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Life for a superhero is tough, but life for a rookie superhero is the breaks. Peter Parker is only six months into his tenure as Spider-Man, and he has already screwed up so badly that he is transferred out of New York to Canterlot High by SHIELD director, Nick Fury, personally. With a damaged reputation, can Peter find new ground in his personal and heroic life while trying to keep a low profile? Highly unlikely.

Featured 10/30/2021 - 11/1/2021

Coverart done by jmkplover and edcom02

Special thanks to this group of editors and proofreaders! Regreme, Azu, Commander Stelios, Titan Commander Sebaste, and Marvelsoldier

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Looks good so far. Looking forward to more

Yo...Yo! YO!!! This is awesome! I am glad to have this in my feed! Can't wait for more. But I will

The first Spiders and Magic series was one of the first fics I read when I found this site, and are still some of my favorites. I look forward to seeing where this one goes.

So Peter'a moving away from New York. Jameson is dancing with joy now.

Or crying because his cash-cow is gone, since a lot of his business is based on the scandal he garners from bashing Spider-man.

A Spider-Man/EqG story which takes place in Canterlot City in the same world?

In all seriousness, I remember reading your "Spiders and Magic" series from way back and I enjoyed them. It's great to see you back writing again and I'm looking forward to read your take on Spider-Man in the Equestria Girls world! :twilightsmile:

Now that mlp ended and we know Trixie more,

Perhaps she can be Peters first friend?

As a cool idea instead of focusing on the big leagues like iron man

Maybe we can see the street level heroes since the city of Equestria girls is small

Like Iron Fist
Luke Cage
Jessica Jones
Misty Knight
White Tiger
Conan the barbarian
Shang Chi
Moon Knight
Colleen Wing
America Chavez
And Spider-Man’s possibly rival Spider-Woman

I wonder is Scott Lang a street level?

Seriously though, its great to be back! Can't wait to see what happens next!

I still laugh at how Aunt May keeps getting younger in every new reboot. This one too as well haha.

I'll watch how this story unfolds cuz im a big Spider-Man nerd.

Well, well, look who's back... It has been quite a long while, hasn't it? :ajsmug:

So in this setting where Marvel and EQG exist as part of the same universe, Peter Parker is only six months into his career as Spider-Man and already he's down on his usual rotten Parker Luck. So to ease off the heat, Nick Fury has arranged for Peter and his Aunt May to be relocated to a smaller city outside of New York and transferred to Canterlot High. Oh boy, this couldn't get any weirder for our Web-Head, right?

Ooh, I'm tracking this.

Hope that Sunset Shimmer will be a main character :>

I read spiders and magic a while back and like the characterizations a little emotional but still good non the less I’m curious to see how everyone will play out in this universe trxie,spitfire,sweetie belle and the rest of the cast

When I first looked at the cover art, I thought Nick Fury had stubbed his toe or something. :rainbowlaugh:

I actually want to see the new avengers team

Everyone remembered the new avengers?

Spider-Man the wasp of the team
Wolverine the animal factor like black panther
War machine the stark of the group
Luke Cage the sarcastic guy like Hawkeye
And finally the Thing who is like the hulk but fun

I'm so glad that I've been wrong about Max not coming back. Welcome back and I'm looking forward to seeing more! :D

My prediction for the main ship has to be Trixie, which would be a nice change of pace. Since the whole Twilight shipping thing has been done over a ton now. Plus I liked the chemistry the two had in the original series as they got along really well. Even though it started out as blackmail in the original which could happen in this one considering the nature of Trixie and how she's practically front and center on the cover. Also an even older cover art show both her and Sunset on opposite ends of Peter. Depicting that there may be a love triangle but I digress.

I seriously don't want a romance with Twilight to be honest, not that I hate the ship, I absolutely loved it in the original saga, but I'm ready for a new girl to be front and center for once. Mainly Trixie xD

This was a really good chapter I love the characteristics of sunset hinting that this is after equstria girls and leading to rainbow rocks and I like Peter jokes and fury’s trolling it’s really fun and good to have the comedy aspect of this story and the fact that he gave him a bomb lol I really can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen next and the interaction with the other cast

Wait, Spitfire is the Vulture?....I don't know how I feel about that....wonder if Adrian Toomes is involved.

Oooh, before Rainbow Rocks I see

This is awesome! Keeping an eye on this :pinkiehappy:

Ouch Twilight couldn’t take being the second smartest could she. I hope somebody puts flash in his place soon.

Another great chapter, but the only criticism I have is that it felt short compared to the previous chapter. Loving this so far though:) Glad to see that Sunset is back though and Twilight being angry at him is comedy gold.

Another great chapter, as usual.:D

That was Lemon Zest I believe she has purple skin with green and blonde hair (also please do not make it Twilight seriously I understand her being a little jealous of him. I get the fact that you're trying to go a different route with Sunset probably being the love interest for the ultimates universe, but author please at least make Twilight only act that way because of things that are unforeseen as of currently)

So this takes place sometime after the first Equestria Girls movie. Interesting... :ajsmug:

It's also interesting on how the EqG characters have different skin colors. :pinkiesmile:

Flash Thomson is at Canterlot High as well? Oh, that's just great! :facehoof:

Spitfire as the Vulture? Oh boy... :rainbowderp:

Anyway, looking forward to the next chapter! :twilightsmile:

Well I didn't know until now and if it was Twilight I could also see that happening, mainly with her wanting to prove she was academically better than Peter.

Also I think the love interest may be Trixie. That's my prediction for this story.

Hopefully Peter can convert Otto to good

Also maybe it’s a good opportunity to turn flash into a friend since they become friends at later in college

So far Otto is a good guy for now, but I have a feeling he'll become a villain eventually.

I just hope he can change his ways if it comes to that

I’m curious about Trixie too especially because of her much of her personality is shown in this dimension

I'm rooting for Trixie to be main girl for Peter, let’s hope we get to see that :)

A bad first day at Canterlot High for Peter. Only transferred after a terrible first semester at Crystal Prep (Well good riddance for that!), getting dumped into the trash after reuniting with his bully Flash Thompson who he just can't seem to get away from and minutes late for his first class.
But on the bright side, at least he gets a new suit without it blowing up at the end of the day as a gift of good faith from Nick Fury, even though he's like the creepy smartass paranoid yet somewhat reliable uncle Peter wished he never had, and he's made at least one new friend in Sunset Shimmer...kinda.

I think Sunset will get along just fine with Peter Parker as a close friend as this builds up, maybe even as a potential ally and partner for Spider-Man. I mean he does have a thing for redheads, right? Since this setting is pre-Rainbow Rocks, I could see him emphasise with her trying to make up for her mistakes since he too is trying to make up for his own mistake that started his path as Spider-Man.

And it seems that Spitfire is the Vulture in this reality. I wonder how she turns out as the villain of this story.

The teacher’s demeanor softened, evident by his widened gaze. “Ah, you are the new transfer that I’ve been hearing about from Midtown and Crystal Prep. Peter Parker, I presume? From what I gather, you are quite brilliant for one so young. Even if you are lazy as well.” Some of the students exhaled at the teacher’s praises before he retook his position by the board.”At least… so I hear. I hope you prove the statements right and wrong. Don’t disappoint me.”

Flustered, Peter nodded. “Y-Yes, sir.”

The man's demeanor softened. “Anyway, my name is Dr. Octavious. Mr. Parker, feel free to take a seat anywhere.”

"Peter Parker...Brilliant but lazy."
Well this could be the beginning of a beautiful mentor-student friendship. So Otto Octavius (who in future will become Doctor Octopus) is Peter's classroom teacher at Canterlot High. I admired the dynamic between them in Spider-Man PS4, I hope to see more of that in this story and after.

So far, so engaging.

Parker's got a way to go, so hopefully he doesn't louse it up. Also, Twiggles being angry and jealous that Peter was outdoing her academically is strangely adorable.

Just gonna say this, it's great seeing a Spiders and Magic story, an official one at that. It remains one of my favorite fanfic series and one of the best ideas within the Marvel and MLP fandom. I look forward to what's in store, seeing Peter/Spider-Man interacting with friends old and new. Also the writing has not lost it's touch, great humor and very endearing.

I know that the main pairing probably won't be Peter and Twilight, while it's one of my favorites, it's no big deal if there's another pairing, helps to keep things fresh, and there are other MLP characters that would be great for Peter, and with potential options like Trixie, Sunset Shimmer and Sweetie Belle, I think it'll be fine. Hope to see more cameos from other characters, both Marvel and MLP.

Keep up the good work. :ajsmug:

I agree, it’s looking good so far. :)

I just realized sunset shimmer actually is similar to MJ especially due to her yearbook role and photography

I'm going to give this a few more chapters to see where this goes (as I enjoyed your previous work), but I can see myself bailing as I was never a fan of EQG or high school dramas in general.

This Fury is the best! I love him. Great chapter man! Can't wait for more

Well this has much more content. So Flash is in Canterlot High, how inconvenient :ajbemused: Peter met Sunset Shimmer, and it looks like they're gonna make friends, sweet! :pinkiehappy: Little nod to Crystal Prep, and a certain familiar girl :twilightsmile: Perhaps Twilight can appear more, but that seems like a story for later, right now it's all about Spitfire/The Vulture. :rainbowdetermined2: Eager to see what else is in store. Keep up the great work. :coolphoto:

Peter pointed at the civilians beneath their position. “It’s the people in this region. May and I couldn’t figure it out, but I feel like I walked into a Skittles factory. What’s with everyone’s skin color? Is it a mutation?”
“Something like that. There’s something in the air but nothing malicious. It’s similar to the x-gene, but it only extends to the pigmentation of one’s skin,” Fury muttered, brushing a hand across his chin.
“So they’re mutants to a degree? Just without the powers?” Peter questioned with a furrowed brow. “For the most part. It’s a combination of science and something else, but we’ll talk about that more another day. It’d be no fun if I didn’t let you figure some things out, kid,” Fury declared with a shrug.

Thank you at least someone bothered to give an explaination to this :twilightoops:
So there's some kind of Vulturess here and Dr. Octopus huh :rainbowderp:
Flash is here so you gave It quite the spin with all of this I like that :twilightsmile:
From Sunset short apparence I take It this is after the first movie but before Rainbow Rocks?

So far so........GREAT!!!

Once again the story, is amazingly and rather very poetically written, being filled with meaning, wisdom, understanding, like an actual slice of life itself.

And J Jonah Jameson is......how else to put it.......the old JJJ himself, still being number one Spider-Mans harshest critic to the best as always. More or less......Though.......I wonder how Maximus would go on with this story and actually....making JJJ come to the point of actually learning Spider-Mans secret identity somewhere in the middle or at the near end of the story and with his attitude towards the web slinger possibly....maybe.....changing or turning to better. But you know Jameson, so lets just see....

The Sunset Shimmers apperance and role it this story is also great, as I actually already see the Spiders and Magic version of Mary Jane Watson. I really hope it will be Sunset becoming and being Peters main loves interrest, I am really counting on it. Although in original series of MLP, Sunset Shimmer began as a main antagoniest of the Equestrian Girls movie, yet being eventually defeated and afterwards remeaming herself for better, as she eventually became a main and central protagonist of the entire Equestria Girls series, being kind, friendly, calm, wise and above else....argubly the pretiest, sexiest and hottest femal of the entire show.

So.....I really hope it will be Sunset for Peters choice as a main love interrest.

Yet, it would also be great to involve other main female characters protagonists, like Apple Jack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie and Rarity Equestria Girls gang meeting, becoming friends with Peter, and.......Possibly the girls also developing a sort of crush on the young man also, just like it did in the original series, with a possible one-shots.

Finally........it is really great to have Maximus back after a very long time! So lets hope he will make this story great, as I believe he will indeed. He will.....

Lets just hope that Spitfire as the "Mighty Vulture" wouldnt become a supervillain.

Anyone know when the next chapter comes?

Just by reading the first chapters I can see this is is and is going to be really good keep up the goo- no great work man.

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