• Published 27th Dec 2012
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Heroes For Equestria - CSFORLIFEFUL

An evil force is about to be unleash on Equestria. In order to stop it, three unlikely heroes are sent to Equestria to fight the evil force, saving Equestria from total annilation. Rated M for swearing, violence and other stuff.

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Chapter 9

Chapter 9:Just another life at Ponyville

Kay was laying on the soft grass with a flower in his hands. Fluttershy was laying on the ground sleeping next to Kay. Kay put the flower down and watch the beautiful Equestrian skies. The sounds of birds singing was distrupt by Rainbow Dash who was flying really fast. Kay got up to watch Rainbow Dash in action. Dash performs the loop the loop,spins around a cloud and then start speeding up,ending with the famous Sonic Rainboom. Kay claps his hands after seeing an awesome sight. Rainbow Dash landed near Kay.

Kay:That was amazing.

Dash:Thank you. Grow any wings yet?

Kay:Uh,no. We don't grow wings. Back in my world,we fly with flying machines,like a hot air baloon.

Dash:So,what were you doing?

Kay:Me and Fluttershy are just taking a break. She's too tired so she felt asleep.

Dash:Tell me,do you have a feeling with Fluttershy?

Kay(blushes):Uh...yeah...its a bit complicated...

Dash:Fluttershy is my friend since we're fillies. I remember standing up for her went she got bullied. I tell you what,you promise me to take care of Fluttershy no matter what. If you hurt her,I'll give you a hoofsandwich!

Kay put his arms up.

Kay:Hey,I won't harm her,I promise you. Cross my heart,hope to fly,stick a muffin to my eyes.

Kay do the Pinkie Pie promise.

Dash:Okay,deal. Anyways,where's your friend?

Kay:He's probably at Applejack's place awhile ago.

Dash:I've been there,he's not there.

Kay:Well...I have no idea.

Somewhere on a field not far from Ponyville

Ten empty glass bottles were lined up on wooden fence. Far away,Josh was aiming his AS50 at the bottles. He check the wind speed and distance so he could get a clean shot. He adjust his scope and ready to fire. He pulled the trigger and a round hit the first bottle.

Josh:Target down.

He continues shooting the other bottles till he reach the last one. When he's about to pulled the trigger,Pinkie Pie's face suddenly appear on the scope. Josh flinch a bit and takes his eyes off the scope.

Josh:What the hell you doin' there pony?

Pinkie:My name is Pinkie Pie and I heard a loud banging sound so I look for it and it was here! Are you the one who's making that sound?

Pinkie Pie was poking the sniper rifle. Josh withdraw his fingers from the trigger to avoid misfire.

Josh:Yes,it was me. I'm practicing.

Pinkie:Are you practicing making loud sounds?

Josh:No. I'm target practice. I was shooting those bottles over there till you show up.

Pinkie:You mean this bottle?

Pinkie Pie show Josh the bottle that was suppose to be far away.

Josh:How the hell you get it?

Pinkie:...I dunno.

Josh sighed and facepalm. Pinkie Pie was hoping around Josh. Josh felt annoyed.

Josh:Will you please stop jumping around me.

Pinkie:Why? I'm happy thats why I jump. You don't have to be so grumpy Pants.

Josh:I wasn't grumpy untill you show up.

Then,Kay and two pegasus appear from behind.

Kay:I thought I heard someone fired a gun.

Josh:Hey Kay,just doing some target practicing. Untill Pinkie Pie here interrupts.


Kay:Well she's just being Pinkie Pie. Say,throw that bottle high up,I wanna do some shooting.


Josh throws the bottle high up. The ponies watch the bottle been thrown in the air. Kay draws his Deagle and fires continues rounds at the bottle. The bottle exploded to pieces and Kay yells a warcry.

Kay:Ooah! Now that is how you fire a gun!

Josh:Nice shot.

Pinkie:Oooooh,you make loud sounds too!

Kay:Guns,their always loud,unless you put on a silencer.


Dash:Hey Pinkie,could you make us some of those cupcakes?

Pinkie:Okie dokie lokie! Just follow me to my bakery!

Kay:Hey Josh,wanna grab one of Pinkie's cupcakes.

Josh:What the hell.

So all of them went to Pinkie's bakery.

Sugarcube Bakery

Pinkie serves her friends with the most sweetest cupcakes in Ponyville.

Kay:So Josh,how's the cupcakes.

Josh:To be honest Kay,this is the most sweetest thing I ever ate!

Kay:Glad you enjoy it comrade(in russian accent)!

Pinkie:Yay! Pants is not grumpy anymore!

Josh just laugh while trying to keep the cupcake sinside his mouth. The Rarity came in with news about their cloths.

Rarity:There you two are,I've been looking everywhere for you.

Kay:Hey Rarity,wassup?

Rarity:I've finish making your clothes. Come with me,I'll show you.

Kay:Okay,lets go Josh.

The two humans follows Rarity to herboutique

The Carousel Boutique

Rarity use her magic to lift up two clothes. The first one his a black t-shirt and a camo cargo pants. Kay grab his outfit.

Kay:Looks just like mine,only cleaner.

Rarity lifts up another cloth, this time its a cleaner green BDU. She handed over to Josh.

Josh:Wow,and I was going to wash my BDU.

Rarity:You don't need to darling,let me wash it for you. Try on your outfits first, see if it fits.

The two went to a seperate dreesing room to try out there new outfit. After they put on their outfit,they step out looking cleaner then last time.

Rarity:Now just keep your dirty clothes here so I can wash them,I'll bring them back once I'm done.

The two thank Rarity and went out.

Josh:That Rarity,she's generous.

Kay:She's the bearer of Element of Generosity. One of the Elements of Harmony.

Josh:Elements of Harmony?

Kay:Yeah,the one you called 'stupidiest thing'!

Josh can sense a tone of anger in Kay's voice. He suddenly felt regret saying it once when on earth.


Josh:That..is the most stupidiest thing I ever hear!

Kay:How could that be stupid? Its harmony,Josh! You don't like harmony?

Josh:Whatever,its still childish,immature and,yes,stupid.

Josh:I'm sorry about what I said before..last year...I take it back.

Kay look at Josh.

Kay:Well,I still wanna ripped your vocal cord and sell it because of what you said but since you apologized,I accepted it. And your vocal cord is safe.

Josh:Thank you. Now,could you tell me about The Elements of Harmony.

Kay:Sure. Now the Elements of Harmony consist of six elements.

Honesty,kindness,loyalty,generosity,laughter and magic.

Josh:Rarity bears generosity,what about the other elements? Does anypony bears it too?

Kay:Yeah, our friends.


Kay:Yup. They are the bearers of The Elements of Harmony. Applejack,honesty. Fluttershy,kindness. Rainbow Dash,loyalty. Rarity,generosity. Pinkie Pie,laughter. And last but not least,Twilight Sparkles,magic.

Josh:Wow. I never know that.

Kay:Yeah. Without the elements,this world I love,the pony I love,will never exist.

Josh:So they have the elements. What about us. What's our 'elements'?

Kay:Let see,your a good sniper. Elements of a Sniper. Me,Elements of a Trigger Happy Grunt.

Josh:You're sure are.