• Published 27th Dec 2012
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Heroes For Equestria - CSFORLIFEFUL

An evil force is about to be unleash on Equestria. In order to stop it, three unlikely heroes are sent to Equestria to fight the evil force, saving Equestria from total annilation. Rated M for swearing, violence and other stuff.

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Chapter 28

Chapter 28: The Past is The Past
Yuri's house

Josh: Owh, God. My head....where the..where the hell am I?
Twilight: Oh, you're awake. I'm glad the affects didn't last long.
Josh: What affects?
Twilight: The strong ciders you two been drinking.
Josh: Oh, that. Please don't tell me I've did something stupid while I'm drunk. Where am I anyway?
Twilight: You're in Yuri's house.
Yuri: (in russian) Did someone say me name? Please keep your voices down, my head is spinning like hell. Dimitri!!! Slow the music down!!!
Twilight: Well, he's still dreaming.
Josh: Hold up, I'm waking him up. Yuri! Yuri!
Yuri: (in russian) Don't disturb me, Dimitri! I am sleeping!
Josh: Wake up, Yuri! You're not in Russia!
Yuri: Eh? Sorry, I was dreaming. What just happen?
Twilight: You two got drunk and passed out.
Yuri: How long have we been passed out?
Twilight: About 5 hours.
Yuri: Five hours? Let me tell you something, I once passed out from drinking for 3 days. That was in....ah! Ukraine!
Josh: Save your story, Yuri. It's getting late now, I best be going.

Then, Rarity, still angry, verge in.

Rarity: Not so fast! Do you think you can get out of here after mocking my hair!!
Josh: What?! What are you so angry about?!
Rarity: Don't play dumb with me! You two mock my hair!!!
Yuri: I don't remember any of those! I was drunk!
Josh: Look, Rarity, whatever we just did or say, we're sorry.
Yuri: Da, we apologize on what we did while we're drunk.
Twilight: Rarity, you got to understand. They don't know any of that, so they don't mean it.
Yuri: Da. And your hair is very beautiful.
Rarity: R-really?
Yuri: Da. I've never see such beautiful hair. It's goes very well on you.
Rarity: Oh, thank you. Um, mind telling me your name, darling?
Yuri: My name is Yuri Kravchenko, but just call me Yuri.
Rarity: Yuri. What a nice name. Owh, I got to go back home, it's getting late. See you some other times.

Rarity left.

Josh: What was that?
Yuri: What?
Josh: You hardly know her but you seduce her so easily.
Yuri: That is my special talent beside shooting.
Twilight: Oh yeah, Yuri, Pinkie Pie just brought the bed for you.
Yuri: Spasibo! Send my thank you to her.
Twilight: You're welcome. Now we better head back. Goodnight, Yuri.
Yuri: Goodnight, Twilight.
Josh: Goodnight, Yuri. Oh, and if you wanted to go drinking again, don't get me involve this time.
Yuri: Da, atleast Big Mac can drink with me.
Josh: Alright, bye.

After the two left, Yuri head upstairs to check out his room and his bed. The room as only a single bed that Pinkie Pie brought in.

Yuri: Dirty and Old bed, just like back home.

With that, Yuri puts his AK47 beside him just incase and began sleeping on his new bed.

Twilight: Josh, can I ask you something?
Josh: Yes, what is it?
Twilight: About Kay.
Josh: What about him?
Twilight: Well, recently he got a nightmare while he was at Yuri's house. It's not Discord, but he did say that it was about his past. Do you know about it?
Josh: His past. Twilight, do you know that Kay used to be a criminal?
Twilight: What?! Really?!
Josh: Yeah. Years ago, after highschool I've never see him since then. Years later, we meet and become friends again. When I tell him where he went all those years, he told me everything he did after highschool. He did bad things, lots of it.
Twilight: But, he doesn't look like a bad person.
Josh: That's because he spends five years in prison. After he got out, he change and turns his life around, to something better. That's all he ever told me, but I'm sure there's something else that happened to him.
Kay: Yes Josh, I've done terrible things back then.
Josh: Kay! Where are you? Where have you been?
Kay: I just came back from Canterlot. And I hear that you're talking about my past?
Josh: I'm sorry, Kay. I know it's hard for you.
Kay: It's okay,we all make mistake....and I made a mistake that cause me a friend. Bill..he was very young...we both worked for a drug dealer. Our boss introduce me to Bill and he though I can teach Bill a thing or two. I treated him like a brother. Everytime we're going to make some deals, I always makes sure that he his safe incase the deal fucks up. But I may protected him too much. I know that he's getting tired of me forcing me to get behind while I do the most of the work. One night, our boss wants us to sell some drugs to a some thug. You know when you wanna buy stuff, you got to have the exact amount cash. Well, that asshole didn't follow those rules. Bill is enrage, he pushes me away and started yelling the thug. I tried to stop him but he just, shout at me, telling me that he's sick of hiding under my shadows. The thug got angry, takes out his gun and shoot him, right infront of me. So I kill the thug, and now there's two bodies infront of me. A thug that can't pay right, and Bill, my friend.
Twilight: I'm..I'm so sorry Kay...
Kay: I just stay there, beside Bill, regreting everything, till the police came in and caught me. And then, ten years in prison, but I got out five years for good behaviour. Now, here I am, in Equestria.
Josh: I'm sorry Kay.
Kay: It's alright. (smiles) Well goodnight then, I'll be at Fluttershy's.

Kay left the two.

Bill: You always said that Kay! "Stay back", "Leave this to me", "Stay out of this", FUCK YOU!!
Kay: BILL!!!

Kay: 'I'm sorry Bill'