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I'm just your average Brony. I love trains, I love history, I love writing stories, and I really, really love wolves! But most of all, I love writing my stories here for your enjoyment!

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I can just hear Fortunate Son playing

Hello Crystonian,

And it was either going to be that, or "Ride of the Valkyries", and I decided to go with the latter, but kept the former playing as I was writing

"My Lai was a tragedy, but that was wartime, and they were helping the Viet-Cong. Lt. Calley was used as a scapegoat when news of what happened reached the public. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and his superiors used him as a scapegoat to cover up their own crimes."

Is that true? I did look it up a little.

"Oh, right, silly me!" Austin then cleared his throat. "In short, while this is a museum, it's also an emergency armory for Equestria, and contains an emergency standing army. I wanted to deploy it earlier, but Celestia didn't want me to do so, for some reason, but now that ship has sailed. And now the time has come for this army, and everything in the armory to be put to good use. And that's why you're still alive, Alston. You're the first POW in this new war, and you're going to live long enough to see it happen."

Celestia definitely regrets it now, huh?

And what of Austin himself? He would continue to curate the Vietnam War Museum, and serve as a museum guide for many more years before he finally retired, and while he would continue to have a close relationship with Princess Luna for the rest of his life, the two of them were never married. To his dying day though, Austin too never forgot the events of that night in the Vietnam War Museum, nor the war that followed it, and he was glad that he could have given the Equestrians such a big helping hand in the war, and beefing up their military afterwards.

Aw, that really sucks. Thought they would be a de-aged spell, longer lifespan, or eternal youth.

Hello OP Omni God-Emperor of Doom,

And to be perfectly honest, I don't know. My Lai has been an extremely hotly debated topic among historians, and there doesn't appear to be much consensus among them about what really happened. I did some research on the topic, but could come up with little aside from conflicting information about various sources, and in the end, I just kinda winged this scene due to a lack of hard evidence either way.

Hello OP Omni God-Emperor of Doom,

And yes, she very much does. Why was Celestia so hesitant? I think it was a mixture of seeing how horrific Humanity's ways of fighting war were, coupled with an over-reliance on the Elements of Harmony to solve all of Equestria's problems

Hello OP Omni God-Emperor of Doom,

And I don't really put things like that into my stories. It's just not my style. Everyone, and everypony has a natural lifespan, (or a slightly elongated one if they're an Alicorn), or in some instances, they have a much elongated one, but in the end, everyone dies eventually.

nice chapter mate keep it up mate:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

former Waffen ss soldiers fought in Korea and Vietnam good chapter mate keep it up:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

great story mate keep it up the waffen ss fought the right enemy which was communism after the war they were called war criminals and traitors The irony is from 1947-1991 the Allies fought communism and asked former Waffen ss volunteers to help combat them isn't that a kick in the head can't wait for the next story:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

All of them then began to man their vehicles, and ready their weapons, just as their brethren upstairs were doing the same. Soon, doors in the walls of the museum, and large hatches in the basement ceiling were opening, and the mannequins, and their vehicles were soon pouring out the museum. Planes and helicopters were taking to the skies, and the air was filled with the rumbling of tanks, jeeps, trucks, APC's and other vehicles, all of whom were awaiting my signal to head off into battle. I then climbed on top of an M60 tank, while Luna was climbing onto a nearby M48 tank.

Cloudsdale had put up a fierce resistance, made possible by the city floating in the sky, possessing weapons powerful enough to knock down the Caribou airships, and the Caribou's inability to walk on clouds, and this made King Danin quite furious. He ordered Cloudsdale taken, but those Pegasai in the city refused to allow it to fall. And in the end, if what hadn't happened next hadn't happened, then the city's survival may have continued. Alas, the siren call of a world ruled by the Caribou, a world where all mares and fillies, as well as Caribou cows were your personal playthings was too great, and 3 Pegasai stallions, who's names have been erased from history for their foul deeds; Equestria's Benedict Arnold's, and Vidkun Quisling's, gave the Caribou access to Cloudsdale after disabling the defense systems, allowing it to fall. Cloudsdale was now under the control of the Caribou, and the 3 stallions who betrayed their City. One obstacle down, only two more to go.

Hey author what were the name of those three and is one of them a wonderbolt perhaps?

And what of Applejack? She was trapped by a corrupted Big Mac, who pushed over an apple tree on top of her. Once the last Element Bearers had been captured, they were stripped, raped, and then sold off to various Caribou as war-prizes, save for Applejack, who was kept by Big Mac, who began to feel guilt for what he had done to his Sister, as the Caribou Magic corrupting him wasn't absolute.

No Big Mac my boy

While the Siege of Ponyville was still going on, many of the remaining Equestrian warships were either destroyed by the Caribou, their crews scuttled their ships to prevent them from falling into Caribou hands, their crews surrendered their ships to the Caribou, or in at least one case, the crew of the ENS Hoofbelltown loaded their ship up with explosives, and steamed it directly into Fillydelphia Harbor before jumping ship, and detonating it when it reached the main docks, causing a catastrophic explosion that completely knocked out the docks of Fillydelphia Harbor, killing an unknown number of Caribou, and injuring many more. The surviving crew were captured by the Caribou, and most of them were executed for what they had done.

*Insert Japanese war cry here*

"This, is the M14 rifle. It was the main battle-rifle of the US Army and Marine Corps from the 1950's, until it was phased out in favor of the M16 rifle in the 60's, during the Vietnam War in fact. I always preferred the M14 to the M16, for reasons you'll see in a bit when I show you an exhibit that compares the weapons."

I prefer the m16

Edit oh still Peter it but the other models

"So, did you really think you could get away with stealing, Dirt Bag?" A voice from nearby said.

Anyone else had that thought it was r Lee emery


God damn it celestia
This is why Luna best princess

"Know her? We're friends with benefits!" Austin laughed. "Plus, she bankrolled my museum's creation, but for another reason. And this ties into the same reason why you were left alive."

Okay got to admit having a friends with benefits with Luna respect

But how that happen?


Well she has definitely learned her lesson that she was horribly wrong. :unsuresweetie:

Do a lot of mares/foals and some good stallions heavily blame her hesitation for this? And rightfully so. Almost everypony really suffered and died! :facehoof:


Just hoping to see a happier ending for him to be with Luna. :applejackunsure:

Hello Shining Paladin,

And thanks:twilightsmile:

Hello Agent Korpsman,

And that's the thing, I left it open to interpretation for who they are, since as the story says, their names were erased from history. However, I didn't really see them as being anyone we see in canon MLP. So many Fall of Equestria stories use male Wonderbolts, so I wanted to do something different here

Hello Agent Korpsman,

And yeah, Big Mac has been corrupted by the Caribou, but not completely, hence the reason why he feels guilt for what he's done. Don't worry though, he'll redeem himself later

Hello Agent Korpsman,

And actually, this is a reference to an incident from WW2, the British Raid on St. Nazaire, to destroy the Normandie Drydock, using a destroyer called the HMS Campbelltown, which they packed full of explosives

Hello Shining Paladin,

And wow, I never knew this. I learned something new today

Hello Agent Korpsman,

And a lot of people seem to, but I've always had a soft spot for the M14, as it was such a cool design

Hello Shining Paladin,

And thanks:twilightsmile:

Hello Schwaboo,

And this is a great fitting song. "C&C Red Alert 2" was my favorite game in the "Red Alert" Trilogy

To the West of Van Hoover, a corridor was left open, seemingly by accident as the AVWM Forces were preparing for a move on either Canterlot or Cloudsdale (the Caribou weren't sure), but they decided to use it to attempt a breakout from the city. The Caribou pushed at the corridor with everything they had, seemingly pushing the mannequin forces away, and they broke out with most of their forces, weapons, and equipment, and soon reached open ground, little knowing that they had just walked right into a horrible trap. From above, several B-52's opened their bomb bays, and began to rain cluster bombs down on the Caribou, trapping them in a gauntlet of carpet-bombing. This was followed shortly afterwards by aircraft dropping napalm, agent orange, white phosphorus, and other highly flammable chemicals to finish the job.

Yeah war crimes baby

Hello Agent Korpsman,

And I didn't even think about R. Lee Ermey when writing this, which may have been a mistake. I based this Caribou's death off of Stephen King's "Battleground".

True still though why did Luna decide not too?

Yes, yes she is. At one time, I thought that Cadence was best princess, but over time, I learned the error of my ways, and to Hail the Moon instead. Luna is the true Best Princess

Hello Agent Korpsman,

And that's the thing. I left this open to interpretation, as while Austin says it here to Alston, he may have not been truthful. Yes, he had a close relationship with Luna, as seen later, but were they really friends with benefits, or was he just saying that to put off Alston? I let the readers decide

I would imagine that this would definitely be the case from many Ponies once they learned after the war that Austin had his army ready when the Caribou was attacking, but Celestia wouldn't allow him to use it

For many years to come, Ponies, and other creatures across Equus would whisper about Austin, and how the Ponies owed their freedom to him, and his Vietnam War Museum full of angry mannequins and statues.

Well until g5 came out that is

As you should.

Glory to Luna

Hello Shining Paladin,

And I remember reading about this guy before. He fought for Finland, Nazi Germany, and the US, known as the "Soldier of 3 Armies"

I thought about it, and the only reason I decided not to go through with it in the end was because I have a few other stories coming down the pipeline where the MC gets with Princess Luna, so I wanted this story to be different

I actually would like to see that happen and read what happened when they found out.

Hello Agent Korpsman,

And that's why Austin was hesitant to go with this plan, because he knew how horrible it was going to be. However, in the end it was the right call to make, as this one action brought the war to a very swift end

And always remember, it's only a war crime if your side loses:raritywink:

I guess I just decided not to do it in my story

Hmm. I didn't think about it until just now though, and when OP Omni God-Emperor of Doom mentioned it, as I was more focused on killing the Caribou, which is why I didn't mention it in the story.

if only this existed and the ponies had access to the materials listed, and the required tools...
danin would have been real hot... (temperature of the sun(
real hot... (not like that)

epic story, though im sad because the battleships were never mentioned :(
(uss missouri on top, sorry im biased but i have a lego set of the missouri so like, yeah.)

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