• Published 27th Dec 2012
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Heroes For Equestria - CSFORLIFEFUL

An evil force is about to be unleash on Equestria. In order to stop it, three unlikely heroes are sent to Equestria to fight the evil force, saving Equestria from total annilation. Rated M for swearing, violence and other stuff.

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Chapter 21

Chapter 21:Take it easy

Kay's Dream
Kay: You keep appearing in my dream! Why don't you just show up!
Discord: Oh, I can't meet you without getting shot, can't I?

Kay: I'm going to enjoy killing you!

Discord: My my, how cold blooded. Bloodthirsty creature you are. An attitude like that will go well. How about you join me, and I shall give you unstoppable powers.

Kay: Thanks but FUCK YOU! I won't join with a mix up peice of shit like you!

Discord: Hmmm...perhaps I could change that. If you don't decide yet, anytime soon, something bad will happen to you.

Kay: What the fuck you talking about!

Discord: You will know soon, OUTSIDER!

Kay woke up and still in the chariot with his friends, all asleep. Kay look to his left and saw Flutershy sleeping beside him and wrap his arms around her. Kay keep thinking what will happen if he doesn't decide.

Kay: "What's gonna happen? Am I or my friends going to die? Or...Oh God, please don't."

Kay moves closer to Fluttershy to comfort himself. He can smell the sweet smell of roses and her cut sleepy face makes Kay's heart explode.

Sugarcube Corner

Pinkie: Here's your order of fresh bake cupcake!

Josh:Thanks, Pinkie.

Pinkie: What's wrong with Kay? His he sick?

Josh: No idea. I'll go talk to him.

Josh left the counter and went to Kay with the cupcakes. Kay's been sitting on a chair, still wondering what will happen if he doesn't decide yet. His concentration is interrupt by a plate of cupcakes place infront of him.

Josh: Hungry?

Kay: Yeah, just a little bit.

Josh; You look like you're worried about something. What's going on?

Kay: Well, what if someone told you, that something bad is about to happen but you don't know what or when will it happen?

Josh: Well, you just have to make sure it won't happen. Like what we're doing, we tried to stop bad things from happening, even if its risking our own lives, but atleast innocent ponies don't have to suffer from it.

Kay: What if you can't stop it?

Josh:...you're asking too many question, Kay. Just eat your cupcakes.

Kay: And where are you going?

Josh: To my happy place.

Josh exits the corner leaving Kay with the cupcakes. Then, two earth ponies steps out of a room. It's Mr and Mrs Cakes. Both of them are having a conversation and Kay overheard them.

Mr Cake: Well, we are pack and ready now.

Mrs Cake: But, what about Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake?

Mr Cake: Now now, I'm sure Pinkie Pie can take care of them.

Mrs Cake: But, I thought we promise her to bring her along?

Mr Cake: Owh! Why do I always forget that!

Pinkie: (appears out of nowhere)Don't worry, Fluttershy says she can babysit!

Mrs Cake: Well I'm sure she can take are both of them.

Kay quickly swallows the last cupcake and gets up to talk to the Cakes.

Kay: Perhap I can help.

Mrs Cake: Its okay mister...Kay, was it? You don't have to force yourself.

Kay: Its fine, maybe I can help her, you know, two is better.

Mr Cake: He's right, honey. Nopony can take care two foals at the same time.

Mrs Cake: You're right. Oh, we better get going! Pinkie Pie, is your friend here yet?

Pinkie: She's here already!

The door opens and Fluttershy came in and her presence gives a thousand smiles to Kay's face.

Mrs Cake: Oh Fluttershy, its good to have you here and babysit.

Fluttershy: I'm glad I could help. I'm really wanted to take care of the little Cakes. Um..can I see them?

Mrs Cake: Sure.

Mr Cake: You sure you two can handle it?

Kay: You can always count on me.

Mr Cake: Okay.(hands over the chores list to Kay)Here are the list you need.

Kay: O-okay. Piece of cake...

Twilight's house

On the floor, Twilight is bust reading a book while surrounded by othet books to be read. Josh enters rhe house but Twilight is too distracted from reading she did not notice Josh's presence. Josh walks slowly to Twilight to look at what is she reading. When Josh is a feet away from Twilight, he reads the book Twilight is reading. The book is about how to use spells. Josh is impressed at Twilight's concentration. When Twilight is finish reading, then she realize Josh is behind him all the time.

Twilight: Owh, I didnt see you there. What are you doing?

Josh: I just came in and saw you reading and...well, I'm just curious.

Twilight: I didn't hear you came in?

Josh: You didn't hear it?

Twilight: No.

Josh: Right. So, you like reading books?

Twilight: Yes, If I have freetime.

Josh: You know, I still don't know much about this world. Could you recommend me a book?

Twilight: Sure.

Twilight uses her magic to gran a book titled "Encyclopedia" and hands it over to Josh.

Josh: This book is really big.

Twilight: Full of information ou need.(sits next to Josh)

Josh: What are you doing?

Twilight: Well, we can read it together and if you have any questions, I'm here to answer,

Josh: Okay...

Josh felt awkward when Twilight is right next to him. He just push the feelings away and starts reading.

Sugarcube Corner

Kay: 98! 99! 100!

Kay is doing push up while giving the baby Cakes a ride on his back. Then the foals give Kay a tickle.

Kay; No! Stop it! Hahahahahhaha! That tickles! I surrender! I'm your prisoner! Hahahahaha! I'm been tortured! Hahahahahahaha! No! Not that part! That's my weakness! Hahahahahahaha!

Fluttershy: Kay~. I think its time for them to go to sleep.

Kay: Awww. Okay you two, funs over.

Then, the two foals flies away(you know how Pumpkin Cake flies, right?).

Kay: Oh crap! I'll get them!

Fluttershy: Be careful

30 minutes of chasing the baby Cakes around the house later...

Fluttershy gently tucks the sleepy foals on their crib and sing them her lullaby. When the baby Cakes are asleep, she close the lights and close the door. She went down stairs and saw Kay, past asleep on a couch, ired from all the chasing,

Kay's Dream

Kay: Uh? W-what am I doing here?

Kay is standing outside of Fluttershy's cottage.

Kay: Why am I outside? Why am I wearing a suit?!

Instead of wearing his usual black t-shirt and camo pants, he's in a suit and he even carries a briefcase.

Kay: This is...this is weird...

Then, the door opens and inside is Fluttershy, wearing an apron.

Fluttershy: Hello, honey~

Kay: "Why is her voice sounded more mature and...wifey?! Wait, am I maried to her?"

Then, Kay felt a buzzing n his oants. He reach it out and sees a phone wih a text message thats says "JOB".

Kay: "Wait, I got a job?! Since when did I have a job? Oh, fuck this. Whatever job I have, I better not be late!"

Fluttershy: Wait! You're leaving me?! Am I a bad wife?

Tears started to flow on her eyes.

Kay: No, I have to go cause I have a job to do. And you're a good wife!

Fluttershy: Okay!

Then, in just seconds, Fluttershy's sad face returns to a cheerful face.

Kay: Okay, I'll be going then.

Fluttershy: Wait! Where's your wedding ring?!(sad face)I-I guess you hate me and you want another mare. T-that's why you don't wear your wedding ring.

Kay: A wedding ring? I-

Kay looks at his index finger and saw the wedding ring.

Kay: See, I got the wedding ring!

Fluttershy: (cheerful face) Yay~

Kay: Okay, that settles it. Now I can-

Fluttershy: Wait!

Kay: "Whay now!"

Fluttershy: (sad face) Y-you didn't say you love me. You don't love me anymore.

Kay: No, I love you. I really do!

Fluttershy: You have to say that million times.

Kay: What! I can't-

Fluttershy: You don't love me anymore...

Kay: Okay! I love you! I love you1 I lo-

Fluttershy: You have to say it in japanese...

Kay: "How the fuck she knows japanese?!"

Kay: Aisheteru! Aisheteru! Aisheteru! Aisheteru! Aisheteru! Aisheteru! Aisheteru! Aisheteru! Aisheteru! Aisheteru! Aisheteru! Aisheteru! Aisheteru!...

Outside of the dream

Fluttershy: Kay? Are you okay?

Kay wakes up and back to reality.

Fluttershy: Are you alright? You keep saying those strange words.

Kay: Its nothing...just a strange dream...very strange dream...

Fluttershy: Oh..

Kay stays quite for a moment, wondering about the dream he just had.

Kay: "That dream. What does it mean? Is it just a dream or-"

Kay turn around to look a t Fluttershy. Kay's heart skips a beat, looking ay Fluttershy's beautiful face. Her eyes, cute snout and smooth pink mane.

Kay: "Or we are destine to be together."

Kay slowly lean forward to kiss Flutershy, She didn't hesitate to do the samething as well. But the sweet moment is interrupt by a knock at the door and Kay gets up and opens the door.

Pinkie: We're baaaaack!

Mrs Cake: How's the little ones?

Fluttershy: They're all asleep, Mrs Cake.

Mrs Cake: Thank you for taking good care of them for us.

Kay: You're welcome, ma'am. Well, we better get going.

Fluttershy: Yes, I have animals to take care of.

Mr Cake; Okay, see you two some other times.

Twilight's house

The books are all scattered around the floor. The two have been spending the whole time reading. Josh is busy reading a book until he felt a thud on his side. Its Twilight, falling asleep after reading. Josh feels more awkward by this. He tried to move away but Twilight , even in her sleep, wrap her hooves around Josh's waist. Now, Josh can't move and he starting to get sleepy.

Josh: Twilight, plesae stip hugging me. Twilight? "What a happy sleeper. Oh well, atleast no one sees this."

Josh lays on the floor and closes his eyes.

Fluttershy's Cottage

Kay: Well, this is it. Your animals are waiting.

Fluttershy: You don't want to stay for awhile? W-well, if you wanted to that is.

Kay: Well, maybe I can stay for awhile...again.


Celestia: Hmmm, that spell must be around here. But where is it?

Princess Celestia has been looking for a spell to create a portal home for the humans but fail. Suddenly, she hears a female voice behind her.

Female voice: The spell you're looking for is not here, Celestia.

Princess Celestia turns around and saw a white alicorn with long red mane.

Celestia: Who-who are you?

Laure Faust(SUPRISE!): You may call me Lauren,a nd I am the one who brought the two heroes here in Equestria.

Celestia: You brought them here?

Lauren: Yes. Like it says in the prophecy.

Celestia: Prophecy?

Lauren: It is prophecies, that three heroes from a different world will defeat the evil force and bring peace to Equestria.

Celestia: Evil force? Discord?

Lauren: No, something far more powerful, not from this world either. Its powerful enought to bring Equestria to its knees. The three heroes must stop it before its too late.

Celestia: You said three heors. Where is the third one?

Lauren: He's on his way, and he's bringing something that the other two will be happy to see.

Author's Note:

Well, suprise! Its Lauren Faust in her Alicorn form in this fanfiction!

Well, hope you enjoy this chapter. In the next chapter, the third hero will be revealed!

So in the mean time, CSFORLIFEFUL, singing out!