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Not gonna lie, I kinda hope this ends well, even though it probably won't

Heh damn this is hot.

Beautiful. This was poetry in motion. :heart:

This was even better than the first chapter! :twilightsmile:

Pretty interesting story, taking into the fact I normally don't read any EqG fics. What I'm hoping for is to see a chapter where Fluttershy is coaxed or tricked into servicing a large crowd of guys and secretly starting enjoying it. I wouldn't mind a PM discussion over potential ideas, just let me know if you are up to it too.

You always write the hottest stories!:rainbowwild::heart:

Words can't describe how much I hate this smear on literature. Not only is it non-con it's also humanized.
Usually I can just brush off and write an angry comment because the authors that write this shit are just degenerates that want to do it without getting murdered/arrested but this this is human.

Damn, that's messed up.

Most excellent.

you know the author left a tag warning in here right? if you don't like it, just left

but this is human.

wait what, so you think it ok if they are ponies?

When bullies get smart, everyone loses.

Love the story very spicy. Hope you do all the girls.

I don't know why, but this is os a story I can really get into. I keep on coming back and hoping theres a new chapter, I think we got spoiled with the two chapter coming out before Christmas

“We’re all adults here, so we party as such. Case in point,” she said with a point to a case of beer, which in this case, proved her point.

I've read this line I came up with dozens of times, and it still just makes me angry.

Very very nice, nice and hot all around! It's looking like Twilight is discovering a naughty voyeur side herself, while being subtle prep for her turn~

Pretty good story so far, Im sure we can guess who the next chapter is going to feature

Is there any violence in this story?

Ok, really hoping you cover how rainbow ended up in that scenario.

I can't wait to see how the girls pull one over on Sunset, as she seems like the canniest one out of the Mane Seven. My guess is that they'll save her for last, and show her videos of the other six while saying something along the lines of "this is how girls in the human world act; don't you want to fit in?"

Of course, even that seems iffy, as Sunset's no fool. Personally, I'm hoping it's more like how they tamed Rainbow; by putting SunShim in a position where she can't afford to say no.

Enjoying it so far! Keep up the great work

Though I do hope that there’s more bondage in future chapters

kinda want them to force her to do pony play, be ironic

Yeah I'm kinda disappointed we've only seen Dash getting wrecked from the other girls POVs so far

Fluttershy and Twilight bascil have been tricked into being fucktoys
Dash is getting gang banged into it...
Rarity I assume is next and will be blackmailed.... Blueblood would be my guess on her keeper or maybe the
My assumption is that she meant to send her vid to AJ who would be next... The Flim Flam bros? Big Mac?
after that would likely be Pinkie but no idea how she's gonna get got or who would break her
Sunset... how she goes down I have no idea... though I can see either Flash or to really be twisted Snips and Snails pony up the cash together to win her

the nmaybe Karma hap[pens and the Crystal Prep grils get caught and tamed themselves? That would make a hot ending

Agreed. I mos def hope Karma catches up and these bullies get fucked up. This...this is just pure evil.

Most excellent.

Been sitting on this chapter for a while now, but just couldn't get myself to do the final text to speech proof reading it needs to publish.

Fluttershy is my favorite one to write about, so she's going to get more chapters than the other girls as the story progresses. But the next chapter will feature Rarity.

Hope there's going to be more petplay!

huh... okay.... guess there is no accounting for taste

Sorry not meaning to bash or anything just seems like she... well like in the main series just seems to be repeats

This one is really hot~!

11239538 I was almost going to say that it was a shame that this seemed like a rehash of the second chapter, but the way things escalated at the end saved it for me. Making Fluttershy his live-in sex-pet, whom he'll be fucking without protection? Niiice. :pinkiehappy:

As for Rarity being next, I'm interested to see how that'll go. While she has a weakness in terms of wanting to fit into high society, she's not nearly as naive as Twilight and Fluttershy are, nor as reckless as Rainbow Dash. The needle will be harder to thread there (sewing pun intended), so I look forward to seeing how the Shadowbolts break her in!

The concept for this chapter probably had the most revisions before being made than anything else I've written. Hard to settle on these ideas that need to seem interesting enough to me to even have a chance of being finished.

Thankfully, it also leads into our next victim in the following chapter: Applejack.

11269303 I'd say it turned out well, as the multiple shifts in perspective helped to keep things fresh; while Fluttershy seems like the easiest one to write for, staying with her and Score for too long runs the risk of retreading old (albeit sexy) ground.

That said, Rarity's deciding that she'd prove to "Fluttershy" that Jet Set would cheat on her seemed like a bit of a stretch, if for no other reason than she doesn't seem dumb enough to do something like that alone. So Applejack following along is a nice nod toward her acting in character (plus the added appeal of turning lesbians into a guy's sex pets). Though I do wonder how you'll deal with them having the magic of their geodes if when Jet Set starts going outside of their comfort zone? Between Rarity's crystals and Applejack's strength, they're not really something that can be ignored.

EDIT: This was meant to be posted in reaction to part 1; I didn't even realize that part 2 was out! :derpyderp2:

Can you think up of any story the has the girls beat up the people bulling them?

I read a crossover with Fairly Oddparents where some of them (and EG Gilda) did just that to the Sirens.

Just read the first chapter and it was incredible! This story reminds me of Frocto's The Pink Circle, which I enjoyed a lot. Your writing is just as great, so this is a real treat!

Now I feel bad for Shady. I hope he saves up enough money to hire the Crystal Prep girls properly.

Going good! I definitely agree that Fluttershy's scenes are the best, so I'm not at all mad that she took half of Rarity's first chapter. The fact that she's actually clueless and willingly going along with Score's perversities is what really makes it special. With the other girls it's much closer to outright non-con.

Twilight's scenes are the most similar to Fluttershy in that respect, since she also has a (big) dash of naivety to her. And the idea of putting her in a cage appeals to me very deeply as well, especially with all those lewd accessories. I feel like Royal Pin could still train her to be a truly obedient pet. Maybe they'll have Fluttershy record an encouraging video for her, where she talks directly to Twilight and shows that she's just as much of a slut?

I also loved the fun little details, like Indigo Zap holding Fluttershy's phone between her thighs and getting off from Rainbow's worried messages. Neat idea! The scene with Fluttershy carrying her pink wallet in her mouth to give it to Score was really good as well, as was the part where he holds her student card in front of her jizz-covered face. Paints a nice little picture.

Now I just can't wait for new chapters, especially ones with Fluttershy and Twilight!

Also, why did the boy’s right arm now seem more muscular than the left?

lmao, it was so random and stupid I love it. Shady must've had quite a workout.

i kinda want to that be how pinkie pie get taken, they use fluttershy to convince her it is normal and encourage her to take part in a special party

Yay, a "happy ending"...?

Side note, I actually hadn't come up with anything in this chapter when writing Rarity's arc. Only afterwords when I was brainstorming ideas for Applejack did I realize there was how many pieces I could line up perfectly to create the biggest misunderstanding for a threesome ever.

This story is so wrong in all the right ways. :heart:

Now all that's left are Pinkie and Sunset...

Really hot how AJ was so into it~

Hopefully wretch, if Rarity had refused to play along, he would have blackmailed her for sure, but instead he ended up possibly with two girlfriends. 😂😂

I find myself hoping there is a scene at the end where all the girls get lined up and have their geodes coated in cum. It was oddly hot when that happened to Fluttershy.

Chapter's a bit of a stretch, I know. I'm more disappointed in myself that I didn't make a single joke about the "implications" for a chapter that takes place on a boat out in the middle of open ocean.

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