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Well, if Applejinx likes it, I'll have to check it out!

Edit: Loved it :pinkiehappy: Flutterbutt is such a cute nickname

WOW! This was very well written, Favoriting and following!

Excellent story, with a view on sex rarely touched upon, and the nice avoiding of so easy to fall into incest (I know, I've let myself fall into it)


Wonderful, basically. I just love how you made them feel like ponies, down to the attention of detail in Shy's hoof. It feels polished and well thought out.
The emotions and story itself too feels very good and natural.

o2k likes it? :pinkiehappy:

And it's a pleasure to meet a new face, too. If you ever want to swap anime recommendations, ping me. My avvy is from Dennou Coil, which you must try if you haven't.


"Sisterhooves Sexual," right? *reads*

So my opinion is that incest and foalcon go together like anthro ponies and cosplay. Both are really bad ideas (In my opinion. I don't mind if others see it differently.) but if you're gonna do one and make something nice out of it, the other naturally falls into place.

It doesn't push incest buttons for me because a strong component of adult siblinghood is the reverse sexual imprint. Of course I love my sisters and I want them to be sexy and self-confident, but coming on strong and sexing them like Rarity does... that's not something that comes to mind as "realistic" or "reasonable." Actually, my brain seems to have a double standard on this issue: someone-else sexing someone-else's sister is sexy, but imagining a sister of my own is ewwww, gross no! Like you said in comments, it's kind'f just a porn scenario and it's obvious you're passionate about the sex, so that's cool.

I wanted to scare the readers a little. That first scene of "Dawn" should set off warning bells - I considered having Fluttershy's father be awake and give tacit approval to Snowdrift, but I decided: I trust Snowy and her father trusts her too, so the readers will just have to fend for themselves!

I put a lot of research into this story, from personal experience to ag university stuff to medical journals. I'm not a fan of people-ish ponies nor yiffy fur-fan ponies. I think ponies should have pony sex - and I was starting to fear that I'm the only person who feels that way. Thanks. I'm glad the work paid off.

I can't promise anything soon, but I'm confident that any future clop will feature similarly ponyish pony sex. I just re-read the draft of my :twilightblush::pinkiehappy: story, and I think I can polish it up to something worth sharing - and Twilight's fun; she makes really detailed observations. :twilightsmile: Please follow if you'd like to be the first to know.

1858340 I should look that one up at some point. Right now though, I wanna find all Sessions of Initial D in their box sets. That and the box set for Samurai 7.

Followed and ready, and I totally agree! I feel the same about their behaviour too, I'd like to keep some of that ponyness and canonity, rather than infusing so much humanity that we get something that might as well not be about ponies- I'll try to read your other stories as well. Wonderful to see the research come to use.

Commence read.

Incredibly well done and a refreshing take on the "family member welcomes <main character> into adulthood" scenario. If I could give you more than one upvote/favorite, I would in a heartbeat.

I would also like to second Oblivion2k's comment. Flutterbutt is an adorable nickname.

Lastly, you may want to consider rewording the description. It makes it sound like Fluttershy and Snowdrift have sex, which I imagine will turn a lot of people off of the story immediately. It could be fixed with something as simple as an Author's Note in the description that just says "Note: there is no incest or foalcon."

I don't know what's going to happen here, but I will post my reaction anyway. WOHHHHHHHHHHH! HOLY CRAP.

Then blog it, silly.

Dead right about the synopsis. I'm ready to stop being cute about that.

1865882 Done and done... Although, a lot of my followers aren't exactly pleased with me at the moment.

The premise is nice, and you've managed to separate familial and sexual love in a good way.

My problems with it are that:

Fluttershy doesn't quite feel like herself, even if she's more at ease with family (which I assume she is) she's going to be embarrassed talking about these things, yet you've made snowdrift out to be the only one.

Snowdrift's 'shame' feels artificial (and the fact that Fluttershy is the one explaining to Snowdrift how to sweeten the truth to her husband is ridiculous)

All in all, a good story.

I have a hard time believing that Fluttershy, Ponyville's resident biologist, is squeamish about sex. She keeps bunnies. And remember that ponies don't find nudity shameful - they'll even roll around on their backs with no self-consciousness.

(What about that embarrassed moment in Cider? I read that as "Dash woke her up from a very good dream.")

I refuse to write Fluttershy as passive. Even during S1, I thought Fluttershy's character is more based around holding herself to impossibly-high standards of kindness. S2 showed beyond a shadow of doubt that she has plenty of self-confidence, enough to stand up to Discord - and I didn't see it as a change in her character, just confirmation of what I suspected. Hope that doesn't end up ruining Falling for you when I turn the tables and show just how confused Dashie is in comparison.

I'll nitpick along with you and say the ending isn't my favorite part of "Dawn." It's really hard to spin up a fresh character from whole cloth, especially when you're not writing from her perspective. Yeah, it's kinda sudden because I can't directly show you her mixed feelings over holding her sexy, squirming, panting little sister. So, she has to tell Fluttershy - and she doesn't want to instill any bodyshame in Shy-Shy, so she's not being entirely honest.

Snowy's mood: why, dear boner? why?! I hate you!

Writing is always tradeoffs. Maybe another revision would have helped, but at some point an author has to let his babies go.


Currently? I totally agree, she'll have seen more than her share of it by now, but this is Fluttershy barely out of foalhood.

I liked Snowdrift as a character, and I think that the interaction you've established merits another story with the two of them. :twilightsmile:

The initial shame and guilt that follows from what she did I can agree with, however you've taken the guilt just a little too far, making it seem rather artificial.

Just wanted to actually leave a comment, I loved this story. I know this is not an ideal world, but I wish children could be eased into adulthood like this, it would make the world far less fucked up. I actually have a bit of a personal connection to this, my niece stumbled upon porn by mistake around age 11 and it confused the hell out of her. So I ended up giving her the talk. Masturbation did come up and I told her frankly there was not a damn thing wrong with it. Like Snow here, it made me feel very awkward, because I didn't want to screw her up, but I also wanted to make sure she had a solid idea of what sex was so she didn't learn it from porn or from making a huge mistake with her first partner. Well done.

Btw, when I blogged about you you had no cover image. The image I picked for you in my blog was cuter. But that one is cute too.


Snowy's reaction: I have the weirdest boner right now.

Cloud Kicker's reaction: Bang. Bang. BANG, GODAMMIT!

As soon as I'm in the right state to read this, then I will try and read this!

That was so sweet!I was tearing up withe the innocence and adorableness of it all!! 100/10! AMAZING!

soooo cute ... and funny and sexy :yay:

That may very well have been the most adorable thing in the entire world. I really ended up liking the idea of 'Shy having an older sister! I gotta say, it was a little awkward, but still totes adorable. Well, what made it awkward for me specifically was how I was like, "Well, this is adorable and totally not clop," and then you turned around and took one of my favorite clop-writing-devices (pony being held while they're orgasming) and proceeded to present it in the most awkward fashion I could imagine :rainbowlaugh: Either way, it might have confused the crap outta me, but it was well written, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
11/10 would read again!
Have a mustache.

"If you see something interesting or surprising, your wings open by themselves," said Fluttershy. "Feelings echo in a pony's body."

Thank you for NOT making this always (or even usually) a sexual arousal thing!

"And she has eggs in two ovaries on either side of her womb. Every three weeks from late spring to early fall, she feels a heat, which is pretty obvious once you've had a few. That feeling echoes in an ovary and one egg moves into her womb. Sometimes two, and that makes twins."

One of the quotes you have in your long description mentioned you were being accurate to equine anatomy. I approve of this! Especially not making heat a once-yearly thing. Hopefully you will keep its intensity down too, or at least say that a mare's own hoof handles any desperation sufficiently.

Well, he excused himself and it got better and the grown-ups said it was normal and they mustn't tease him, but if Fluttershy's body ever didanything like that in front of everypony, she'd probably curl up right there, turn to dust, and be blown away.

You need a space between "did" and "anything".

"You're fine. I shouldn't have done what I did."

Yeah, I thought it was a bit much. But since you have her saying it that makes it Snowy's mistake, not YOURS as the author.

"So that's what you tell him. We talked about sex. Naturally, that lead to him. Hearing about you two made me feel sexy and I clopped for the first time. You felt very confused lying with me and thinking about him, but you let me do it because you wanted me to know how - and it all made you ache for him. That's all true, isn't it?"

I hope this is more true than it is just putting a positive spin on things, but even if it is a half-truth it is better than none of the truth in this case. In any case, getting turned on by people other than one's spouse happens. It is true that looking away, and focusing those thoughts on your spouse is a good way of dealing with it.

Faved and upvoted, and I have high standards for that.

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