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The Professor finds a strange, invisible object with the Smelloscope, and intends on taking the ship there to investigate and make observations. But, when they reach the object, something strange in the atmosphere crashes their ship, and they're now stuck in a world filled with colorful, magical ponies. The Professor must rebuild the ship to get back to New New York to continue business, while the rest of the gang is trying to cope with life on the new planet for the time being.

Because everyone loves Futurama.

Special Thanks to:

WhattheMoo for editing!
Twilove for the awesome cover art! (She did a good job on that ship, if you ask me.)

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 121 )

If you fuck this up... I swear to Black Jesus dude...

I'm going to hunt you down, and break your legs.


“Hey, stop it! If you want to poke around there, then you can bite my shiny, ponified ass!”
As soon as I saw what this fic was, I KNEW this was coming.

How would I screw this up, in your opinion?

Hmm. I thought I recognised you from somewhere. Anyway, nice story you have here. Certainly one of the better Futurama crossovers I've seen.

i swear on my life if zoidberg doesnt get shipped i will do something that i might one day regret. i might just have to do........something

cant wait for more though. its awesome

You have my thumb and fav for the moment. Don't lose them. I would be disappointed if this story failed. It's rare to find a good futuram/pony fic.


Will read later!:pinkiehappy:

Oh my god....

This could either be really good, or really bad.

I read this entirely in their voices. I LOVED IT!

1751363 D'oh!
In other news, me gusta this story so far. I don't watch Futurama often, tbh, but, so far, it seems like a pretty awesome crossover. Upvote and tracking.

The dialogue seems a little flat and the story rushed. But other than that it was decent.

The Horror, the Horror! The Universe(s) are doomed! DOOMED! *As seen below*

This is gonna be one heck of a story by the looks of it. Better grab some popcorn...

Yo 1751361! You may want to revise the dialogue a little bit to make it more organic. I don't think that they'd just immediately accept that they've been ponified and move on from that. Also, I have no idea what most of them look like as ponies. Even if there is cover art, you have to be descriptive. Leela's cyclops-ness should be causing a panic, and that part about the Professor being a turtle? I thought you meant that he literally had turned into a turtle. Try cramming a simile in there.

Just because I'm drunk doesn't mean I can't type!

1751406, I could not have said it better myself.

A futurama story with positive reception? What was it that Charlie Sheen used to-- WINNING!

I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS. =D :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

Here's what I'm planning with the story description wise. Before WhatTheMoo and I edited it, there were two paragraphs worth of information on how they look as ponies. I understand that cover art doesn't do justice, and that is why, when the characters get to their own plots, I'll describe how they look.

No thumbs down? So much win!

is gold sweetie belle going to appear ?

seriously it has a good start a bit hard to follow at times but nothing really serious

gold sweetie belle? Most likely the CMC will appear, but no promises.

Wow! You know, you're getting mighty close to that box up in the corner of the website. :twilightsmile:

Oh yes! This is excellent! :rainbowkiss: I am so anticipating the next chapter!

Why hasn't this hit the feature box?:rainbowhuh: It should be there, darn it! :flutterrage:


Well, congrats, as Soon as I opened the website, you were featured. I'm going to go and hide in the corner now, sadly crying.

Its happened everyone, the futurama mlp fic has been done right, what a great day for humanity. I understand that the check is being presented now. Its been a long campain but... (sob) im sorry im just so happy!


Thanks! I'm glad I made a decent fic!

To be honest, I was a bit worried about this fic doing well on here. But, as time went by, I kept refeshing the page to see what was new that had happened to the story. And all I can say is this:


Thanks everyone! I'll most likely start the next chapter this weekend, but don't expect it to be out anytime soon. Good stuff takes time.

I'll read this soon as I can.


I know that feel. A few of my Futurama crossovers got quite a lot of dislikes.


Zoidberg be shipped? Sure, why not?

So would Fry's cutie mark be a picture of Bender's head?

Ever seen Bender's Big Score?

1764345 but Nibler heat blasted it off his butt i wanna stress that part
1764119 also my enquiring organ wants to know will you do a fry leela ship or ship them with ponies? here are some good parings imo fry/derpy both are have kind hearts and could be seen as stupid by those around them zoidberg/flutershy because she's kind and he wants a meal leela/big mac cause it would be awesome bender/pinkie cause they both love to party, amy and hermes are already in relationships and do whatever you want with scruffy

1753436 dont you mean sweet zombie jesus

I just want to say for the record there will be little to no shipping in this fic. If I do shipping, the only shipping I would do is Pinkie + Zoidberg.

Zoidberg: Forever Alone and hungry.
Pinkie: Makes friends with all and pastry chef.

They're perfect for each other.

1766491 i respect your choice i dont mean romantic shipping at least not for most just certain characters hanging out with other certain characters

In that case... then yes. Tons of shipping will be in this fic.

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