• Published 27th Dec 2012
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Heroes For Equestria - CSFORLIFEFUL

An evil force is about to be unleash on Equestria. In order to stop it, three unlikely heroes are sent to Equestria to fight the evil force, saving Equestria from total annilation. Rated M for swearing, violence and other stuff.

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Chapter 14

Kay: So what's the plan?

Josh: You infiltrate the base and collect enough intel, I'll provide sniper support.

Kay: Sound okay to me. Looks like I'm going to get more kills then you do.

Josh: We'll see about that.

Chapter 14: Equestrian Ops

Deep inside Everfree Forest, a building was heavily guarded by combat unicorns. Not far from there, a figure is watching their every move. The figure is Kay, scanning the area. On the top of a hill, Josh with his ghillie suit is scanning the building with his scope.

Kay: Josh, this is Kay, do you got eyes on the buidling, over.

Josh: Copy that, got eyes on building. This place is heavily guarded.

Kay: Eh, you don't say.

Josh: Kay, I'm going to look for you in my scope.

Kay: Roger that.

Kay takes a small mirror and makes a flash of light. Josh saw the light.

Josh: I see you. Just hold your position.

Kay: Roger that. Waiting orders.

Josh look through the scope and saw four combat ponies guarding the area.

Josh: I see four hostile. Don't do anything stupid. Let them pass.

After the group of unicorn left, Josh aim his scope at the two guard unicorn.

Josh: I'm going to take down patrols on the roof.

Josh hold his breath and fires a round. The round hits the unicorn in the head. Josh fires another round to the second unicorn.

Josh: Roof is clear, you're free to advance. I will keep on sniping for support.

Kay: Roger that, advancing.

Kay runs quitely to the door.

Kay: I'm breach in.

Kay kicks the door open and gun fire can be heard in Josh's earpiece.

Kay: Tango down, proceeding to buidling.

Josh: Roger that.

Kay search through every room for intel. When he reach a hallway, five combat unicorn fires bolts at him. Kay takes cover and pop out to fire short burst at the unicorns. One round hit a unicorn in the chest and another one got shot in the head. Kay keeps on firing the remaining unicorns. He keeps on firing till all five are dead. He pass the bodies and went to a narrow space. He fires on incoming unicorn poping out of cover. One unicorn tries to tackle Kat but only to get a knife through the head. He reaches a room guarded by three unicorn. He hides behind cover and blind fires at them. The three unicorns lay dead. Kay entered the room and saw lots of files and pictures. Even the Equetrian map is there. The map have circle on all the towns of Equestria. One circle is marked 'X', its says Fillydelphia.

Kay: Josh, I found the intel. Repeat, I found the intel.

Josh: Solid copy, collect enough intel and get out of the building.

Kay: Roger that.

Kay grab the map,files and picture. He put it inside a secret comparment in his vest. Then, he gets a call from Josh.

Josh: Kay, I got eyes on large group of hostile proceeding to the building. I suggest you get out of there and find a way out. Their waiting at the entrance.

Kay: Roger that, proceeding to the back door.

When Kay gets out from the back door, large group of combat unicorn aim there horn at him. Kay rise his hands.

Kay: Josh. I've been compromise. I really need a back up.

Josh: Roger that, I'll look for a better vantage point.

Kay: Do it quickly.

A big bodied unicorn walks slowly to Kay. The unicorn is bigger than Big Macintosh and wears an eyepatch.

Unicorn general: There is nowhere run outsider. You might as well give up.

Kay: Like I'll take orders from you.

Unicorn general: You are such a stubborn creature.

Josh founds a perfect vantage point. He went prone and look through his scope. He saw large group of unicorn and a bigger one looking at Kay.

Josh: Listen here, I'm going to take out the big one and then you take cover, got it.

Kay just nodded, knowing that Josh is watching him through his scope.

Unicorn general: A stubborn creature like you would go well to my trophy room. Guards! Prepare to fire!

The combat unicorn horns glows, ready to execute Kay.

Unicorn general: Ready!

Kay: Hurry up Josh...

Unicorn general: Aim!

Kay: I'm fucked...

Unicorn general: Fi-

The general was shot in the head before he could finish.

Josh: Goodnight.

Kay jumps to cover and fires at the combat unicorn.

Kay: Need back up here!

Josh helps Kay by sniping the attacking unicorns. All the unicorns are dead and Kay runs to the forest.

Kay: Josh, we better get outta! We regroup at the forest!

Josh: Roger that.

Josh lift his AS50 and went to the bushes. Kay turns around and notice an entire army of combat unicorn is after him.

Kay: Ah,bullshit!

Kay run to the forest avoiding incoming bolts. He takes cover behind a log and fires at the combat unicorns.

Kay: Josh! I'm pin down! I need back up!

Josh: Got it.

Kay then heard a sniper shot. He saw one unicorn's head explode.

Josh: Get to my position, I'll cover you.

Kay gets out of his cover and went to Josh's position. Josh keeps on firing any incoming unicorns. Kay reaches Josh's position.

Kay: Where's the extraction!

Josh: Its waiting over there! We need to get outta here now!

Both of them start full sprint to the the extraction point. They went to a field and saw a chariot waiting for them. The combat unicorns are still on their tail. Josh gets in the chariot while Kay cover him.

Josh: Kay,get in!

Kay gets in the chariot and continiues firing at the combat unicorns.

Josh: Get us outta here!

Guard: Allright! Get ready!

The chariot lifts up and fly off. Kay close the door and sits down, still tired from all the shooting.

Josh: Do you got the intel?

Kay: Got the intel.

Guard: We will sent you to Canterlot first. Princess Celestia is waiting.

Kay: Roger that.