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What comes before, and what comes after, when two omnipotent beings battle to the death?


Featured 17 September 2023. Thank you very much everyone!

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Honestly..this is a good little end to the battle. Bitter sweet. The ponies are saved but at the cost of a friend.

I had hoped for a fanfic in regards to this death battle and I am glad to say this didn't disappoint in the slightest and was even better than I had hoped for.
That end got me nearly in tears and I am not one that cries easily, so great job OP.

I only lament that I can only hit the thumbs up button once on this story. Thank you, for this marvelous chapter. Still I worry how Spike is going to react, considering it was inferred that he was the one who made a deal with Bill, and in doing so lost his friend.

I do have problems with the verdict, but I can’t be too mad because Discord screwed over Bill in the end anyways.

And hey he’s the embodiment of chaos. He can’t die permanently he’ll be back eventually.

Good story, a nice opening and conclusion to the battle.

Quite right. Plus, if Twilight can come back after losing a Death Battle (and her appearance in this story means she definitely did), so can Discord.

And I could see Rainbow commenting about how pathetic Starscream was and Pinkie reflecting on the impromptu birthday party she threw for Deadpool. Before Twilight comments, "This is rather bad, yes, Fluttershy, but it's not hopeless. After all, we already know that enough chaos can eventually bring him back. And *I* was able to come back from the dead after losing to Raven."

Okay this was a pretty nice follow-up but also sad as well I still think Discord should have won that but whatever those guys know what they're talking about so what do I know about power anyway it looks like Twilight and the others tried to stop bill but he became way too powerful for them but Discord made the ultimate sacrifice to trap him with him and knowing that he will clearly will die he did it anyway basically sacrificing himself to save everybody in Equestria and Fluttershy was devastated and heartbroken that she lost him again this was a very good story keep up the good work

Well maybe death battle have some abilities to bring the characters who were defeated back from the dead and put them back where they belong in their own universe and probably not remember what happened but that's just my theory but I would like to say that's happen

On that Death Battle I wish Discord could have stuck Bill Cypher in his reconstructed Home Dimension inside the Absolute Safe Capsule from Earth_Bound/Mother 3. Can any fictional being break the Absolute Safe Capsule?

I still that’s a bunch of ballsh:yay: discord should have won that Bill cheated i’ve always hated that triangle freak.


And hey he’s the embodiment of chaos. He can’t die permanently he’ll be back eventually.

I wonder what will happen if he comes back. will that be a completely new Discord with no memory of his past life or the same one?
the series never tells us how that works :facehoof:
I like to think it won't be the same Discord because if he will be back, he just has to write it on the paper, there no need to let the M6 sad

Awesome death battle and I'm clinging to the fact that they said discord has a chance to come back since he's the spirit of chaos

A friend of mine worked on this Death Battle, so it's really nice to see fic written for it! Great work!

My one complaint with the fight is that they gave Bill the ability to destroy souls.

He’s never shown being capable of that in the entirety of Gravity Falls. They basically gave him a free power.

Foolish Bill Cipher, don't you know death is the servant of chaos?

They did show a clip of him harming a soul

My problem with the death battle even though it mostly made sense, was the fact they downplayed the bewitching Bell, if that thing could drain discord's power it would have definitely dreamed bills

AC97 #18 · 2 weeks ago · · ·

Ah, I'd been waiting for a story to capitalize on it. It was really cool in how it made for some great story fodder, IMO, regarding the aftermath.

I had gone into it thinking Equestria was completely done if he lost, but I was pleasantly surprised that they actually had some really good narrative beats/character contrasts involved on that front, and having the "winner" lose in all but name.

Anyway, this story did not disappoint.

My biggest issue in that regard is they very, very conspicuously listed a feat in the afterfight (as shown at this timestamp) from the MLP RPG regarding Discord's perception, and it should be noted that for something they also cited, Bill Cipher pretty much never used his "KALEIDOSCOPE OF TEMPORAL PROBABILITY WITH FLUCTUATING RANGE" ability in any meaningful capacity, and the only real indication, IIRC, that it even exists is in an in-character AMA from Bill Cipher himself, which it probably... would be in-character for him to lie or play it up to begin with (which when coupled with the lack of demonstrable feats, never using it to double-check deals, or in fights, or things he's saying possibly backfiring at least twice...).

Meanwhile, from the same RPG it'd cited, there was this gem of an excerpt from it, which was entirely ignored.


...knowledge of Every. Spell. By extension, this does mean soul destruction spells of a higher caliber than anything Bill (supposedly, but I'll get to that in a sec) pulled off.

The only time Bill had any feats remotely along those lines was with putting a hole in Dipper's mental form in Stan's mind... which was healed by Dream Stan anyway based on "it's just a dream." That's basically it, unless someone can correct me there on that front. By that logic, Stanley Pines has the capacity to heal soul damage, as a normal human.

Not to mention that if we're being technical, when Dipper got ejected from his own body by Bill via possession, Bill's gloating suicide note to himself and Mabel calls it his "mental form," as opposed to a soul.

A finer response than any I could’ve worded myself.

Wait, Spike made a deal with him?

Agreed had massive problems with them using the Reddit AMA, and using bill damaging the dream version of characters as soul damage and regeneration. I would also point out that the weirdness shield was more about negation rather than absorption, but they treated it as the same. Grogar’s bell should be able to work on Bill and Discord could have used that to power himself even more.

Not to mention discord didn’t need to put himself in danger by going inside bill’s mind to erase it. He’s been shown doing it outside of ponies bodies.

Good find on the spell it out for you. Can you provide any examples of spirit damage with a spell. There’s gotta be something I just don’t remember.

I still hold up, Discord and Bill were about equal, according to the comics which scales Discord, when he's taking it all seriously, to Cosmos, who did everything Bill did, plus a little more.

Which is the biggest difference. Discord can do two things Bill statedly cannot do. He can hope universes at will, opening portals or just moving to them without issue. No invites needed. And he can read minds(Well, that might be more medium awareness given he was reading the thought balloons, but even then, his power reacts to thoughts at times, like when he tried to help the CMC).

Those two should have easily won him the battle by knowing Bill had a weakness, knowing where he could hop to to find it, and then hoping back with said weakness. I'm sure Dipper and Ford would willingly share that info, and unlike most, he'd have reason to learn it.


I agree with both of you.
Three things I find truly perplexing. When it comes to assessing weaknesses, it's crystal clear that Discord's sole Achilles' heel is his arrogance. On the other hand, Bill Cipher, despite his arrogance, harbors additional vulnerabilities. So, let's distill it down to one crucial factor: who would approach a fight with utmost seriousness, Discord or Bill?

In my estimation, Discord would undoubtedly take the battle more seriously. His motivation stems from a dire situation - the safety of Fluttershy and his other cherished friends hangs in the balance. This emotional drive alone would compel him to be deadly earnest.

Now, onto my second point: Discord is a manifestation of chaos and discord itself, an entity virtually indestructible. You can no more obliterate chaos than you can extinguish Discord. In fact, he thrives on it, drawing strength from the chaos around him. Imagine the colossal power at his disposal if Bill Cipher were in the same room – it's your logic that suggests Bill would inadvertently bolster Discord's might.

Let's also remember that Discord's transformation from chaos to order is an internal choice. It's not imposed by external forces but a reflection of his decision to forsake chaos.

Lastly, consider this: if Discord could cunningly deceive Bill into the nightmare dimension, why not trick him into Discord Chaosville, a realm where Discord reigns supreme in utter chaos? Even if Discord couldn't outright vanquish Bill, he could entrap him in this dimension for eternity. And if things truly escalated, Discord's ability to manipulate reality could make unicorn hair the currency of doomsday.

Bringing it all together, Bill Cipher bears a plethora of weaknesses, including having to seek aid from a more potent entity for his survival. This alone demonstrates that Bill is far from being the mightiest force in the universe. In stark contrast, Discord has consistently proven himself as the apex entity in his realm. His only 'losses' occur when he intentionally dials down his omnipotence. As you've noted, Discord's power is virtually boundless; he can manifest anything he imagines. In the end, it's evident that Discord's trickery far surpasses Bill's abilities, potentially sealing Bill's fate in a prison of Discord's own design by the conclusion of their conflict.

Let’s not forget all Discord had to do was send Bill back into the Nightmare realm and close the portal. Discord can do that and that’s more likely how he would handle the situation. He can be a cheap guy and will cheat if he has to.

I loved the intro and epilogue, but there are two things that would make this even better.

"Yeah, no." the triangle said, "I have no idea whether whatever you were about to do would have affected me or not, and I'm not about to waste time finding out. The only reason I'm here is because some multiverse-meddling morons want me to kill somebody here. Luckily for you," the triangle's eye seemed to sneer, "it's not you! Unluckily for you, well, you're the first stop on my new train of Weirdmageddon!"

Twilight felt a strange sensation overtake her then, and she swiftly blacked out.

I feel like after Bill Cipher knocked Twilight out, Bill would tell Fluttershy what he was planning to do when they were imprisoned in flags.

Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, and Rarity gazed at the letter before them, eyes wide and growing wet.

"He... he didn't." Rainbow Dash murmured. A few tears leaked down her cheeks. She took no notice of them.

"I... I do believe he did." Rarity intoned. Her mascara was running. It didn't matter.

"He saved us." Applejack finished. She pushed her hat down over her eyes. "All of us."

The friends gathered around Fluttershy, holding her tightly as she wailed her sorrow to the world, each of them quietly sobbing along.

(My Opinion) I feel like we need a longer conversation for the Mane 6 to mourn for Discord...especially Fluttershy.

Alondro #26 · 2 weeks ago · · 5 ·

Eh, Death Battles have been annoying to me for some time now. They tend to pick and choose what constitutes an advantage rather arbitrarily, while ignoring aspects which logically place the 'loser' of the fight at a clearly higher advantage.

For instance, Bill had to be invited into the Earth realm. Until then he had no physical form. And when Bill had a physical form, a simple particle cannon was able to injure him and a robot was able to tear his eye out. Stan even said that particle cannon COULD POTENTIALLY HAVE KILLED BILL had he been able to aim it perfectly.

Meanwhile, Discord is IMMUNE TO PHYSICAL DAMAGE and routinely dismantles his body. His one physical weakness was to a magical infectious disease apparently spread by Tatzlwurms, which are monstrous entities that can take Alicorn-level horn blasts without injury.

Seems like everyone forgot these canon facts.

It was implied through the notes and pop ups during development of this episode that the most realistic way Bill would have gained access to Equestria is by tricking Spike into making a deal. I think there are some of the notes in the episode as well explaining this

A very nice fic to go along with the Death Battle. But I'm sure Discord would return because he's linked to chaos itself and would revive if there's enough.

That really got me right here :heart: seriously really great expanded start and aftermath to a fantastic death battle

Bill said that putting all that bootleg merchandise together took a lot of glue but where did Bill even get the glue from

Did they show where is he afterwards?

In fact, it wouldn't necessarily have to be the Nightmare Realm he trapped Bill in; if you sent him to another dimension and shut the portal behind him, it would quite possibly cut him off from the source of Bill's power, as long as there isn't a connection to the Rift/Nightmare Realm, which would leave the Rift wide-open to then being closed. Speaking of that would likely be something a sufficiently skilled and powerful unicorn/alicorn could really ruin his day on in general. Magically close/seal the Rift, and he's probably more of a sitting duck at that point, less Weirdness to use. That's not a weakness Discord has on his part.

The Quantum Destabilizer was canonically more complex than a simple particle cannon in nature/specifics, but yes. The fact is, Bill Cipher almost died on at least three occasions before he actually did, and it was out of pure luck that he didn't, not out of his competence. Ford got sucked back through the portal, then the hat shot, then the Zodiac got screwed up from Stan and Ford fighting. It's a situation where it feels like there's more methods that could hypothetically kill/stop him than what came up in the series (or were viable given the means at their disposal; they obviously didn't have magic, for starters, and what did kill him was a method that induced a complete memory wipe that could be reversed within a week via reminders, and Fiddleford McGucket was way worse off on reminders and still managed to piece himself back together over time).

Spike? Nope, they just had the ending scene of Bill winning. You can watch the vid to double check, but I didn't see him around the Mane Six at the end.

I loved this Death Battle. It was really creative and I thought it was clever how even though Bill won the traditional battle, Discord won pretty much every other category.

In fact, the pop up info boxes at the end state that since Discord can never die for good as long as chaos exists. That more or less means he'll reform eventually while Bill remains trapped seemingly forever, since he is still stuck and out of patience by the end of the episode. Which basically makes Discord the true "winner" of the episode.

I always believed that meant that Discord would reunite with his friends eventually, since Dluttershy could probably help restore him like she did once before. But this was a pretty sad take of if they never would see him again before he reforms, and remember him for how he heroically sacrificed himself to save them all.

That is true. Bill in another dimension pretty much gets rid of him getting more powerful while Discord gets stronger with any kind of chaos anywhere.

So yeah, discord should be able to wipe Bill’s mind especially since his memory wipe lasted over 1,000 years.

Is there a mlp spell capable of destroying a spirit?

i expected this after i saw the video and like i said in the video... Bill may won the Death Battle, But Discord properly deserves the Win for Saving Equestria, a Humorous Chaotic Trickster to the bitter end, even when he was close to dying, he made sure to send Bill Back so he could never hard his friends ever again, and honestly the best part from that death battle for me, was how dark he sounded, like his final plan has been completed when he said "But I'm surprised, you don't recognize, YOUR OLD HOME!!" and how when Bill tried to get back and failed, his Final Words were "Oh Well" with a Mocking laugh at Bill, in his canon show bill lost because of family willing to scarifies himself and even punched him away, but im pretty sure, Discords Laugh will haunt Bill for millennium to come... After all... Discord is the Spirit of Chaos, and Disharmony... this little story didn't disappoint me at all... rest in piece Discord... Equestria's Chaotic Friend

Nice little take on the video! You considered doing the others? Twilight vs raven, pinkie vs Deadpool, dash vs starscream?

A little list I made for Death Battle's mistreatment of this fight:
1st) Bill Cipher could not, in any sense, open a portal to another world. Discord could. Ergo, Discord is more powerful than Bill.
2nd) Bill Cipher himself said: "I control reality, matter, and now that baby's (Time Baby) outta the way, time itself!" meaning if there is someone with greater control of something, he cannot compete with them in that regard. If Discord has greater control of reality, than Bill cannot compete with him in that regard.
3rd) If Bill Cipher could destroy souls, then HOW did Time Baby regenerate in the future??? Meaning he cannot destroy Discord's energy
Sorry about the rant, but i ran the simulation a hundred times in my head cause i love both characters to death and had to split it fairly, and every time, Discord won. So when he lost, I was kinda upset at Death Battle's judgement.

I don’t buy it because as wiz and Boomstick showed the barrier wasn’t able to purge bills powers and i don’t think it would work on bill since his powers isn’t really magic by definition of mlp logic in that it’s a different source with different rules. Cosmos powers that’s similar in use to chaos magic but different

Tv tropes pointed out the answer and while he could just poof it but the real answer is much darker:

He’s in a land of ponies and let that say it all

true, but throughout that whole fight it was shown that bill and discord were close to equals, and I'm pretty sure the bewitching Bell is is far more powerful than the unicorn hair

Yes but if it was created to absorb magic then there could be a case that it can’t do the same to powers they isn’t really magic; like mr mxyzptlk from dc who has similar powers to the both of him but he doesn’t have any magic powers and it’s just from another plane of reality with different rules

That could be the case, but it has been shown magic can affect bill example the unicorn hair. And if you look back into that fight against the shack Bill only won because he targeted the weak spots of it you know like on the spots that wasn't protected by unicorn hair so there's nothing stopping the bewitching Bell from affecting him,🤔

Not saying that magic couldn’t affect him but if his powers aren’t magical by nature then we can’t say that the bell would affect him

True but it has never been stated that the Bell can only job magical power

Never stated that it could and it’s not like Grogar when creating it or whoever did could think of any other energy to pull in so it couldn’t be tested

So it's basically a 50/50 chance I'm guessing

I’ve heard apparently bill cipher’s powers have been classified as being magic. So it should affect him.

It would be delightfully nonsensical for him to just poof back into existence one Thursday around 2pm when it was time for tea with Fluttershy.

I still say Discord won that fight given in the end, Bill was imprisoned again.

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