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Implausible Deniability

I'm not an alt! You're an alt! The whole darn system is an alt!

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To be fair to Indigo, Twilight would never have come in with a gun. Well, not an ordinary one, possibly a nuclear powered laser or something.

Shortly after her firing, Cinch went on to start a small startup called "Union Aerospace Corporation".

Few thought much of it.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Oh. Oh no.

Just because pride is leaking through doesn't mean that the other sins aren't as well...

Oh nooooo this is gonna go amazingly bad and I don't have any POPCORN.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Gotten lots of smiles from this so far. Each plot thread is quite interesting, in terms of character and worldbuilding both. My guess as to the hell portal? After moving, it's leaking Lust instead of Pride. Soon we're gonna have girls hilting themselves on those stupid rooftop spikes. :trollestia:

Besides, if the fell energies become too much of a problem, Shining Armor can throw on a white suit and sunglasses, hop through the portal, and bring back some demon girls to help fix things. And possibly, if Cadance approves, form a harem on the side.

Years later...

"Oh God, they're everywhere! We gotta call in the Marines, nuke the site from orbit!"
"We will do no such thing, Private Cannon Fodder."
"W-we won't?"
"No. Because UAC has a reputation."


That is so on the nose for them it's ridiculous.

~Skeeter The Lurker

I mean, the obvious solution is to turn the Hell-o-nator to 'sloth.' Everyone takes naps, instead of raising mayhem.

I love a good slow burn, and this one looks great so far.

Do you have a schedule of any sort, or will you upload the chapters as they are ready?

"Common misconception. Lasers are a grossly inefficient means of harming others when compared to firearms. Well, when magic isn't involved, anyway. And that's saying nothing of a man-portable nuclear reactor—"
"Oh! Right! Most importantly, I'd never do that kind of thing, even at my worst. Sorry, Sunset, I was distracted by the lasers."


Oh nooooo this is gonna go amazingly bad and I don't have any POPCORN.

You have plenty of time to pop yourself some. No idea when the next chapter's coming out. :twilightsheepish:


Soon we're gonna have girls hilting themselves on those stupid rooftop spikes. :trollestia:

Uh... Looking at the building, they'd have quite a few logistical issues to tackle. This is a gate to Hell, not the Plane of Pink Energy. (Too much of which is dangerous.)

Obvious, yes. There's just one catch: How do you do that?

Nothing concrete in terms of scheduling, I'm afraid. They'll be ready when they're ready.

Oh, I am extremely interested in where this is going. :trollestia:

“Honestly, ma’am, all but a few end with a demon’s phallus in the perpetrator’s mouth.”

I don't see anything wrong with that. It sounds more like encouragement, really.

“Pardon me,” said Firelight, one of the youngest members of the board, which still put him well into middle age. He ran purple fingers through his sea-green combover and continued, “I fear Principal Amore has neglected to mention what she’s actually referring to.” That got a muddled mix of agreement from the others.

Given he's here, I wonder if Best Milf will also show up.

And PornDiscovery loaded as readily as any other site.

I see what you did there.

“Well, horse-princess-me built up a repu—” Twilight winced halfway through the word.

Very nice touch.

Did you actually copy-paste an interrobang just for that sentence?

I know I have on occasion so I empathise with Twi here.

“Based on what I saw of her at the Friendship Games I have some… suggestions to offer there…”

Given the type of story this is I'm rather curious to see what those suggestions may become like in the future.

Looking forward to more of this whenever it arrives. Good to see someone who actually uploads new chapters for their ongoing smutfics. Unlike me.

“Honestly, ma’am, all but a few end with a demon’s phallus in the perpetrator’s mouth.”

if this isn't foreshadowing i don't know what is. Sounds vary survivable as demonic encounters go.

Working on it. Been sidetracked with other concerns, but the story definitely isn't dead.

Loving Lemon's sex drive in this story. :rainbowwild:

Also looking forward to the next chapter! :yay:

Indigo supposed that that made Principal Cadence spackle. Something pink and goopy that would fix the problem and hopefully harden with time.

I feel I laughed at that a little too hard.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Excited to see this apparent Succubus go full orgy on the school.

I can tell you had fun writing this one. What was the title of the second movie, Scion of the Ur-Porn? :trollestia:

Nothing quite like overextending a metaphor in a way that works far too well.

No, but there is a certain eminence to it, isn't there? :trollestia:


Though you kinda fade out right as things are getting really steamy. What is this, some kind of ... actual storytelling, more than mindless smut? What's up with that? :)

Heresy, I know. :rainbowwild: Half the fun is in the journey. The other half is what and who you get to do at the destination, but we're not there yet.


Indigo supposed that that made Principal Cadence spackle. Something pink and goopy that would fix the problem and hopefully harden with time.

I … I don’t have the words to voice my reaction to this sentence existing.

Anyway, finally starting this one. Loving it so far, especially how you portray the different students’ personalities. All I saw of Crystal Prep was from Friendship Games itself – I avoided all the shorts – so I don’t know how well they compare to canon, but I’m enjoying them here.

Only nitpick I had with the story so far was how forced everyone’s refusal to heed Cinch’s warning was. I understand she needed to be ignored for the plot to progress, but it feels kinda contrived when the new principal of the school refuses to listen to advice about dealing with the literal portal to hell in the basement because she’s in a tiff. Nothing that isn’t easily overlooked, though.

Looking forward to seeing what’s next. :twilightsmile:

The thing about being the human version of the Princess of Love is that your emotions get away from you now and again. As for the folks at CHS, they either know Cinch as a perennial annoyance or the cause of Midnight Sparkle. No charity to be found there either. Still, next chapter, Cadence will start really appreciating the mistake she made there.

Anyway, I'm glad you're enjoying the story. I admit, I borrowed a good chunk of the Shadow Five's personalities from other fanfics. Even with the half-hour special, they don't get much in canon to work with.

Indigo blinked at her. “Wow, what century did she come from?”

This one. A lot of guys don't want seconds and most girls these days spread their legs for anyone all in the name of 'girl power'. Marriage is down (some of the lowest in recorded history in fact), divorce is over 50% and the average slut (they are not ladies anymore) has a lot of wear and tear by 30.

After 2 to 4 partners a female is burned out; they can no longer pair bond. They will never know the joys of marriage like their grandparents or parents.

None of this is helped by dating apps. Only 10 or 20 percent of guys are getting attention as they are the bad boys, the pretty boys, and the wealth. They don't have to settle; 'ladies' will gladly tear their clothes off for them by the dozen each month or even week...

Some incredible turns of phrase in this chapter, I am quite amused. That said, now that you've established that the student body is expanding, I will be disappointed if none of the girls end up with tits the size of SUVs by the end.

... Sir, this is a Wendy's clopfic. Sorry to have touched a nerve, but I'm not sure why you felt this was the best time and place to go off on the subject.

I can't promise SUVs, but I can guarantee further growth.

You did not touch a nerve. This is also not a Windy's. Your jokes just fall flat (if you can call them jokes). And it was on topic; it was something the character was talking about briefly. Did you not read it? Or notice the quote? Not sure why you are confronting me about it.

Because a story explicitly about physical, mental, and moral corruption caused by proximity to the forces of literal Hell isn't be the best place to expect characters to support monogamy and traditional values. I'm not trying to be confrontational; I'm just confused. What did you expect?

“Nuke the policy from orbit, ma’am. It’s the only way to be sure.”

I see what you did there.

Oh hey, an update! (That I missed for week or so, but still!)

Glad to see things escalating-- and now I'm wondering when the new (un)dress code is gonna really get popular! Just hope we don't have to wait a few months for an update.

(Yes I know the irony of myself saying this).

I have an outline planned out and the scene with Cadence and the generator mostly written, but I'd like to get out a few SFW ideas first. Not that I have another account, of course.

The guy is so detached from reality that he thinks of women as machines that "burn out" and permanently cease to function after too much sex. After he refuses to accept the existence of the biological process of healing (in addition to everything else wrong with his original comment), do you really expect him to understand literary context?

She offered an innocent smile. "I'm happy to see you get along with any of Twilight's new friends. So, a modified course... 'Magic Abuse and Resistance Education'?"

Shining nodded. "Officially, I'll be working with you to teach the prototype M.A.R.E. course.” He gave her an adorkable wink. “And if we happen to liaise on any other subjects, that's just an efficient use of our time."

So, completely ineffectual?

Not completely ineffectual. It gives me an excuse to get Shining into the school. :derpytongue2:

this is honestly super fun to read just in terms of being a story, let alone for the fun of seeing sexy girls have fun with other sexy girls. u do such a great job of capturing the girls' voices and personalities while also being clever enough to handle the snark of 5 separate snarky, funny characters. i lost it at the pyramus and thisbe thing lol

Wonderful! Alway nice to hear that the more esoteric jokes landed, and that the story's enjoyable to read even independent of the clop. Thanks for the feedback.

Sunset cleared her throat. “We’ve actually got Twilight’s first sleepover planned for tonight.” She looked over Lemon from top to bottom with an expression not far from the one she wore as a golden unicorn laser angel.

Excuse me? Excuse me, sir/madam?

Do you mind if other people steal this? It's... rather apt. And hilarious.

Feel free to use it in your own stories. Or as the name of your band. :derpytongue2:

Shit's really kicking off now.

I wouldn’t worry about any Bob Ross references. Man was a lady killer, outside of PBS.

Been a while since I read this so I don't remember much what happened. But I hope the influence gets Cadence and Cinch into having sex with eachother, or the female students all have an orgy with her and she becomes too horny to resist.


So, I wonder. Magic always leads to corruption in the human world. Physical, mental, or both. And I know we wouldn't normally call the changes our favourite CHS students undergo when they "pony up" to be corruption, but it kinda is, isn't it? Most humans tend to get overwhelmed if they absorb magical power from Equestria. There seems to be an aspect of abusing magic to fulfil your desires as well there. And only girls freely absorbing magic, but I don't know if that's a given...

Anyway, we need to keep an eye out on any possible physical changes following the mental ones. Those are more than evident. Perhaps comparing the effects from THIS portal to the portal out in front of CHS can give valuable data. For that matter, is it actually Hell, or is it some nightmarish place of magic-induced lust on Equestria..?

Oooh, an update! Neat!

TBH, I'm not super into the transformation kink-- buuut on the other hand various sexy people running around with their butts hanging out is quite appealing. So it balances out?

Looking forward to seeing how things get worse/better, though. Keep up the good work!

Okay yeah, things are spiraling wildly out of control, and not in a good way. Now is the time to get the Rainbooms involved, intentionally or not. Because the second the Sparkle family meets up for an outing, Twilight is likely to notice the changes instantly. Hopefully the lust magic comes with an anti-STD field or something, so the long-term consequences aren't any worse than supreme awkwardness.

Also the math teacher being horny for advanced theory made me laugh out loud.

Love this interpretation of Sour Sweet, she always was my favorite of the bunch!

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