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If you are reading this, then you have been in my crosshairs for at least five minutes.

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I'm never a fan of stories where the human is turned into a pony as soon as they enter it, but I guess it can't hurt to try.


Thank you for agreeing with me!

:pinkiecrazy: Good thus far.

The funniest thing is that I almost used this as the cover image. :rainbowlaugh:

Thanks for all the feedback. The second part is almost done.

actually well written, minus some minor typos... I actually want to see where this goes. Try not to have clop every chapter? lol. I tend to skip over clop. Tracking

:pinkiehappy: This is going to get really good I can tell. Well written and though her real character would never let her self get into this kind of situation I do like where the first chapter took us.



Still enjoyed it, though...

Huh...need to look over for those typos.



Chapter 2 is up!

I hope you guys enjoy :twilightsmile:

Wow...just wow this is an awesomely writen fic. I can't wait to see what you write next 10/10:moustache: from me:pinkiehappy:

LOVE IT!!!!!

This is magnificent! I love how it is erotic yet touching and emotional.:yay:



I would if I could, but my ideas only got me up to this far.

If I did do another, what should happen? What should the reader get himself into/what changes?


Interesting Neophyte.. I really do not know. I'm more of the reader, and from your stories I get a very VIVID image in my imagination on what is happening. If anything I should say... Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!

And put more stories... !!!! :flutterrage:

'Evergreen forest'... I was that close to leave this fanfic when I read that. :ajbemused:

The only story to be watching right now is "Art of Science"...

That is my current project unless I get some requests... I could try that out.


Let me go and change that...

Actually, I like 3rd person clopfics better than 2nd person. Popular examples of these 3rd person clopfics include the Scootaloo Diaries, a Human of a Pony, and Ponyville's Lusts.

I'd give it a 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999/1. Wow thats a good score!
keep up the good work!


Amazing writing. You my friend have earned a fav and a like. Ill be watching you.


Generecy aside, that is quite a large score! Thank you for your input and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

In other news, my friend and I are collaborating on the next three chapters and ideas are being lined up for the fourth one. If you have any ideas you would like to put in this story, you can PM me for submission.

pretty good clop if i say\y so myself kinda funny to think of fluttershy as the type to just give herself up after a drink but w/e:yay:

U need to capture fluttershy more. shes a little more shy. Other than that u earn 5 Dashies

837992 well, I'm not saying the story is bad, its just I don't liek 2nd person.

D'aaaaawwwwwww. Damn, that was sweet. I shed a manly tear. What. The. Hell. I want Moar. Is there any way to get Moar? Write Moar. (the editor within me is weeping.) 
It's so good! You know what? No. Not singular. Manly tears. How do you do that? I've never had clop make me cry... Though I absolutely adore Fluttershy, so... Yeah... Uhm... I know it says complete... But will there be more? Or do you at least write Fluttershy stuff often? Because I need stuff like this. It's a really good blend of the romance and clop aspects. Hell, it feels kinda cruel to slap on the label of clop, but it's the best descriptor available to me, really. It's an erotic story, really. 
In all my 4 years of reading stories on the net, among which I've read hundreds of erotic stories, comedies, romances, horrors, slices of life, etc., I have only come across maybe a few dozen, or more, truly mind-blowing stories that gave a new definition to a word or an idea to me. Now, because some of them are taboo, either by common culture or by the microculture that is fimfiction, (hint, Cupcakes is on the list) I won't list them all. However, at least in the category of erotic fictions, I have to say, this is definitely on that list. You redefined clop to me. I used to (as is relatively common perception) paste it on just any old dirty story involving FiM Characters, which still holds true. However, my respect for the word has increased. 
Anyway, I just hope I can read more stuff like this in the future. I think I'll be keeping an eye out in the clopfic section from now on...

Oh. My. Emperor.
This. This guy. Right here.

Anyway, now that I read this and looking over what I have of Chapter 3, I feel like I might ruin the erotic/emotional vibe if I upload it.

850936 hey, don't reconsider what you wrote on my account. Every chapter I a story has its own vibe, and ever y couple has its dirty days. So! If you want to just have Fluttershy turn into a nymph for a chapter, or whatever you have planned, that's still acceptable. Besides, sudden changes in the feeling of the story is what makes it feel like real life. Real life is unpredictable, real life is insane, and real life loves to kick us in the nads.
Anyway. Don't worry about a vibe. This is about a life. Albeit, a life that started out with getting laid like a player on the first night with a girl he only met that day, but it is a life nonetheless. Write whatever you like, and I'll be sure to enjoy it, as long as you keep up this epic quality I've seen thus far.
Anyway, (again) I hope that you don't make the mistake of some writers. Some writers bend to their viewership, and when they do that, they lose the inspiration. When you lose your inspiration, your story quality goes down. When your story quality goes down, so does your viewership. Suddenly, you have no viewership. Remember, there is an audience for every kind of story, so just write what you like, and write it well, and you'll be sure to have plenty of fans. I, personally, just like to see a writer cut loose, and write what he loves, and do it well. You have those covered, so don't you worry about what I THINK, or what anyone thinks, for that matter. Write what feels right. Thank you for your time.

No, thank you sir. That actually got me going again.

Chapter 3 is back onboard is steadily being worked on!

851373 Sir...? Oh, you! :twilightsheepish: but really, I'm 17. 142 IQ, but I am 17. Flattery will get you everywhere. Hahahahaha! I do hope you can keep working though, it's a great story. And, of course, I only favorite the good ones. Favorited.
Oh, did I mention I do inspirational speeches? Not many, and only when they. One to me, but I got an A for it in language arts... Or was that drama? Or maybe English... *shrug* I'm too scatterbrained to remember...

I am looking forwards to the next chapter. keep it up neophyte

I don't always read clopfics
But when I do
The story is amazing

When is part 3 out


Due to other, pressing matters (studies and battle rites among other things) Part 3 will be delayed even further. I have no idea when I can finish.

Rest assured that it will be done and completed...eventually.

"Chapter 3 is up! It includes absolutely no clop, but a few sexual themes and innuendos. Thanks and credit goes to the guest ... "


What? :twilightoops: What did I do?

949032 I was only in here for the plot.

Clop or no clop, this is turning into a great story. Also cuz flutter shy is my fav!:yay:

*Fluttershy (freakin auto correct)

I am so confused right now...what are you trying to complain or otherwise convey to me?

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