• Published 27th Dec 2012
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Heroes For Equestria - CSFORLIFEFUL

An evil force is about to be unleash on Equestria. In order to stop it, three unlikely heroes are sent to Equestria to fight the evil force, saving Equestria from total annilation. Rated M for swearing, violence and other stuff.

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Chapter 30

Abandoned house, Ponyville

Josh: How long as he been out?
Yuri: Um..thirdteen hours, I guess.
Josh: Dammit, Kay. I think you hit him too hard!
Kay: Oh, I'm sorry for putting a boot on his face!
Josh: He might got brain damage!
Kay: Well that's perfect! Then we can dump him on a river!
Yuri: Stop fighting, please.
Josh: Sorry.
Kay: I'm sorry.
Josh: Alright, I'm gonna go help Twilight with the damage control.
Kay: You sure you don't wanna join in? It's gonna be fun!
Josh: Look, you two got experience. Good luck.

Josh left the two.

Kay: Alright, lets wake him up.

Kay grabs a bucket of cold water and pour it at Eric who is tied up on a chair.

Kay: Welcome to hell, asshole!!

Chapter 30: Fun With Agony

Eric: W-whattaya want from me!
Kay: Nothing, we just wanted to make you suffer for what you did.
Yuri: Da, Princess Celestia's orders.
Eric: You two follow orders from a horse? Please!

Then, without warning, a powerful punch hits Eric's in the face.

Kay: You do not want to say that!
Eric: THAT!! HURTS!!
Kay: What are you, a pussy? Of course it hurts! But I'm just warming up! If I got a sledgehammer I'll be smashing your testicles with it!
Yuri: I got something that will make it hurt more.

Yuri punches Eric with a brass knuckles on his fist.

Yuri: Russian brass knuckles! Helped me making men suffers for thwenty years! (punches Eric) AND YOU ARE NOW ONE OF THOSE MEN!!
Eric: Please! Stop!!
Kay: Oh my God! You are such a pussy! I haven't scoop your eyes yet!! (punches Eric's stomach)

An hour later

Eric is now covered with bruises and his face is coverd with blood.
Eric: Is...is that all.....you got.....
Kay: This is getting boring, all we ever do is treating him like a punching bag.
Yuri: What are you going to do with him?
Kay: I don't know, cut his fingers and make him eat it.
Eric: No...
Kay: Maybe shove his ass with a cactus.
Eric: Stop...stop..
Kay: Or tied him on your truck and take a spin around till he piss his pants.
Eric: STOP!!
Kay: Hey!! (punches Eric) I'm talking here!! Can I kill him now!!
Yuri: I got another one, it's a game, but a dangerous one.

With that, Yuri takes out a revolver.

Yuri: Inside this gun, is only one bullet. We'll take turn to pull the trigger and if any of the chambers is loaded, he'll be the one who die.
Kay: I like this game.
Yuri: You first.

Yuri give the gun to Kay and he aim it at Eric's head.

Kay: If he dies, cupcakes on me.

Kay pulls the trigger but nothing happens, just a click.

Kay: Sorry, no cupscakes. Your turn, buddy.
Yuri: Da.

Yuri pulls the trigger, but just the sound of click is heard.

Yuri: Nothing.
Eric: Please! Stop!

Kay takes his turn and still no bullet came out.

Kay: Are you going to cry!! Go on, cry!! You're going to die anyway!!! Just let it out!!

Yuri takes his turn but still nothing.

Yuri: The bullet is in the next chamber. He's yours.

Kay takes the gun and aim at Eric.

Kay: Well, it's fun seeing you in agony. Goodbye, asshole.
Before he can pull the trigger, a chimera crash throught the wall, pushes Kay and Yuri away and took Eric away. Kay gets up quickly and tries to shoot the creature but miss.

Yuri: What the hell was that?!
Kay: Whatever it is, it's probably going to eat him. And I didn't get to kill him!!!! Josh, something got him. We won't be seeing him around again. Josh? Josh are you there? Josh! Dammit, I can't get him throught.
Yuri: He's probably turn off his communicator. Lets check him out.

Then, the two left the house to look for Josh. They ask a pegasus for help.

Kay: Miss, do you happen to see Josh around here?
Derpy: Yeah! He went with Twilight to fix Fluttershy's cottage.
Kay: Thanks.

Fluttershy's cottage
When they reached the cottage, it's completely wrecked.

Kay: Oh shit!

Kay enters the cottage through a huge hole where the door is suppose to be.

Kay: Fluttershy!! Fluttershy!!!

Then, he heard a grunts. It's Josh.

Kay: Josh!! Josh, what happen here?!
Josh: Something...something attacked us...
Kay: Where's Fluttershy?
Josh: I-I don't know...It happen so fast.
Yuri: Guys, it's Twilight!
Josh: Twilight!

Twilight, tired from running, fell on the ground.

Kay: Twilight, what happen here?
Twilight: It's Gilda....she took Fluttershy.
Kay: Shit...shit! Shit! Shiitt!!!
Twilight: I'm sorry...I tried to chase her down...but it's too late..I'm sorry.
Josh: Kay, we're going to get her back. Kay?

Suddenly, Kay got a headache and hears a voice on his head.

Discord: You make me wait too long, Kay!!! THIS IS WHAT YOU GET!!!

Then, Kay fell on his knees.

Kay: Discord! I'm going to kill you!!

Discord's lair
Eric: Let me go you dirty beast!!

With that, the chimera drops Eric on the ground.

Discord: So much for having you leading my army!
Eric: Look, man. I got punched countless times! I almost got shoot!
Discord: Why do I even care! Atleast you're still alive! From now on, you will do as I say!!! And not bringing my armies to go die there!! Do you know how hard it is to build this army!!
Eric: Gee , I'm sorry.
Discord: Now then, we move on to plan B!
Eric: Plan B?
Discord: Yes, Eric. Plan B. Gilda!

With his command, a griffon appear with a tied up pegasus. That pegasus is Fluttershy.

Eric: That's plan B?
Discord: You see, Eric, every man has a weakness. We kidnap Fluttershy, Kay will come to us. Does that answers your question?
Eric: Oh, I get it, we kill the pony!
Discord: Yes, NO! If you kill her, he's going to get you again and I won't be saving you again! Now you listen to me from now on!
Eric: Urrghh, okay.
Discord: Perfect. And you Fluttershy. You 'll be paying the price.