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Hi there! First time registering here and I'm enjoying your story so far. It's pretty good. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Button puts two and two together and finds a way to save his beloved Sweetie from Klein's slimy clutches. I hope there will be a hot yet heartwarming epilogue between the two lovebirds before the story ends. You just made them sound like such a cute pair that it would hard to see them separated for good. Do you think that Button and Sweetie's dreams of being famous will come true by the time this is all over?

Hi there. It's hard to say exactly since the commissioner would like the story to go a certain way. It's a way that you might be uncomfortable with, just a heads up. At the very least, Button will always be Sweetie dreamboat no matter what Klein does.

That's all I needed to hear. For a moment,I feared that Sweetie might leave Button for good. Thanks for easing my mind a bit. 😊

I also meant to ask you. Is this another spin-off or a standalone sequel? So far you've written two and it's hard to decide which path to choose. Also,how many parts to this story do you have planned?

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You don't think that Button would break up with her now after that latest stream between Sweetie and Klein,do you?

You could've added a little bonus chapter at least to have Sweetie eased Button's worries a little bit,giving a tiny bit of closure between the two. Or better yet,have her make an agreement with Klein to let her and Button Mash do a video or two together everynow and then. Aside from that,pretty good story. 🙂

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