• Published 20th Oct 2012
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Mr. Twilight Sparkle. - AnnonyMouse

Twilight's most complex potion goes wrong, and she becomes a he... during pony heat season.

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Okay, I didn't see this coming

1227 days. or 3 and a quarter years later, random update!

Plot Twist; Skyla is Twilight's and Flurry is Shining's.

Didn't expect this to update.

wow this is the most random unexpected update ever on this site i bet or at least the LONGEST update waiting period

BUT random unexpected updates are best updates

I remember none of this.
Time to reread it all.

Well, this came out of left field.

6987941 6987974 6988007 6988032 6988145

I have been sitting on this chapter for quite some time now... Literally. It was on my 32 GB USB drive... which was LOST in my Lazy Boy chair I've been using as my computer chair.

Found it and fixed it up and posted it for y'all.

6987994 Pretty much what I was thinking ^_^

It took you long enough.

6988213 I know what you mean, there was soo many requests for this chapter, that when I found it, I had to touch it up and finish it and post it :twilightblush:

Comment posted by Frankie2 deleted Mar 1st, 2016

Awwwww! You wrote something! :rainbowkiss: I'm so happy to see you getting something out, dear! :twilightsmile: I had never seen this story before, but saw it on the front page when I logged on and immediately recognized the name - I hope you've been well! :pinkiehappy: I can't wait to tear into it - I'll let you know what I think when I'm done. May even do a dramatic reading of it sometime if I really like it! :raritywink:

well, this was a great and funny story.:pinkiehappy:

Wish you'd do a sequel though following Twilights adventures as a single father, including Babysitting all the foals by himself while the mares go on a mares only night.

what is with the EXE after twilight and shining armor names

Ah, bonus chapters. Looking forward to more.
Keep up the good work. Deus tecum.

6989312 Programs for Windows are often executables or ".exe"'s The joke being that "Twilight.exe" is the operating system of his mind, so "Twilight.exe has crashed" is making the joke that his brain has done the equivalent of a Windows critical error blue screen.

Also, let me just say the appropriate response to me knowing and rambling about this.


6989810 And I am the one who USED that joke... What's that say about me? :rainbowwild:

6992625 that you're not alone? I use the joke all the time!

Comment posted by Frankie2 deleted Mar 3rd, 2016

6992625 excuse me good sir but will there be a sequel?

7164098 Read my comment to Xelos below.

Well I accidentally reloaded the page and lost the comment. Fuck.

Twilight.EXE and Shining.EXE have experienced... *Pinkie Pie smacks the author. “You've used that joke already. Don't do it again or I'll have to borrow a strap on and visit you in your sleep.”*

And you didn't do it again? You're no fun:pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy::pinkiesad2::pinkiesmile:
Also did Cadance lube up first prior to this, oooor creative license? :twilightsmile:
Well that was a nice little end, good to see this again.
A little mistake:

She screamed in pure delight and sexual extacy


Author's Note:
Ok, no more chapters after this... Thank you all for reading.

Me: *refrains from pointing out that the author hasn't updated his story on what Prince Twilight Sparkle's experience through the mirror to the human world with five YOUNG, HORMONAL girls that look and act just like his wives, a possible "hot for teacher" sub-plot with the human versions of his royal concubines, a bad girl who turns into a sexy she-demon, and a still fully female version of himself*

7201349 I'd read that >_>

I see my comments have been deleted.:trixieshiftright: I was just saying that this story was perfect the way it was without adding Cadance to the mix.

7258621 i beg to differ miss i find the adition of cadence quite hilarious especialy since the twins are both alicorns.

7632179 I wouldn't know, I only read until Cadance said Shining is impotent. I know Pinkie is my avatar, but I'm a guy.

7632529 sorry my mistake but seriously you need to read the last chapter.

6988443 It is a reference to the American farmer thing called a 'Shotgun Wedding', when the parent catches some guy having sex with their daughter.

7968769 Apply directly to the forehead No puns will never die #punsfordays

Loved it great work

Comment posted by Starbeard the Swirled deleted Oct 30th, 2017

Only those who were bitching about ONE part of the story, ignoring the rest of it in favor of focusing on ONE certain thing. Please refrain from any more comments relating to it please.

Dude, read your story once, i read it twice and when i could not find it i scoured the web for it.
And honestly this was quite a great one. Keep writing you are EXCELLENT.

Twilight.EXE damn near went and shut down, but a gentle hoof from the princess on his chest prevented that. “Hold on... You want to... with both of us... together...? Candance, we're family, brothers and all that. We can't...”

TLD.EXE damn well DID shut down (if only briefly)

Showl.EXE has crashed would you like to send a report?

Reminds me of

[Adult story embed hidden]

It would be great to see a rule63 version where Dusk who turns into a mare has sex with his male friends:trollestia:Though that's kinda cruel for our poor Dusk:twilightsheepish:

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