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MaNao #1 · June 21st · · 5 ·

well, that was something. :twilightsmile:

I will say this is dark but good written. Will you consider accepting commission? I give it an upvote by the way.

That was...very erotic.

I hope there will be a sequel soon.

FatLeek #5 · June 21st · · 4 ·

wow, that was majestic. And Cadence is now sentenced to be a cumdump, unless she will do something that none of ntr milfs have ever done, that is admitting to what happened :ajsmug:

V-H-SClop #6 · June 21st · · 4 ·

Okay, now I'll leave my votes...wait, that's another job of yours. :twilightblush:

Outside of jokes I loved it, that the dislikes do not discourage you, that's how Oddyssey of heart started and in the end it turned out to be one of the best works you have bro, the soul and effort in this fic is very noticeable, great work.

By the way, as a recommendation, it would be good if you released a single-chapter fic every month.

for example: 1 month would be a chapter dedicated to Oddysey and the following month a new project like this (I don't know if there will be a continuation, which would be great to see the Mane 7 save Cadence to end the same way) of course I'll leave it as an idea, all up to you.

Synchrie #7 · June 22nd · · 9 ·

Was hoping for a "bad end" but still gud~

One thing I really appreciated about the Writing is the effort paid to the detail and slow(yet steady) progress to the story.

This novel is juicy.

I'm once again sad at how every dark Cadance story is human/anthro and I just don't care for those anymore.

Still hot and I will try and make it pony related for my own reasons later.

MaNao #11 · June 22nd · · 6 ·

heh, someone going out of their way to spam thumb down button. :ajbemused:

cant wait to read more of this story. Love how this chapter was written.

i second that question. wouldnt mind commissioning something for a sequel.

This is so dark... i like it.

Wow someone's really downvote bombing this one.

I don't understand the downvotes, what's wrong with this story? I have seen others who do not receive the same treatment.
Good work

Don't mind me, I heard someone was giving out free salt, and came to get some.

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