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Is there a reason why they have to be anthro? Never understood why people do that.

It's pretty much the same rules as the mirror portal. Different dimension, different looks. Also, I wanted to try something a little different with this story. Don't worry the next world they get pulled into won't turn them anthro... or human. Besides that. How are you enjoying the story?

Trying to convince myself to read it. No comment beyond that.

Not big on anthos? That's ok my other stories have far fewer two legged characters in them.

Any idea? Is there a time limit?

Is full on M/M sex screen and femboy spike is allowed?

I'm always open to suggestions and ideas. I may not use them in one story. But I may end up using it in another. So don't be afraid to share.

Also. I'll do you one better Femboy Spike bottom. But seeing he's buff in this story. You'll have to get your femboy Spike in another story.

Lastly. There might be m/m but what should take who? Or who should take who? Lol

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