• Published 27th Dec 2012
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Heroes For Equestria - CSFORLIFEFUL

An evil force is about to be unleash on Equestria. In order to stop it, three unlikely heroes are sent to Equestria to fight the evil force, saving Equestria from total annilation. Rated M for swearing, violence and other stuff.

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Chapter 13

Chapter 13:One at a time

Kay is on his way to look for Princess Celestia about the information he extracted from the combat unicorn. When he went inside the throne room, Princess Celestia wasn't inside. The room is completely empty.

Kay: Hello? Anyone?

Luna: Princess Celestia went to Fillydelphia to overcome the crisis there.

Kay turns around to see Princess Luna on the door.

Kay: Princess Luna. Didn't see you there.

Luna: If you have something to say to Princess Celestia, just say it to me. I will pass it to her once she's back.

Kay: I got the information, he says about another base builded from the north, its deep inside the Everfree Forest. That's all he knows.

Luna: Are you're sure?

Kay: Fluttershy give him The Stare. He told me everything.

Luna: Then I will send guards to scout the north. In the mean time, get some rest, you and your friends had enough for today.

Kay: Will do.

Kay left the throne room and went to meet Fluttershy waiting outside.

Kay: Okay, lets go.

Fluttershy just nodded. She still feels abit embarrass after being kiss in the public. Kay keeps thinking why The Stare didn't work on him. Thankfully Kay kisses Fluttershy before its getting worse between both of them. A chariot was waiting for them in the entrance. Josh and the other ponies are inside.

Josh: Where the hell you've been?

Kay: Busy.

Kay and Fluttershy went inside the chariot. Josh ask Kay about the intel.

Josh: So how's the interrogation goes?

Kay: It went well, he say there's a base build deep inside Everfree Forest. The guards are going to look for the place so we have to wait for any updates.

Josh: So what are we going to do now?

Kay: Rest your trigger finger.

Rarity notice that Fluttershy is quite and still blushing.

Rarity: Fluttershy darling, why are you blushing?

Fluttershy: Oh..uh..its nothing really...

Fluttershy look at Kay and hide her in her pink mane. Kay just smile. Kay removes his beanie and close his eyes to sleep.

Kay's dream

In a foggy forest, kay was wandering cluelessly.

"Where the hell am I?"

"What is this place?"

Then, he heard a familiar voice.

"Hello outsider..."

Kay: Discord? You son of a whore! Show yourself!

"Oh I will show myself..."

Then Kay heard footstep. Its coming right in front of him. He saw Discord's silhouette in the fog. Kay draws his Deagle.

Discord: Well, what are you waiting for? Kill me.

Kay: You're going to regret saying that.

Kay pulls the trigger and and the round hits Discord. He could see the silhouette drop dead with blood oozing out.

"And you're going to regret doing that!"

In suprise, Kay aim his Deagle at a different direction.

Kay: The hell! I killed you!

"Oh no, you didn't kill me.

Kay: Then...then who the fuck did I kill?

"See for yourself..."

Kay look at where he shot the fake Discord. The silhouette turns to a pegasus shape. Kay's heartbeat began to rise. He heard a weak sobbing, sounding like a dying voice. He walks closer to look. When he got a better view, he saw who he just shot.


Kay saw Fluttershy covered with blood with a gunshot on her chest. Kay lift the dying pegasus on his arms. His tears starts to flow.

Kay: I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm gonna get you out of here! Just hold on!

Kay tried to stop the bleeding by closing the wound with his hands but the blood keeps pouring out.

Kay Please don't die! Please don't fucking die!

It was too late. Fluttershy's eyes close and her body is cold as a lifeless body. Kay tried to wake her up, not believing that she died.

Kay: Fluttershy? FLUTTERSHY!

"Your a murderer! A cold blooded killer not in this world!"

Kay: No...you're lieing!

"You do not belong in this world!"


"Your presence here only brings death to this world!"


"No...you killed her..."

Outside the dream

Josh: Kay! Kay wake up! The hell is wrong with him?

Twilight: He's having a nightmare! Its a worse one!

Josh tried to wake Kay up but Kay his still asleep, suffering from his nightmare.

Kay: No...I didn't killed her...I'm not a murderer...

Josh: The hell is he talking about?

Fluttershy feels worried about Kay.

Fluttershy: Kay! Please wake up!

Josh: Wake up Kay! Wake! Up!

Kay's dream

"No! This is not me!"

Kay was unable to control his body. He brutally murdered everyone in Ponyville. The town was littered with dead ponies and the ground was covered with blood. Kay see himself shooting at innocent ponies, even young fillies are killed.


"Why stopping? You enjoy MURDERING..."

Kay: No! I don't want to kill them! Get the fuck out of me!

Kay kick a door open and kills everypony in the house.


"Why the rush? We are almost at the finale..."

Kay went o Fluttershy's cottage. He started killing all of Fluttershy's animals.


Kay went inside the cottage and saw Fluttershy in the corner, crying.

Fluttershy: Why? Why would you do this? Why?

Kay: I can't control my body! Its not me! Run!

Kay them grab Fluttershy by the neck and choke her.

Kay : Not again. Please! Idon't want to see this!

"Its almost over. Just enjoy what you see"

Fluttershy's eyes are bloodshot and she started to beg.

Fluttershy: K-Kay...w-why...

Kay as choke her to death.

Kay: No! NOOOOO!

"I always love this part! You did an excellent job!"

Kay: Discord...you son of a bitch...

Outside the dream

Fluttershy have enough watching Kay in agony. He hugs Kay to calm him down. Kay suddenly wakes up, panting. He then hugs Fluttershy harder. Tears start flowing in his eyes.

Kay: Thank God you're safe...

Josh: Kay. What the hell is going with you?

Kay: Nightmares...fucking nightmares...Discord...

Fluttershy: What did he did to you?

Kay: He makes me watch thing that I don't do...murdering innocent lives...and you...its not me...

Kay leaned back, wiping his tears with his gloved hand.

Josh: Okay, just calm down buddy. We're almost there.


The chariot landed in the town square. Kay was the first to get out of the chariot.

Josh: Where you going Kay?

Kay: Bed. Need to rest my mind.

Kay left without saying another word.

Applejack: Is he going to be allright?

Josh: Dunno. I never see him like this before. He just needs to rest, and so are we.

Twilight: Allright. Girls,lets get some rest. We have enough for today.

The ponies go back to their home to take a break. Josh and Twilight walks to the library.


Kay's been lying on the bed for hours. He can't sleep because of the nightmare. Josh was worried about Kay. Kay got up and went outside.

Josh: Where you going?

Kay: I'm going to see Fluttershy.

Fluttershy's cottage

Fluttershy was tucking Angel to bed till she heard a knock on the door.

Fluttershy: Come in.

Kay went in.

Fluttershy: Kay. What brings you here?

Kay: Can't sleep. I don't want to see any nightmares. I hate nightmares.

Fluttershy hover infront of Kay.

Fluttershy: Its okay, you can sleep here again if you wanted to. I'll help you get rid of those mean nightmares.

Kay: Thanks.

They both went upstairs to bed. Kay lay on the bed trying to relax. Fluttershy lay beside him.

Fluttershy: You want me to sing a lullaby?

Kay always loves Fluttershy's lullaby.

Kay: Yes please.

"Hush now, quite now

Its time to lay your sleepy head

Hush now, quite now

Its time to go to bed~"

Kay can finally sleep without any nightmares. Fluttershy felt tired and sleep beside him.


Twilight was reading her books till Spike burps a letter from the Princess. Josh was there also, tending his ghillie suit. Twilight read the letter and talks to Josh.

Twilight: I think you need to be ready, they found it.

Josh takes the letter and read it. Then, Kay appear on the door.

Josh: Kay, gear up. We got a base to infiltrate.

Kay: About time.