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I'm an aspiring cartoonist and writer.


Based on the ending to Discord vs Bill on Death Battle. Watch it before reading,

Equestria was in pure chaos, but thanks to Discord, harmony returned. Unfortunately, he did not.

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Equestria has been in ruin and there has never been anything I could do. For centuries, I have felt worthless and incapable of saving the ponies, but now I believe I have found an answer. I can finally help this beautiful land.

Takes place in the universe "The Equestria That Never Was".

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One morning, during breakfast, Starlight and Twilight notice Spike seems to be troubled about something. Spike tells them that he had a dream about someone he never thought about until now.

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What if you had the opportunity to go to Equestria and realized, too late, that it wasn't what you dreamed of? That it was nothing more than an elaborate illusion? I have learned just what Equestria truly is.

The story is being written after season 7, but other characters from future seasons could appear as well.

Coverart is by Ziom05. You can see more of his amazing art here.

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