chopper boarding the three heroes flies above them.

Kay: Hey, it's our ladies!
Josh: Hey Kay! You're not thinking of getting married once we set our foot here, aren't you!
Kay: That can wait! I mean, who's getting married while Equestrian's gone to shit!
Yuri: Rarity is beautiful as ever, da?
Josh: Look guys, I know they are here now, but there's no time for lovey dovey.
Kay: Roger that.
Josh: That also means no sex.
Kay: Yes sir. Asshole....

Josh knows what Kay just said, but he let it slip this time cause he know who Kay is. After the chopper landed, they set their foot to the ground and head their way to the castle.

Canterlot Castle
As the mane 6 entered the throne, they bow down to Princess Celestia and she greets them.

Celestia: Twilight Sparkles, Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy.
Spike: Uh, princess?
Celestia: And Spike. It's glad to see all of you here once again.
Twilight: So, what's going on?
Celestia: The enemy is now launching a full attack on Equestria. The parts are at war now, that in anytime they will reached Canterlot. That's where all of you came in. The Elements are our final defence againts our enemy.

Then, the three humans came in and greets them.

Josh: Captain Joshua Mills, reporting in!
Celestia: Captain Mills. You all made it.
Josh: Yes, your highness. Hey, Twilight.
Twilight: Hi, Josh.

Before anyone notice, Fluttershy rush to Kay and hugs him.

Fluttershy: Kay! I miss you so much! I love you!
Kay: I miss you too, baby.
Josh: Kay.
Kay: It's just hugging. Nothing sexual, amigo.
Josh: Alright. We came here for what we came for. Let's get started.

Royal Command and Control
Josh: Okay, I want full view of the Equestrian map.
Soldier: Yes sir.

The screen flicks on to reveal the map of Equestrian, with three cities at critical states and waves of ABF's drones flying over Equestria.

Josh: Shit, it's getting bad.
Celestia: What is it?
Josh: It's like there's no end to this. They just keep coming. How the hell do they make those drones so fast? Wait, drones! That's it!
Celestia: What?
Josh: Those drones are controlled by signals that gives them orders and coordinate their attacks. If we can just trace their signal. Can you locate their signal?
Soldier: It'll take long, sir. But I'll try.

After waiting for awhile, the soldier manage to track the signal.

Soldier: I got the signal, sir! It's coming from-
Celestia: The lost forest.
Josh: The lost forest?
Celestia: It's the dangerous part of Everfree forest. For centuries, it's been known as a santuary for evil, like Discord.
Josh: Seems like a perfect place for the ABFs.

Celestia's throne
In the middle of the table, a large map of Equestria is place on the middle.

Josh: Okay, we tracked the signal that's controlling the drones and it lead us here, The Lost Forest.
Twilight: The lost Forest. The most evil part of Equestria. Y-your not thinking of going there, do you?
Josh: That's what I'm planning right now. With those drones there, getting there by air would be too risky.
Kay: And getting there on foot. Entire Equestria will burn before we even get there. Or maybe we'll be dead before we even get there.
Josh: We can't sent in troops cause they are too busy fighting the war. How the hell are we gonna get inside?
Yuri: Wait. What about the Pod Launchers you designed?
Kay: Que? Pod Launchers?
Josh: It's still in prototype form, we don't know if it's safe to use.
Yuri: But we tested them, didn't we?
Josh: Yes, it works, but we don't know if we can survive the impact.
Yuri: But you made it. You know it'll work.
Twilight: I'm sorry to interrupt, but what is this Pod Launchers things?
Josh: Okay, Pod Launchers are basicly a pod which can fit in a single unit. We launch the pod via a Pod Launcher built to a specially modified AC-130 gunship. We use it to safely deploy special force and task forces to a location. But it's still under prototype, we're not sure if we can survive.
Celestia: Captain.

With the sound of her voice, Josh turns around and face Celestia.

Celestia: I have confidance in you, captain. You must do what is necessary to save Equestria.
Twilight: Josh. You have to this.
Josh: But.
Kay: Josh. Both of us know why we are here in Equestria are for. Equestria is at war and we are losing it. Come on, buddy. We have to.

After a short silent, Josh finally agrees.

Josh: Okay. We'll go back, get armed and prepare the Pod Launchers.
Kay: Ooah!

Author's Note:

It's rushed, I was so sleepy writing this chapter.