As Maretime Bay, and all of Equestria, begins to reunify and bring more open minds to other races, Sprout decides to try and get closer to the one mare who helped make it all happen.

Author's Note: Please go and thank Ranger Dust, whose comment planted this idea in my head.

And also allow me to say I'm sorry... But not really.

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Poor sprout his heart was literally stepped on.
Kinda want more chapters with him depressed and getting over rejection.

Also that was an abrupt ending lol :rainbowlaugh:

I'll consider it, but this was a random troll fic from its inception, so I can't make any promises. I've got more G5 content to work on, as well as remaining G4 stuff to continue and wrap up.

Thanks for reading, regardless!

Ouch. That's rough buddy

On the one hoof, rejection sucks.
On the other hoof, after what he did, he totally deserved that.

"hey sorry I destroyed your house in a silly fit of mad racist dictatorship, anyway you wanna go out with me?"
"fuck no"

and that's how Sprout became a nice guy™

Ouch, that hurt me. Better luck next time Sprout.

(Let the shipping begin.)

For someone who's name is "Sunny Starscout" that was cold as fucking ice, daaaamn.

Not to say Sprout didn't have that coming but still...that's rough buddy :rainbowlaugh:

Just to wrap up? I sad now

If more ideas come, I'll do them as well.

this is how he became the next postal dude who is hated by all groups
now he just needs to ask someone to sign a petition and my day will finally be complete
good job dude 👍

Hey, at least she didn't try to give him a pity date and end up getting him thinking it was going well. There's value in bluntness.

Andif anypony is going to believe that, it's the one who stormed Canterlogic for a decade to tell ponies their entire understanding of the world was wrong, they just had to trust her.

I mean, how else could this possibly end? *Shrug*


Recorded for an audio version coming soon :)

Seriously? Oh man, this one was a trollfic... :rainbowlaugh:

Yeah hadn't really seen that coming XD. But as the it got toward the end and there were so few words left. it became inevitable.

Now THAT is rejection with style! You go, girl! :rainbowdetermined2:

Kinda deal bad for poor Sorout though.


He had it coming. :duck:

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