• Published 27th Dec 2012
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Heroes For Equestria - CSFORLIFEFUL

An evil force is about to be unleash on Equestria. In order to stop it, three unlikely heroes are sent to Equestria to fight the evil force, saving Equestria from total annilation. Rated M for swearing, violence and other stuff.

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Chapter 40

Chapter 40: There And Back Again
Kay: 'Aaarrgghhh.....fuck....my head..where..where the hell am I?'

Kay looked around and find himself in an old playground. He then realizes that it's the old playground near his apartment.

Kay: 'What he?! Don't tell me that was a dream!'

Then, he heard Fluttershy's moan on the bush near him.

Kay: 'Okay, it's not a dream. That portal did transport us to another dimension, in this case, earth.'
Fluttershy: Kay? Are you there?
Kay: Yeah.

Kay got up to help her up. Since it's dark, he can only see Fluttershy's pink mane, illuminate by the street lights not far from there. As he's helping her up, he touches not fur, but skin. Human skin.

Fluttershy: Kay? Are you okay?
Kay: I'm fine but you?
Fluttershy: I'm fine but, I feel weird.
Kay: I think I know why.

When Fluttershy felt her hooves, it's not hooves, it's human hand.

Fluttershy: Kay? What happen to me?
Kay: Fluttershy. You just turned into a human.
Fluttershy: Hu-human? How?
Kay: I have no idea. But we have to get inside.

Fluttershy gets out of the shadow to reveal her human form. Her face still remains cuter, only in human form. But what Kay realized is that Fluttershy is naked. To make matters worse, she still have her wings.

Kay: Aw shit, this ain't good.
Fluttershy: Why?
Kay: First of, you're naked.
Fluttershy: But, we don't normally wear clothes.
Kay: Yes, but now that you're human, being naked outside is....bad.
Fluttershy: Oh my. (blushes)
Kay: And....you have wings. Humans don't normally have wings, but if you show your wings, those fucking peds will try to take you away!
Fluttershy: What do you mean?
Kay: Just....try not to show those wings. Okay, first I have to get to my apartment to get you some clothes. Just stay here and if something happen, just scream and I'll come.
Fluttershy: Okay..

Kay leave Fluttershy for awhile and heads to his apartment. He opens his wardrobe and pick up a plain white t-shirt and shorts. Then, he realize that he's room is fulled of MLP merc.

Kay: 'Shit! I can't let Fluttershy find out about this! I don't know how to explain shit!'

He quickly grabs a large garbage bag and put all of his MLP mercs and rips the poster into the garbage bag and then he hide them in a closet.

Kay: 'Okay, that shit is done.'

He heads down to see Fluttershy.

Kay: Here, I manage to find my old smaller clothes, but I'm sure it'll fit.

Fluttershy puts on the clothes and follows Kay to his apartment(think, detective Spooner's apartment in I, Robot).

Kay: Well, this is place, not that much.
Fluttershy: So, you live here?
Kay: Yeah.

Kay sat down on his bed and removes his black t-shirt.

Kay: (sighs) What the hell am I suppose to do?

Fluttershy then sat down next to Kay.

Fluttershy: Are you okay?
Kay: I'm fine, but what are we suppose to do? I mean, we're in my world while Equestria is gettibng ready for war. Hope Twilight finds a way to get us back.
Fluttershy: I'm sure she'll find a way. L-let's just go to sleep.

Kay look at his alarm clock.

Kay: Well, it's midnight. I'm getting tired.

Kay lay down, then Fluttershy lay next to him, and place one hand around him and snuggle closer, and Kay can feel her soft breast.

Kay: 'Next time, Kay. Next time.'

Meanwhile, at Equestria....

Twilight: Alright, this it it. We have to find a book that can help us bring them back.
Spike: I'm on it!

The three enters the Canterlot Library, to see a large, stadium size library full of thousands or more books.

Spike: This is going to take forever.
Yuri: We can split, that'll will make thing faster.
Twilight: Good idea. Let's move.
Yuri: Ura!!
Librarian: Sssshhhh!
Yuri: Sorry....

Fluttershy wakes up to find only herself in the bed.

Fluttershy: Kay?
Kay: Yeah?

Kay had just taken a shower, so he only have a towel covering from his hip.

Kay: Sleepin' well?

Fluttershy reply with a nod.

Kay: Alright, you better take a shower though.
Fluttershy: Right.

Fluttershy got up and give Kay a quick kiss before heading to the shower. Kay put on his collared white t-shirt and his old jeans. When he pick up his car key, Fluttershy has just finish taking a shower and only cover herself on her hip like how Kay did.

Fluttershy: Kay? What's wrong?
Kay: Nothing. It's just that....

Kay takes off Fluttershy's towel and covers her up to her chest.

Kay: That's how you cover yourself with a towel, for women. You have to cover those....you know.
Fluttershy: But, you do that too, I mean you also have....you know.

Kay know that Fluttershy meant was his huge pec.

Kay: It's okay for man, but for a woman, it's not.
Fluttershy: Okay. I always wondered why this 'things' are up here instead of down here.
Kay: (chuckles) Okay, you stay here while I'm going to get you some clothes. You can't wear my old clothes all the time, I better get you a new one.
Fluttershy: Okay.
Kay: Oh, and don't open the closet, okay?
Fluttershy: (nods)
Kay: Alright, see you later.

With that, Kay leaves Fluttershy in his apartment. He went downstairs and to a parking lot where his old Camaro parked.

Kay: 'That's my old ride.'

He open the car with his key and starts the engine. He finds his black sunglasses and puts it on. Little that he knows, Fluttershy is watching him on the window of his apartment. She never see a car before, so she's wonderring what's Kay doing with the vehicle. As the vehicle moves, Fluttershy just watch it goes and notice that Kay is controlling it.

While driving the car, Kay felt bored and turns on the radio.

News:...reports of military weapons shipment hijack as been occured all over the world. Now, the US military have set up a more defensive line but what the encountered is what they describe, and unknown enemy.
Military personnel: It just happen. They came out of nowhere and attacked us. They don't look like al-Qaeda nor North Korea. Somethings tells me that they're not from here.
Kay: Son of a bitch, Eric. You just made yourself a terrorist.
News: In other news, a student is brutally attack by another student. Eyewitness says that after the attack, the attacker scolded the principal and then left with a mysterious girl. Other eyewitness said-
Kay: Kids with their fucking energy drink.

Bored of the news, Kay switch to his CD player and listen to his favourite song, God's Gonna Cut You Down by Johnny Cash.

Kay: Now this is good music.

He then saw a clothes shop for women and parks his car. He enters the shop and look for a suitable dress for Fluttershy. Then, he saw a very kinky lingerie.

Kay: 'This looks nice....dammit Kay! No funny ideas!!'

He rejected it and instead picks a normal one. He looks around for some clothes for Fluttershy and finds a yellow blouse and a pink skirt.

Kay: 'That.....might go well.'

He picks it up and heads to the counter, and the cashier gives him a weird look.

Kay: What? It's for my lady.
Cashier: Sorry, it's not everyday a guy like you came in to buy those clothes. Why do you have to go buy them?
Kay: She's new here, and she's too shy.
Cashier: Uh, I see. You know, shy girls makes a perfect girlfriend
Kay: Right. Do you take credit cards?

Twilight: 'There's got to be something here.'
Spike: 'Where is it?'
Yuri: 'It's got to be here.'

Then, Yuri saw a blue unicorn pulling a book from the shelves.

Trixie: This will make a very interesting trick!

Yuri takes along look at the book and it reads "A Better Guide To Creating Portals".

Yuri: Uh, miss? Excuse me, but I really need that book.
Trixie: What do you need it for?
Yuri: For a friend.
Trixie: I'm sorry, but I saw it first!
Yuri: But I need it now!
Trixie: You can't talk to The Great and Powerful Trixie like that!!
Yuri: Just give me the damn book!
Trixie: You want it? Then try get it from me!!

With a glow of her horn, she covers the area with blue mist andand runs away but Yuri can still see her.

Yuri: Get back here!!

Kay: Fluttershy, I'm home!
Fluttershy: Glad you're back.

Kay hands her over her lingerie.

Fluttershy: They're so..small.
Kay: It's something you wear first, like my underwear.

Fluttershy takes off her clothes to put on her lingerie. Kay just keep staring at naked Fluttershy.

Kay: 'Put a leash on your dick, Kay!'

She then put on her yellow blouse and pink skirt, which got Kay's heart melting.

Fluttershy: It fits...perfectly.
Kay: Yeah.......I'm good at picking, am I? Okay, we are going to stay here for awhile. I hope they find a way to get us back.

Spike: It's gotta be around here. No. No. No. Not here either. This sucks, I just wish the book just pass infront of me!

Then, Trixie, who's been chase by Yuri, pass by Spike with the book.

Spike: What the?
Yuri: She has the book! We have to get her!!
Spike: Hey wait!!!

Twilight: Let's see. No. No. No. Not this either.
Spike: Twilight! Watch out!!
Twilight: What? Trixie!!
Trixie: Twilight!!

Yuri and Spike arrive to block her escape.

Yuri: She has the book we need, Twilight!!
Trixie: I saw it first!
Twilight: Trixie! We need the book. Now!
Trixie: You're trying to hold me back, don't you!!
Twilight: Look, I'm sorry I humiliate you back at Ponyville, but we really need that book!!
Trixie: You want? Come get from me!!

With that, Trixie unleas a powerful magic at Twilight.

Twilight: Trixie! You don't want to do this!
Trixie: Try me!!