• Published 27th Dec 2012
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Heroes For Equestria - CSFORLIFEFUL

An evil force is about to be unleash on Equestria. In order to stop it, three unlikely heroes are sent to Equestria to fight the evil force, saving Equestria from total annilation. Rated M for swearing, violence and other stuff.

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Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Nobody To Love But You
Fluttershy is busy looking at Kay's old photo, untill she spot a photo of a woman holding a toddler. She recognize the toddler as Kay.

Fluttershy: Kay? Who's this woman?
Kay: Oh, that. That's my mom. Well, foster mom actually.
Fluttershy: She looks very nice.
Kay: Yeah, she is.
Fluttershy: And, you're very cute here.
Kay: Oh, stop it. Anyway, wanna go the park?
Fluttershy: Really?
Kay: Yeah. There's this big park that I always go and it's got lots of critters you can meet, if they wanted to that is.
Fluttershy: Oh, I can't wait!
Kay: Let's go then.

With that, Kay pick up his car keys and heads out with Fluttershy.

At the parking lot, Kay opens the passenger seat for Fluttershy. He sits on the drivers seat and starts the engine and the sound of the engine startleds Fluttershy.

Kay: There's nothing to worry about, it's just the engine starting.
Fluttershy: Is it always like that?
Kay: Yeah, but not this loud. But it's an old car, it always like this. Alright, let's get going. Oh, you might wanna wear those seatbelts.
Fluttershy: Oh...um..okay.

City park
Kay: Well, here we are.
Fluttershy: This place is kinda....big.
Kay: Yup. Let's take a walk, shall we?
Fluttershy: O-okay.

The couple take a walk around the park. While walking, Fluttershy wrapped her arms tightly around Kay's right arm. Then, they take a sit to rest.

Fluttershy: Kay?
Kay: Yeah?
Fluttershy: What was your foster mother like?
Kay: Well, she's kind and gentle. I remember when I was little, she always sing me a lullaby....it's my fault that she's gone.
Fluttershy: What happen?
Kay: I messed up. Some gangsters came in to our neighborhood and start shooting everywhere. I wasn't there for her. When I got back, I found her...dead.
Fluttershy: I'm sorry...I shouldn't have-
Kay: It's....okay....you don't know..

Then, without noticing, Kay shed a single tear and drops across his cheeks. Fluttershy then wrap her armsa round Kay to comfort him.

Kay: Thanks...

Suddenly, six gangsters appear.

Gang leader: Hey! This is our turf!

Kay get up and try to protect Fluttershy.

Kay: Hey, this is public property!
Gang leader: I said, this is our turf...
Fluttershy: Please, mister. W-we don't want any trouble...
Gang leader: Well look at that fine ass.
Gangster 1: I want that ass on 'here'.
Kay: Hey! Talk to her like that and you're dead!!
Gang leader: Whattaya gonna do?
Kay: You have no idea.

Then, one of the gang grab Fluttershy from behind.

Gangster 2: Come her, sweet heart!!
Fluttershy: Kay!!
Kay: Let her go!!

Then, the gang leader punches Kay's stomach, causing him to drop on his knees.

Gangster 2: What's with the pink hair, uh? Wanna go to bed with me?
Fluttershy: GET OFF!! (bites the gangster's arms)
Gangster 2: AAAARRRRGGGHHH!! YOU BITCH!! (punches Fluttershy)
Kay: Fluttershy!!!

Kay gets up and punches one of the gangster's groin. As the gangster's bend down, Kay grabs the gangster's head and twist it, killing him instantly. One gangster charge at Kay but Kay gives him a backhand attack and kicks him, throwing the gangster towards the leader. On gangster pulls a knife out and swing it at Kay, but Kay just dodge them and grabs the gangster's arm and breaks it, disarming his knife. He picks up the knife and stabs the gangster to death. One gangster pulls out a gun but Kay use the dead body as a human sheild and with the kinfe on his hand, he throws it at the gangster's head, killing him. The gangster who punches Fluttershy let's go of her and runs away but Kay grabs the gun and shoots his head. The gangster who charges at Kay attempts another attack but Kay shoots him dead.

Gang leader: W-who the fuck are you!!
Kay: Someone you don't wanna fuck with.

Kay pull the trigger and kill the leader. He saw Fluttershy, unconscious on the ground. When he's about to check on her, he heard a angry voice behing him.

Police: Drop your weapon!! I said drop your weapon!!!
Kay: 'Fuck!' (drops the gun)
Police: Now get on the ground!!!

Then, more cops came in, and some came to check on Fluttershy.

Kay: 'You'll be alright.'

Kay then has his hands handcuffed.

Police: You really done it this time!!
Kay: 'Fuck you, asshole.'

Police Station
Kay, with his hand handcuffed on the table, sit on a chair, while being interrogate by two cops. One of the cop recognize him.

Cop 1: Well, if it isn't Kay. Or should I say, Carlos Eduardo Lopez!
Kay: Fuck you!
Cop 2: Watch your mouth!
Cop 1: Same old Carlos. What's with the name "Kay" anyway? Is that your criminal name? You're famous being, the devil of the streets! The diablo!!
Kay: Hey! I don't do that shit anymore!!
Cop 2: Then what's with those dead bodies around you, uh? What happen? Deals gone wrong?
Kay: I was trying to protect her!
Cop 2: Who? That hooker?
Kay: You call her a hooker, I'm gonna shove your ass with a shotgun and pull the fucking trigger!!!
Cop 1: Then who is she, Carlos!!
Kay: She's my girlfriend, okay?
Cop 2: Yeah? What's her name?
Kay: Fl....Fiona.
Cop 2: Fiona, uh? Too bad she's hook with a criminal like you!!
Cop 1: And what's with the pink hair?
Cop 1: Listen here, dickhead! I know about you. I know what you do. And I know what's gonna happen to you. I'll put you in prison, for the rest of your fucking live!!! And you'll rot inside your cell and-

Then, a middle-age cop, who sports a brown trench coat came in.

Robert: I told you boys to stop screaming in the.....Carlos?
Kay: Robert?
Robert:....okay, what do you do this time?
Cop 1: He brutally kills those gangster and-
Robert: For trying to protect the girl? Officer Polanski, I expect more from you. Those gangsters cause enough troubles. But now mister Lopez here killed them all, they won't be our problem.
Cop 1: But, sir!
Robert: For the last time, Polanski! He was just trying to protect the girl! I had enough of you! Now go do some patrols or get a donut, I need some privacy here.
Cop 1: Screw you!

The two cops heads out, still angry.

Robert: It's good to see you again, Carlos. How was it?
Kay: It's great untill those assholes messed up our date.
Robert: Those gangsters had it coming. Now the park is safe, thanks to you.
Kay: How is she? Is she okay?
Robert: She's fine, she's just unconscious. Nothing serious.
Kay: Thank God. It's all my fault, if I didn't-
Robert: You don't have to blame yourself, son. Everything is fine now. Now, you better be going, she's waiting for you outside.
Kay: Thank you, sir.

The two left the room and went outside, where Fluttershy is waiting for them.

Kay: Fluttershy!!
Fluttershy: Kay!!

The two hug and kiss passionately.

Kay: I'm sorry for what happen back there...it's my fault.
Fluttershy: It's okay. As long as we are together, I will always be with you.
Kay: Fluttershy...
Robert: Looks like you finally find a girl to love.
Fluttershy: T-thank you, mister..
Robert: I'm just doing my job, miss. Oh, and I took the liberty to bring your car here.
Kay: Thanks.
Robert: Now, move along now. And Carlos, take good care of her, will you?
Kay: Always.
Robert: I'll see you around...Kay.
Kay: First time I hear you call me that name.
Robert: You prefer that name. Good bye.
Kay: Bye.

Kay left to be with Fluttershy who is waiting in the car.

Fluttershy: That man...is very nice...
Kay: He's the one who changed me.

Kay's apartment
Kay: What a day.

Tired from all that, Kay lay down on his bed to rest. Fluttershy, now wearing Kay's old clothes, sleeps next to him.

Kay: 'I love you, Fluttershy. I got nobody to love, but you. I will love you forever. If they can't find a way to get us back to Equestria, then atleast I still have you. We can start a life here.....with you....'
Fluttershy: Kay? Asleep yet?
Kay: Not yet.

Fluttershy then kiss him passionately. Kay slides his hands under Fluttershy's shirt and undress her, revealing her soft breast and realeasing her wings. Kay then put her on his lap and Fluttershy can feel his erected member between her legs. Kay takes off his t-shirt and then sucks Fluttershy's tits, while groping on the other one

Fluttershy: K-Kay...that tickles..

Kay then takes off his boxers to release his erected member and pull ot Fluttershy's panties to show her pussy, now dripping wet. Fluttershy position herself and let's Kay member enters her pussy, and her wings spreads wide. Kay puts his hands on her ass and help her thrusting his dick. Soon, Fluttershy cums and spreads her cum on Kay's groin, while Kay is still thrusting his dick. Then, Fluttershy stops.

Kay: Why are you stopping?
Fluttershy: I learned this from those books under your bed.
Kay: What?

Fluttershy then slides Kay's slippery dick between her breast, while licking the exposed tip. She lifts her breast up and down to, and squeezes his dick between her breast.

Kay: Fluttershy...you're good at this...
Fluttershy: I am?
Kay: Yeah....I think I'm gonna come...

She then stops and lays down and spreads her legs.

Fluttershy: Let's finish it....inside me, i-if you don't mind that is..

Without hesistation, Kay thrust his dick into Fluttershy's pussy. He begans slowly, and then began to speed up. Then, Kay kisses Fluttershy's lips, and then lets go of his seed inside of her womb. Kay pulls out his dick from Fluttershy, and his seed drips out of her pussy. The breaks the kiss, leaving a saliva bridge that breaks shortly after. After Kay sits down and still panting, Fluttershy bend over and licks Kay's dick, and then fell asleep on his crotch.

Kay: Sweet dreams, my love.

Kay covers her with his sheet and falls asleep.