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Well, here we go, another clopfic created from another bout of insomnia... Well, at least this one is better than most of the other fics I've written when in that state.

Feel free to comment, just, please, no spelling or grammar ones. PM those to me, alright? Thanks ahead of time.

This can only end well. fav'd and upvoted, because Twi-colt shenanigans are awesome.

That. Gender swap mane 6 is awesome period, only more so when only one, or a few, of them are swapped.
Also, for a story born of insomnia, I couldn't find any grammar, spelling, or continuity errors.

I'm still waiting for Celestia/Luna to decide that no... they prefer Twilight as a male. At which point, s/he will probably agree, and the rest of the mane 6 might well be carrying. Good old R63 Harem trip, nothing wrong with that!

Uhh.. this chapter is the same as the last one...
disregard above sentence, the problem's been solved.

I think you just accidently the whole chapter. the preview.

1474510 1474527 I derped... I derped SOOOOO bad there...

(For those who are confused... I kinda double posted the Generosity chapter... It's since been fixed 6_9

The Generosity chapter is still here, only now is the real Honesty chapter in front of it.

Well. Now it's time for twilight to seduce the rest of the apple family I suppose. I feel so bad for spike but I can't stop laughing at him finding the worst times to find twilight

yeah the generosity chapm is still here.... but this is golden, i couldn't stop laughing at spike poor dude.:rainbowlaugh:

Good, really good. No really, i can´t wait to see what will happen in the Loyalty chapter or how Twi gonna end up having sex with RD or into which pony Spike will run next after somehow witnessing Twi humping Rainbow. :rainbowlaugh:
Will there besides the Mane6 also Sun/Moon chapters and threesomes/xsomes or also other ponies like Trixie and Cheerlie or will you focus on Mane6 and surroundings like now AJ´s family catching Twi and AJ red-hoofed? :rainbowlaugh:

I think though it´d be nice if Rarity/AJ/RD/etc mention when they fell in love with Twi. The why got covered, at least kinda in Rarity´s chapter and pretty clearly in AJ´s, but the when would be interesting. Like who was the first who got a crush on Twi, who was the last? When did they meet and admit to each other that they all see in Twi more than just a friend and that they promised each other to continue to hold onto the promise to the Princess to avoid hurting their best friend/crush feelings?
Something like that.

Fixed the HUGE derp in the Loyalty chapter where there was a large chunk of the Generosity chapter in there. How the buck did I miss that when I read it over?:facehoof:

1474863 You'll see. I focused on the Mane 6 for this story.

My only worry here is that after all is said and done twilight wont want to go back to being a mare and will stay a stllion, which is kinad predictable especially givin the title, unless that's what your going for.
that being said id prefer an ending where she either winds up a a herm or can swithc back and forth.
still im interested to see where it will go. All in all a good story so keep it up

oh dear...twilight is in trouble...:X
however, I must say: Amazing work so far. I always do enjoy a good gender swap story with the mane 6, and yours is going quite well so far, keep up the great work! :)

Oh ho ho. This is going to be fun. have a stache. :moustache::moustache::moustache:

*dies. Laughing* :D GLORIOUS.


And then we find out Twilight knocked 'em all up. :pinkiecrazy:

great chapter and good story.poor spike, maybe he should stop trying to go for twilight's friends.

Yay update

Poor Spike....he's gonna walk into that party...the 'Special' Party that Pinkie ends up hosting for Twilight....you know he will

... this is going places

hilarious, sexy, naughty, dirty places :D

Nice enough so far, though you should really look into the use of "to" and "too" since it's easily the most noticeable mistake throughout this chapter at least.
For example: "To become" instead of "Too become"
"That would hurt her just too much" <- this is probably the only place in this chapter "too" is used correctly, I think.

1477165 honesty... I fucking hate too and to... should only be to, and THAT IS THAT!!!

Stupid fucking English language...

*nods head* you sir have just made my day

Look at it this way, at least its not shoving the fact in your face, and for what its worth its really more of a plot point. :trollestia:

What no comments? this is hilarious i could read this with out the clop:pinkiehappy:

The instant i read secret i knew were that was going

1:Racist! Only unicorns can become Alicorns?!?
2: You already have a big brother, Twi:rainbowlaugh:

Good lord. Spike didn't even have the decency to run away before he told another of the Mane 6 about Twi and one of them screwing. He's getting faster...:trollestia:

Good story so far. I can see this going through Pinkie, then Fluttershy, then Luna, then finally Celestia. (Can't decide between dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Colgate_bedroomeyes.png or dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Spitfire_rape.png Either one works.)

thats funny i have a feeling that celestia intended for this to happen:trollestia:

Heh, poor Scoots. Or not, she probably shouldn''t have those fantasies anyway.

Soooo.... does Spike get with (guy) Twi in the end or does he get them all when she/he turns back?

1477106 i take its ur first clopfic?

i honestly think itd be kinda interesting after the rest of the mane 6 get with twilight that spike finally has enough creates a potion and shows them all what a dragon can do compared to a stallion

Celestia will accidentally turn everyone in ponyville into men. And spike will be horrified.

inb4 Spike finds Twilight with Pinkie

I'm thinking at the end, Spike has sex with Twilight. :pinkiecrazy:

By the end of this day, Spike is going to wind up sharing a padded cell with Screw Loose.
Also, what's all this about a new little Apple seedling?

I'm just imagining an epilogue, a month or so later, where Twilight has to tell her parents about all the grandchildren that are on the way.
"So... you were a stallion for all of 48 hours and managed to impregnate 7 mares, including both of the royal sisters !?"

Spike,, just go hide in a closet.

Rainbow Dash, anal fiend.:rainbowdetermined2:

Who knew, well, I did. Never you mind how. :raritywink:

On a personal note, I don't feel comfortable with pregnancy unless its romantically backed. Not that my opinions should stop you.

However, if you have Twi be infertile due to the nature of the transformation. It would solve some issues.:raritywink:

i would read this even if it wasn't a clop because i like what you are doing with it! though there is probably more you can do with it as a clop!~ :3 :heart:

So far it's +3 to Ponyville's population in the next year, thanks to Twilight. Can he/she do better? :pinkiecrazy:

Also... poor Spike, he's gonna be scarred for life.

And another one just got pregnant. Twi gonna have her hooves full with all the children coming. XD

Ooooooooooh, the Kindness chapter gonna be a real interesting one.^g^

Twilight is such a good friend :pinkiecrazy:
Also, awaiting Fluttershy! And it's awesome that we get two chapters in one go. Thanks!

1480200 There's still more to 'cum' :twilightblush:

Oh, poor spike.

And it happens again. Poor Spike... :rainbowlaugh: Great chapter.

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