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An interesting idea.

i hope he gets with the sisters it would be different then other stories i seen

From what Luna said before. It would look like a possibility.

interesting chapter

This needs an edit where did pinkie come from and your genders wrong

"Not that this isn't fun." The voice in Check's head groaned. "But it's been… What three days? I thought more would have happened by now. Where's the excitement the danger the-"

Just then the door swung open as Spike rushed in. "Come quick. It's an emergency!"

"That's more like it." The voice cheered.

"What's up Pinks?" Rainbow asked, looking as relaxed as she was before the interruption. Check for his credit was paying part attention as he examined the rather loud image in the picture. The stallion knew there was no way it was fake. And was happy that it was small enough that most overlooked it.

Thanks for catching that. Fixed. I guess after I put sike in the script changed in hy head and by the time I was able to finish I forgot about it. Didn't find the gender thing though.

Glad you liked it. Thought I'd toss in a wink to a possible side story in. I might do a call back later on it too.

I read my own tag I am dumb I missed the . So no gender oops we good

It's ok. At least you caught my slip up.

Thought I'd mix things up a bit.
Would you be interested in seeing more chapters like this(way off the script) or should I stick more to the show like the other chapters(spinoffs to the show)?

Thanks. Hopefully you enjoying how the story progresses.

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