• Published 27th Dec 2012
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Heroes For Equestria - CSFORLIFEFUL

An evil force is about to be unleash on Equestria. In order to stop it, three unlikely heroes are sent to Equestria to fight the evil force, saving Equestria from total annilation. Rated M for swearing, violence and other stuff.

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Chapter 12

Kay: We didn't see it coming. We didn't know it'll end up like this. Millions of innocent lifes. Gone in seconds. Taken by a mad bastard. We couldn't do a thing...son of a bitch...

Chapter 12:Not a little girl show anymore,seriously

Princess Celestia heard everything about what happened to Fillydelphia. The ponies and the humans are all quite, still haunted by what happened. Kay began to talk.

Kay: Discord's playing a different card now. He choose chemical warfare. Things like that also exist in our world. But I never witness it myself,untill now.

Celestia: Discord as taking it to a last draw. He killed innocent lives. I don't want any of those here in my kingdom. I have no choice but to...start a war.

The ponies flinched after listening to Celestia's words. They never wanted to see war so Kay came up with a better solution.

Kay: No. No wars. It'll make things worse.

Celestia: So what do you think we should do?

Kay: We'll do it tactical way. Infiltrate enemy bases. Collecting intel. Crippling their forces. In that way, nopony will have to die fighting a war. Once their weak enough,then we kill Discord.

Celestia: Killing? I'm sorry but I will not allow anymore killing.

Kay: I'm sorry Princess but,thats the only way to eliminated a threat. Discord killed innocent lifes. If we let him live,he'll do something worse. So killing him will save many lifes and Equestria. Princess,you have to understand why we need to do this. Its the only way.

Princess Celestia think of what Kay said.

Celestia: If its for the good for all Equestria, I will allow killing of our enemies and Discord.

Kay: Thank you Princess. Now,we have capture the unicorn Discord sent. We're going to need him.

Celestia: The guards locked him in the dungeon. What's your plan?

Kay: He may have information we need.

Josh walks to Kay.

Josh: We're going to interrogate him?

Kay: Yup,and I know what will make him talk.

Canterlot dungeon

A guard opened a dungeon door letting Kay in. He saw the combat unicorn chained up on the walls.

Unicorn: Came back to visit me.

Kay: No. I want information and I want it now. I'm going to do this the easy way first. Now, where is your base?

The unicorn grin,mocking at Kay.

Unicorn: You think if you ask nicely I'll give anything I know! How pathetic!

Kay: Fine,I'll just have to do this the hard way. You ask for it anyway.

Kay calls out Fluttershy. Fluttershy came in in her shy self. Kay whisper to Fluttershy.

Kay: I heard about 'The Stare'. So I want you to use it on him. Can you do it?

Fluttershy: But-but...I don't want you to see me like that. You won't like it.

Kay: Its okay,just to make him talk. I'll handle the rest once you're done.

Fluttershy walks close to the unicorn.

Unicorn: What are you going to do? Tickle me to death?

Fluttershy close her eyes for a second then open it to give the unicorn 'The Stare'.

Fluttershy: Listen here mister! Just because you can shoot bolt at your horn,doesn't mean you can hurt me or my friends! Now you will tell us everything you know! You got that!

Unicorn: Okay! Okay! I'll tell you everything!

Kay: Allright! Spit it out!

Unicorn: I-I don't know where Discord's base is. I was from another base. We build a base deep inside Everfree Forest.

Kay: Where's the base!

Unicorn: Just-just north of here. Thats all I know!

Kay: Allright,you tell everything. But still,you deserve THIS!

Kay punches the unicorn's face.

Kay: This is for trying to kill my friends!

Kay punches again.

Kay: This is for trying to kill Fluttershy!

Kay gave the unicorn a more powerful punch.

Kay: This is for fucking with us!

Then Kay grab the unicorn's bleeding head.

Kay: And this is for fucking me!

Kay bash the unicorn's head with his knee cap. He still wears his knee guard,which makes the impact more painful. The unicorn vomits blood and his teeths falls out. Fluttershy couln't believe her eyes. She witness how Kay punches the unicorn brutally. Its alot worse the her Stare. She didn't know how violent Kay can be.

Kay: Lets go. let him rot.

The two came out from the dungeon and to the sunny Canterlot. Kay finally felt peace after beating the unicorn's face. Fluttershy still felt uneasy about Kay's violent behavior towards the unicorn.

Kay: What's wrong? Something bothers you?

Fluttershy: Nothing. Its just that...you look different back there. Well its still you only...a different you...

Kay: Well I didn't control myself. I was angry at him. Maybe I punch him to hard,but he deserves it.

Fluttershy's kindness instinct kicks in.

Fluttershy: But you have to apologize to him sometimes. You have to.

Kay: He deserves it. I punch him cause he deserves it. End of story.

Fluttershy: But-but...

Kay just left,feeling annoyed. Fluttershy have no choice but to use 'The Stare' at him. Fluttershy flew infront of Kay and stare at him.

Fluttershy: Listen you! Just because-

Kay suddenly grab Fluttershy and kiss her lips. 'The Stare' seems to have no effect on Kay. Fluttershy blushes and forgets about what she did. Their lips separated and Fluttershy face is all red.

Kay: Wanna go somewhere else?

Fluttershy just nodded.

Author's Note:

I was going to continue with those two but I think I'll just stop it from here.