• Published 27th Dec 2012
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Heroes For Equestria - CSFORLIFEFUL

An evil force is about to be unleash on Equestria. In order to stop it, three unlikely heroes are sent to Equestria to fight the evil force, saving Equestria from total annilation. Rated M for swearing, violence and other stuff.

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Chapter 46

Josh: Defences already set up all around Equestria. If Eric got any bright idea, our armed force are ready for any attack.
Kay: So, what's our next move?
Josh: We have reports that Saddle Arabian fighters shot down ABF's cargo plane, taking all of their weapons. So far, they've survived many attacks from ABF, but something tells me that the next attack won't be easy for them. We sent in troops to their location to support them. I'll be talking with the leader.
Kay: So what are we gonna do?
Josh: You and Yuri are going to be delivery boys. Give them more weapons.
Kay: As long as they're on our side.

Chapter 46: Saddle Up
Yuri: See anything?
Kay: Sand, sand, sand.... And more fucking sand. It's like there's nothing to see around here. Wait, I think something's coming.... Are those, horses? 'Ponies riding horses? The heat is fucking with my brain.'

As the group of horse riding ponies with assault rifles getting near, they slow down and then stop infront of Kay and Yuri. Leading the group is a young, light blue colored earth pony.

Kay: 'Okay, it's not the heat.'
Sand Nomad: Welcome to Saddle Arabia, my name is Sand Nomad. We've been expecting you two.
Kay: Staff Sergeant Lopez, but call me Kay. This is Lieutenant Commander Kravchenko.
Yuri: Da, but call me Yuri if you like.
Kay: And these are the weapons you requested.
Sand Nomad: We didn't requested any weapons.
Kay: Think of it as a gift. Plus, you'll need it.
Sand Nomad: Thank you. Now, your captain and my father are waiting for you. We brought fresh horses.
Yuri: (rides the horse) Have you ever ride horses, comrade?
Kay: There's that one time in New York, can you imagine how that made me look? (rides the horse)
Sand Nomad: Let's go, we cannot waste time!

The earth pony then command his horse to move and the horse gallops to the desert.

Kay: Let's ride! Yeehaw!!

The two then move out with the horse, on their way to the fighter's camp.
Once they reach the camp, they saw Saddle Arabian fighters along with the Equestrian army, with tanks getting prepare. On the center, Josh and the leader of the fighters, a large brown colored earth pony, are having a conversation.

Josh: With the weapons we brought in and our soldiers, we might have a better chance againts the next attack. I even brought in our best soldier in the field. There they are now.

With that, Kay, Yuri and Sand Nomad dismount their horses and join Josh and the leader. Sand Nimad greets his father and introduce him to Kay and Yuri.

Sand Nomad: Father, they have arrived.
Leader: This valley is blessed with the presence of three heroes. Come, let's talk somewhere more quiter.
Kay: Your father seems nice.
Sand Nomad: We came from generations of those who defended this valley. My father as fought many wars defending this valley, from before I was born.
Kay: Well guess what, this war ain't gonna be pretty.

They entered a building with a table and a map of the valley on it.

Josh: We don't have much time before the attack starts. They'll attack here, here and here.
Leader: We have defended this valley before you even sent here. We know this valley.
Kay: Yeah, but the attack from the ABF won't be in small platoon. We're talking about an entire fucking ABF filling this valley with their war machine.
Josh: That's why you will need our help, since we have the weapons and armour for this kind of attack.

Then, one of the fighters alert the camp about an incoming attack.

Leader: The attack as begun.
Josh: All units! Get into battle station, hostiles are attacking the valley! Get your war faces on, guys.
Kay: Let's get fighting.

Leader: Fight well, my son. Fight bravely! (hugs Sand Nomad)
Sand Nomad: I will, father! (rides his horse)
Leader: Fighters! Defend this valley! Defend it with your life!!

The fighters let out a war scream and charge out of the camp along with the Equestrian army.

Kay: Let's go! Don't wanna miss this fight!! (rides his horse and charge with the fighters)
Yuri: URA!!

As they get out of the camp compound, they saw ABF and their attack chopper battling in the skies, and tanks engaging infantries.

Josh: Thing really get ugly here!
Kay: Nah! Just another day in the office!!

Above the high sky, and AC-130 gunship arrived

Specter 6-4: This is Specter 6-4, we are in the sky. Repeat, we are in the sky. Waiting your orders, over?
Josh: Specter 6-4, you are clear to engage all hostiles!
Specter 6-4: Roger that, engaging hostile.

The gunship fires it's guns and cannon at the enemy infantry and tanks. Then, an AA gun fired at them and the gunship tries to avoid the fire, before before becoming another target for more AA guns

Spectre 6-4: We have AA guns in the area, we cannot stay in the skies for too long!
Josh: Looks like their AA gun just scare our gunship!
Kay: Well, let's find it and kill it!
Josh: We spread out, go!

With that, Yuri, Kay Josh and Sand Nomad spread to look for the AA guns.

Josh spotted the AA gun from afar, then dismount his horse and position himself on high ground. He aims his scope at one of the AA gun crew and shots his sniper rifle. The other crew alerted by the downed android and Josh quickly take them out, but he missed one and the android used a heavy machinegun and pinned Josh down. But the android didn't notice Sand Nomad was behind it and he stabbed the android with his pulwar sword before decapitated it. Josh notice the ceas fire and checked to see what happen, only to see Sand Nomad lifting his pulwar sword, and then proceed to fight.
Then, Yuri pass by them and shooting any android on his way with his Mac 10. When he's about to reach an AA gun nest, he draws his RPG-7 and fires it with one hand, destroying the AA gun and killing the crews. He rides the horse up on a hill and lets out the russian war cry, followed by the other fighters chargeing pass him.
Kay rides his horse head on to the AA gun infront of him. The horse jumps over the AA gun nest and Kay dismounts his horse. One android aims an assault rifle at Kay but Kay grabs the gun with and hits the android with the buttstock, causing the android to let go of his weapon and Kay use the assault rifle to shoot it dead. He shoots the other alerted androids and the android that controls the AA gun dismounts the gun but Kay throw a knife on it's head.

Kay: (pulls the knife out of the android and kicks it away) Move over! (mounts the AA gun) Yippe-ki-yay.

Kay aims and shoot the remaining AA gun with the AA gun he's mounting at. He destroyed every last AA gun and infantry, untill the area is clear.

Kay: Spectre 6-4, all AA guns are destroyed! You are good to go!
Spectre 6-4: Solid copy, joining the battle.
Kay: Josh, all AA guns are destroyed! Our gunship is joining the battle!
Josh (though the comms): Kay, we got bigger things to worried about.
Kay: What?
Josh(through the comms): Regroup with us, Kay.
Kay mounts his horse and proceed to regroup with the others. There, he saw Yuri, Josh, Sand Nomad, the Equestrian army and the Saddle Arabian fighters in a passage of the valley.

Kay: The hell is going on?
Josh: (hands over Kay a binocular) You better take a look for yourself.
Kay: (grabs the binocular and watch through it) All I see is another ABF coming this- Wait, what the? What kinda tank is that?

What Kay saw is a large tank, as large as the Equestrian tank, with double barrels and a skull insignia on front.

Josh: Nothing I ever seen before. Looks like they made their own tank. They're coming in with brute force.
Kay: Eric as shown us brute force. But we shall show him courage! For Equestria!!!
Everypony(body): FOR EQUESTRIA!!!

With that, the entire group charge in and fighting the incoming ABF. Kay attack straight on with his horse and charges toward the large tank.

Josh(through the comms): Kay! What the hell are you doing!
Kay: I got this!!

Kay dodge the incoming shell and and bullets, then when he reaches the side of the tank, he jumps on it and opens the hatch but an android surprise Kay and the throws Kay before getting out to fight him.

Kay: (wipes his bleeding lips) Let's dance, plastic dick!

Kay wrestle the android on the tank, and the leader of the fighters saw this and went to the tank to help. After Kay jabs the android on it's left side, the leader tackles the android and stab it with his dagger.

Leader: You alright!
Kay: Thanks, but I can finish it myself!

Then, an android gets out of the hatch and shots the leader, dropping him from the tank. Kay pull out his Deagle and shoots the androis. He gets toss a grenade into the hatch and jumps off of the tank, and the grenade explodes from inside, destroying the tank. When he got up, something attacked him for above. Gilda tackles Kay and lift him up in the air but Kay shoots wings and the two gets a hard landing. On the ground, Kay tackles her and slice her left wing off, before knocking her out with the butt of his gun. Josh arrived at the scene.

Josh: What the hell? I remember now. She's the one who attacked us and kidnapped Fluttershy!
Kay: Let's bring her in. We gotta find out what's this bitch knows!

The fighters camp
Josh: Kay, I think it's best if I take this interrogation-
Kay: Why don't you get out of my way! I got a word for that bitch!

Kay push Josh aside and punches Gilda.

Kay: I know what you did! You kidnapped Fluttershy.....(slice Gilda's face with his knife)...and now you're working with the enemy!
Gilda: Whatca' gonna do about it? Uh?
Kay: I'll tell you what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna bury you up to your neck, peel your eyelids and let you burn in the sun! You just picked the wrong side, bitch! I want to kill you now, but first, we need to know something you know. Tell me, why is Eric building his own armor? Is he making more of them? Answer me!
Gilda: That tank..and the army...is not the only thing he's making.
Kay: What else?
Gilda: Something..that will destroy this world. Something...that help him win. The ABF will take over Equestria!
Sand Nomad: You sent your armies and lay waste on our valley! My father is dead because of you!

Enrage, Sand Nomad draws his M1911 and shoots Gilda's head.

Yuri: So, what do you think Eric is going to build?
Josh: I don't know. But we better head back.