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You have done very well capturing the original authors words and story flow in your own.

Maybe you could ask about continuing to write stories based in that world or writing a sequel to The pink circle

Thank you. I believe this will be the closest I'll get to a writing a Pink Circle sequel since I really wanted to elaborate more on Fluttershy and Klein's relationship. That being said, I know the original author would be fine with me creating another sequel if I ever am interested in it.

I’m so glad you also rewrote the story here as well I already read the original on the other website I almost thought for a second that this was stolen i’m glad to see the series finally getting a proper sequel

Haha, no worries. I thought I would upload the story here as well since the original story by Frocto was here as well.

Loved the new chapter! Derpy is adorable.

An adorable ball of lewd fun.

I'm so glad Frocto's story is still being continued~

I'm happy to be adding more to such a sexy story.

Really enjoy how you write these three! They're super adorable, especially Derpy. Maybe Derpy can get a look at Klein's dick next chapter too

The way you write Derpy is so super adorable. Keep it up!

I was beginning to think that that you weren't going to continue this story anymore. Nice to see a new chapter again. Just out of curiosity here,is Klein still a villian,what with him stealing a girlfriend and all? Well,TWO,if you count your other story "Going Live!".

Thank you. It's coming along slowly, but I don't plan on shelving this story anytime soon. XD.

To answer your question, Klein is still kind of a villain, but I downplay some of those attributes of him to focus on the girls more. Fluttershy and Derpy are already fairly convinced that being ultra sexual is what femininity is all about, so it allows for Klein to speak with his groin more easily.

Well,his groin seems a bit TOO chatty if you ask me. In any case,it's good to know that he's...somewhat tolerable in this story. I'm already on the current chapter now so there's no turning back at this point. All's that left for me to do wait and see what happens next and what ideas you have for our three protagonists. 🙂

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