• Published 27th Dec 2012
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Heroes For Equestria - CSFORLIFEFUL

An evil force is about to be unleash on Equestria. In order to stop it, three unlikely heroes are sent to Equestria to fight the evil force, saving Equestria from total annilation. Rated M for swearing, violence and other stuff.

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Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Iron Fist
Josh: Okay.....this controls like World War 2 tank. Is it still works?
Shining Armor: It's been put here for a long time, so I'm not sure if it still working.
Josh: Okay...I'm guessing this starts the engine.

With the push of a button, the tank's engine starts after fifthy years in the old barack. Josh, even while feeling nervous, controls the tank without any problem.

Shining Armor: Nice. Have you ever ride a tank before?
Josh: Actually, I read about it. I'm kinda nervous right now.
Kay: I knew a military egghead like you will come in handy.
Josh: Less talking, more learning to controlling the turret, Kay.
Kay: Okay, okay.

Kay spins the handle to rotate the tank's turret to the left and spins the handle to the opposite direction to rotate to the right.

Kay: I'm very good at this.
Josh: Yuri, try open the gun chamber and put a tank shell in it.
Yuri: Da.

Yuri opens a chamber of the tank's gun and insert a tank shell into it, and then close the chamber shut.

Josh: Kay, aim the turret at the target.
Kay: Aye aye, cap.

Kay aims the turret at a target, a small hut with a X mark on it.

Josh: Aim a little higher, Kay. Or the shell will hit the ground before it reaches the target.
Kay: Roger that.
Josh: Alright, fire!

Kay shoots the turret and the tank shell flys to it's target and destroys it, with a big explosion.

Kay: Target is down! Repeat, target is down!!
Josh: Good job, you two. Looks like we can do it.
Yuri: Da, but that's just a small hut. It's not the same as a real tank that moves and shoots.
Josh: Well, we can always train with moving targets and-

Before he can finish, a pegasus guard came to deliver them a message.

Pegasus Guard: Sir! Enemy tank is approaching at Canterlot!
Shining Armor: Are they near?
Pegasus Guard: No sir. They still have a long way but in any moment they will reach Canterlot!
Josh: Looks like we have no choice but to go there and take them out.
Kay: Well, let's go practice tanking!

Location: A field somewhere around Everfree Forest
Five tanks are mowing their way to destroy Canterlot.

Android 1: Sir, we are almost at Canterlot.
Eric(throught the radio): Pick up the pace, I want that place destroy so their ruler can't do a thing.
Android 1: Roger that.
Android 2: We got company.

Then, a huge tank, twice the size of a normal tank, appear on top of a hill.

Josh: We got three Challengers and two T-80. Prepare to engage!
Kay: Roger!

Kay rotates and aims at the first tank. He fires the shell and destroys the one of the Challengers.

Kay: Got one! That's a one hit kill!
Josh: Equestria's tank got some powerful punch in it!

Android: All units! Engage enemy tank!

Then, all the tanks open fires. Josh moves the tank to the left while avoiding tank fire. One shell hits them.

Yuri: We're hit! We're hit!
Kay: Fuck! It's like getting jackhammered to the brain!
Josh: Anyone alright! Any damage?!
Yuri: No, I think the tank's alright!
Josh: That was a Challenger's shell. Damn, this armor is kick ass.
Yuri: Chamber's loaded!
Kay: Our turn!!

One shell's fired and destroys a T-80.

Kay: Got one!! Let's take out some more!!

After they destroyed three tanks, another three arrived.

Josh: Holy shit!
Kay: What?!
Josh: We got three M1 Abrams!!
Yuri: It's loaded!
Josh: Fire fire fire!!

Kay fire the shell but it only hits the ground near one the tanks.

Kay: Miss!!
Josh: Oh shit! Hang on!

The three tanks open fires at them and Josh moves the tank away to avoid the shell. After he dodges two shells, one shell hits them.

Kay: Dammit! Those fucking tanks almost bust our armor!
Josh: Those are Sabot rounds! That shell has-
Kay: I don't wanna hear about what shit they are shooting!!

Kay fires a shell and this time it hits one of the tanks, completely destroying it.

Kay: Not so tough after all!!

Then, the remaining tanks of the first group fires at them simultaneously, hitting them twice. Josh then notice that the tanks are too close to each other.

Josh: Kay, fire a shell between them!!
Kay: What?
Josh: Just shoot!
Kay: Alright!

Kay fires a shell and it hits two of the tanks, destroying both.

Kay: Two birds one stone, bitch!!
Josh: Those M1 Abrams are the ones left now!

Kay fires a shell and destroys a M1 Abrams, but then, Josh speeds up towards the last one.

Kay: Josh? What the hell are you doing?!!
Josh: Always wanted to do this.

Their tank collides with the M1 Abrams and because of the Equestrian's tank size, it easily pushes the M1 Abram and falls on it's top. Josh back away and commands Kay to fire a shell.

Josh: Kay! Kill it!
Kay: Love to!

Kay fires a shell and destroys the upside-downed tank.

Kay: Hell yeah!! Fatality!!
Yuri: It's that the last of them?
Josh: Yeah. We did it.
Yuri: Looks like we are qualified tank crews now, eh?
Kay: Ooah!!
Josh; Hey guys, we're not over.
Kay: What?
Josh: See those tank trail? If we follow it, it might take us to their base, probably their-
Kay: Weapon supplies?
Josh: Yeah, probably. So, anyone in?
Yuri: The blood of a soldier is gushing in my veins, comrade. I want to kill more!
Josh: How about you, Kay?
Kay: Just like what Yuri said, but I'll describe it like I wanna fuck all of them up!!
Josh: Okay! Let's get it done!
Kay: Semper fi!

Enemy weapons barack
Android: Sir, we lost contact with our tank division.
Eric(throught the radio): What?! How that happen!
Android: Unable to identified the cause, sir.
Eric: Well sent some of your squads to search for our tank.

Then, Eric lost contact with his unit.
Main Base
Eric: Hello? Hello?

Few metres away from enemy weapons barack
Kay: That's a hit!

Weapons barack
Android: Enemy tank inbound!! Get to battle stations!!
The entire combat androids quickly prepares to take down the Equestrian tank.

Kay: Looks like their going to shoot us with those rocket launchers!
Josh: Get a light machinegun and take them out!!
Yuri: Kay! Take this MG3!

Kay opens the hatch and shoots his MG3, taking out any android that tries to take down the tank.

Kay: Do you like that!!!
Josh: Just keep firing, Kay!!

Josh drives the tank, crash through the fences, while Kay keeps the android busy with an MG3. Josh then stops the tank and Kay gets off and throws a smoke grenade.

Yuri: Come on, Josh!

Yuri and Josh grabs their weapons and gets out to join Kay.

Josh: Okay! Let's run them away!
Kay: Ooah!
Yuri: Ura!

The three exit the smokes and with the help of Kay's MG3, they are able to push throught the defences.

Yuri: Frag out!!
Kay: This is piece of cake!!
Josh: Wait, I hear something!

Then, an attack chopper sudddenly appear and fires it's minigun at them. The three quickly take cover inside the barack.

Yuri: Dammit! We can't do it with that chopper ripping us up!
Josh: There's gotta be something we can use here!!
Kay: Hey guys! We got Stingers here we can use!
Josh: Yuri! Grab a Stringer missile!
Yuri: Da!
Josh: Kay! Draw the enemy bird fire so Yuri can shot it down!
Kay: You can always count on me to do some badass work!

Kay then sprints outside to draw the chopper's anttention, and Yuri aim's the Stinger missile at the chopper. Kay then slides under a tank to avoid the getting shot.

Kay: Come on!! Hurry up!!

After the Stinger locks on to the chopper, Yuri fires the missile and hits it's tail. The chopper lose control and falls right on top of the remaining android.

Yuri: It's down!
Josh: Nice shooting, Yuri.
Kay: Well, that's over.
Josh: Come on,l ets secure this place.

They then venture inside the barack full of weapons stolen from earth.

Yuri: Ohooiet', he's ready for a massive war.
Kay: It's going to get really ugly.
Josh: Okay, let's go back to Canterlot and tell them we got the enemy weapon supplies.
Kay: Right.....it's ours now.
Eric(throught a radio): Hello? Report in! Anyone there? Report in!
Kay: (picks up the radio) Your army is dead, asshole! Now we are in your barack, stealing all your weapons!
Eric: You again! I though I put you down after I killed your pony!
Kay: Well that didn't put me down. That just makes me more wanted to kill you!
Eric: You can't stop me! I am powerful! The Anti Brony Force will-
Kay: (drops the radio and stomps it) You're just a annoying snot-nosed punk I wanted to kill. Anti Brony Force my ass.....