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Based on the ending to Discord vs Bill on Death Battle. Watch it before reading,

Equestria was in pure chaos, but thanks to Discord, harmony returned. Unfortunately, he did not.

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oooh continuing from that deathbattle video huh

I hope Spike realizes this is all his fault.

This is sad. Though it is confirmed in the aftermath of the Death Battle that Discord can never truly die for good as long as there is chaos, so I hope he resurrects soon and is reunited with Fluttershy and the others.

ouch... this really captures the sad feeling from that ending, thanks for writing this

Could use some work with certain vocabulary choices (especially from Discord's letter) but overall the message is received. 6/10

He’s the one who made the deal with Bill.

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... Wait, did I miss something? When did that happen?

That is a pretty sad one here and I still think Discord should have won but anyway it looks like he left a note for Fluttershy and the others and he told them that he did what he could to stop bill even he will get himself killed but he did it for Fluttershy and everybody in Equestria he sacrifice himself to save them and even confessing his love for Fluttershy I wonder how Equestria will react to it I guess we'll find out next time

I mean Fluttershy has and can still bring him back within a day.

If I had a nickle for every time I read a set of final words from discord while tearing up/crying, I'd have 2 nickles. Which isn't a lot, but it's weird that it happened twice.

This is very good, Looking foward for more chapters

I wonder how Spike reacts to what happened since he was Discord's friend too.
And what happened to him too?

Spike actually made a deal with Bill in the first place.

Yeah, apparently someone on Death Battle confirmed it. They like to make these types of scenarios up so the whole battle makes sense I believe.

No mention on what the deal is?

Not sure what it was. Knowing him, it was probably something about his insecurities.

It’s just a fan theory. If anything Wiz from the Death Battle show is the actual reason for Bill being out as he mentioned making a deal with him.

Fluttershy is gonna kill Bill.

I love this fanfic.

Glad you enjoyed it. 😊

That funeral was pretty well done

Though disappointed Spike's reaction to Discord's death was skimmed over instead of fully shown like the Mane 6's.
We didn't get to know what was his status during Bill's invasion either

Yeah. I felt like I was dragging it out, and I truthfully didn’t know what else to write for Spike😅 Glad you liked the rest. I don’t usually write long chapters, so it was a good experience.

Discord didn’t want to admit it to them, but he told Twilight and Fluttershy that he always felt ashamed to be near them for long periods of time after the first battle with Tirek. Discord never liked the look of betrayal Shining gave him that day, and he regretted his decision to do that to him and all of Equestria. Twilight felt that they forgave him though; she could see her brother trying not to cry.

And I don't blame him feeling like this because after what happened back in season 4 I can see they will have a little strong feelings about that situation

Still, Twilight was upset she didn’t hold it together long enough to watch most of her friends say what they worked hard preparing. At least she could hear what Pinkie Pie had to say.

To be honest both Pinkie Pie and Discord would have get along with each other so well

I’m glad you have been enjoying this. 😊

After a few months later, I found myself given the task to reform him by Celestia herself. When she first assigned me this task, I wouldn’t have told her back then, but I thought she was the craziest mare to ever exist.”

Well ever since back in season 2 premiere you are the only one who actually did not get corrupted by his Twisted word even though he cheated and forced you to be corrupted

“I don’t know if you can hear me, but if you, the one that unleashed this monster on our land, is listening you should know a few things. I will not be the same weak little mare you see if we meet. You better hope that the leaders find you first, because if I find you, I’m going to kill you myself. I will make sure every second you have left to live is pure agony. You will not be receiving sympathy or mercy from the element of kindness. You have lost that privilege.”

Oh wow I even did not see that coming holy mackerel

Wow that was a pretty sweet one and a sad and also surprising that I did not see that coming so it looks like everybody is here for the funeral after the hearing the news about Discord death and sacrifice some of his friends did make their speeches how he became what he is and how he made the ultimate sacrifice to save everybody which it was sweet and everything until Fluttershy made her speech how wonderful it was but then she gotten the anger for somebody whoever bought him here basically it's like a Revenge type of thing hopefully she won't do anything drastic well I guess we'll find out next time and Merry Christmas by the way

I remember the moments Fluttershy got angry. I wanted to give that same feeling if she lost her love. Glad it surprised you.

I'd like to add that Discord fixing Equestria is making him weaker. As confirmed by Death Battle that Discord grows even stronger the more chaos is present. The chaos happening around Equestria probably boosted his power, Though it's no match to the endless amount of chaos that Bill makes just by existing, The extra bit of power does help, power is power, even by a little.

All in all, Discord is handicapping himself at the same time while trying to save, resurrect everyone, and repairing Equestria in a short time simultaneously. That amount of power needed for that is monumental, especially when he's stripping the power and influence of Bill in Equestria. Removing Bill's power and influence is no small feat and requires a bunch of power too.

We don't even see Discord tiring, He was caught off guard by the large hand that reached inside of Bill's eye.

Discord is busted goddamnn

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So Fluttershy plans to kill Wiz and Boomstick, making their lives living hells before they feel the release of death.


🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 that would make a fun story. This part will be slightly retconned. I’m hoping it is something satisfying.

Are you going to make a sequel to this cause dang I really want to see what Chaos Shy is capable of.

Damn, this was sad. Good chapter!

I wonder what will happen if Shy finds out that Spike was the one who made the deal with Bill in the first place

Don’t worry. I intend to. Thanks for liking this. 😊

Glad you liked it. I was a little worried about it not being good. 😊

Wait…her? Fluttershy already has an idea?

Wait as in that crazy Cosmo from the comic

Fluttershy’s annoyance turned to an exhausted sigh before she spoke up. “I just had to suffer though my lover’s funeral yesterday, so I’m not in the mood to explain that I’m not that pony you’re talking about anymore. She died a few weeks ago.”

What the heck the way she said it kind of reminds me from Taylor Swift song look what you made me do

Whoa ok that was something here after the speech and everything Twilight was still worried about Fluttershy what she said and Fluttershy wants to reassure her that everything will be okay that you won't take things too far but they had to prepare for something even more chaotic and something will come towards them and whoever made a deal with Bill is still out there and apparently and the other chaos World it looks like Fluttershy decided to stay at his house and she has a very powerful chaotic Magic and she is preparing for Comos I got to say this was pretty dramatic great to end it but it very interesting keep up the good work

Glad you liked it. I will make a few short stories and hopefully the sequel will be good too. 😊

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