• Published 27th Dec 2012
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Heroes For Equestria - CSFORLIFEFUL

An evil force is about to be unleash on Equestria. In order to stop it, three unlikely heroes are sent to Equestria to fight the evil force, saving Equestria from total annilation. Rated M for swearing, violence and other stuff.

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Chapter 49

Josh: Our changes to learn about their new weapon, gone with Blood Burst's suicide. Badger's Nest, the center of Everfree Forest defences. ABF's base captured Staff Sergeant Lopez and Saddle Arabian Fighter leader, Sand Nomad. They've reported to have shot down an ABF's cargo plane. The downed plane sents out beacons to call in the ABFs.
Yuri: That means?
Josh: That means, whatever inside that cargo plane, they wanted it back. That's not gonna happen.

Chapter 49: Welcome To The Jungle
Badger's Nest
Shadow Hooves: Captain Mills, Staff Sergeant Lopez's here.
Josh: 'bout time.

The two exit a tent and saw a helicopter with Kay boarding it. The closer the chopper get, the more clearer they can hear the music Kay's playing in the radio.

After the chopper landed, Kay, covered with scars and dirt, sets his foot on the ground to meet Josh and Shadow Hooves.

Josh: Kay, you look like hammered shit! Where the hell you been?
Kay: Killing ABFs, that's what I do. That's what we do around here. What are you here for?
Josh: A ABF's cargo plane got shot down and crash landed far from here. The crashed plane sents beacons to signal the ABFs. We have to get it first before they do. We have the exact location of the crash site, we can get there through the river. Will you help us?
Kay: As long as I get to kill ABFs, we're in. And... welcome to the jungle.

Everfree Forest river
Shadow Hooves: Sir, our boats are armed and ready.
Josh: Come on, let's get to the crash site before they do.
Kay: Alright, man up.

The three prepare their weapons and steps inside a boat with a young soldier waiting for them.

Young Soldier: Sir.
Kay: Man the gun. Don't get killed.
Young Soldier: Yes sir.

The young soldier man the machicegun mount while Shadow Hooves drives the boat. Josh ready his M4A1 and Kay loads his M60. The move through the river with the other armed boats and attack choppers flying overhead them.

Kay: Why do we need the cargo for?
Josh: Our last mission to extract intel from their scientist was a failure. We really need to kno about their new weapons. Now, whatever on that crash site, it's probably their new weapons.
Kay: So that's why they want it so bad.
Josh: We'll get it first.
Chopper pilot: We got activity. It's the ABF! They're setting up an ambush!!
Josh: Get ready! We have an ambush ahead of us! Shit! They know we're going after the crash site!
Kay: And that's why we bring guns for!

The Kay and Josh fired their weapons at the ABF while the young soldier rip them with the mounted machinegun. Shadow Hooves tried as hard as he can to avoid incoming rockets and bullets.

Young Soldier: Sir! Enemy boats coming this way!
Kay: You know what to do!!

The young soldier fires the machinegun, sinking the ABF's boat.

Kay: That's it! Make'em sink!
Josh: They got a heavy machinegun tower!
Kay: I see it!

Kay picks up a RPG-7 and fires a warhead at the tower, destroying it with the gunner.

Kay: Ka-fucking-boom!!
Josh: More towers!!
Kay: On it!

Kay continue destroying all of the machinegun tower while the young soldier and Josh takes out the enemy boats and infantries.

Josh: We're almost there! Just stay alive!

The young soldeir got shot on the chest and Kay pulls him out of the gun.

Kay: You alright! Dammit, he got shot!

They stop for a moment to check on the soldier while letting the other boats fight.

Kay: You're gonna make it! Come on!

It;s too late, the young colt breaths his last breath. Kay close the dead soldier's eyes, and try to hold back tears. He checks the young soldier's gear and found a letter. He puts the letter inside his vest before getting back up on his feet.

Kay: The kid didn't make it. We got to move, now.
Josh: Let's move, Shadow Hooves.

The letter
Dear Red Tail,
I really miss you, my love. I can't stand living alone without you. When will you be coming back? I miss you, I really am. I can't wait to marry you, Red Tail. Please reply.
From your one true love.

After reading the letter, Kay fold it and put it back to his vest. He's wondering what would happen if Red Tail's lover founds out about he's death. He knew he should take the burden to reply to her about his passing.

Josh: Looks like this area is clear, no hostile.
Kay: That doesn't mean we can let our guard down. Shadow Hooves, keep moving. We're getting close.
Chopper pilot: We have visual on the crash site. Repeat, we have visual on the crash site.
Josh: Are there any ABFs?
Chopper pilot: Negative, no activity.
Josh: Looks like we made it before they did. Shadow Hooves, drive this boat to the shore.

Shadow Hooves drives the boat to the shore with more soldiers waiting for them. The three steps out of the boat and regroup with the soldiers.

Josh: What's the status?
Soldier: The crash site is clear, sir.
Kay: You better get ready. ABF will be here any seconds.
Soldier: Yes sir. Let's move!

With that, the soldiers move to the crash site.
At the crash site, the soldiers set up a defence line around the downed plane.

Josh: Find anything?
Soldier: We find something, sir. You might want to look at it.

Hearing those words, Josh has full confidence that the weapons is in the plane.

Kay: Go check what's inside, I'll stay here outside.
Josh: Roger.
Kay: Shadow Hooves, go with Mills.
Shadow Hooves: Yes sir.

With that, the Shadow Hooves and Josh enters the downed plane looking for the cargo. At first it was too dark to see. Josh turns on his flashlight to illuminate the place.

Josh: What the hell? Are you seeing this?
Shadow Hooves: What is it?

What they saw, is a big machine with two rotor wings. It has a minigun under it and two rocket pods on each side. Next to it is another machine, but this one is smaller than the other, and has four legs and a minigun on the top.

Josh: We better get the extraction team. Kay, I think I find out their new weapons.
Kay: Maybe later, Josh! We got company!

ABFs appear out of the bushes, attacking the Equestrian soldiers. Josh and Shadow Hooves joined the fight, defending the site. The fight last for five minutes, untill the ABFs attack chopper shots a rocket at them, killing some of the soldiers. Josh got blown away by the impact, sllithly injured, but stunned by the shock. Kay drags him away from the firefight.

Kay: Looks like I have to drag your sorry ass!

While dragging Josh, Kay takes out the incoming ABFs with his Deagle, before putting him to a better cover and draws his M60 to continue the fight with Shadow Hooves and the remaining soldiers. Then, smokes started to form, affecting their visibility.

Soldier: They're using smoke!
Kay: Keep your eyes open!

Then, a bullet hit Kay on the shoulder, pushing him to the ground. Kay draws his sidearm to defend againts the ABF. It wasn't long before the ABF manage to break through the defences, capturing the soldiers. Josh tries to draw his sidearm to fight off the ABFs but one android kicks his sidearm away and two androids grabs him. Josh tries to use his strenght to let go of their grip but the androids are too strong. He saw Kay, unconcious and still bleeding. Then, one android knocks Josh out with it's rifle.