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Ivory Cedar, "Balloon Pony" as most of Maretime Bay knows him, isn't handling the aftermath of his protracted flight very well. Thankfully, Zipp Storm is there to look out for him.

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Wow this was a pretty nice story and that poor guy he really was afraid of falling when the balloons lift him off to the air and he could not control them and he's been stuck up in the air for a long time during this whole movie and he still can't get over that fear and basically never want to leave his house but it looks like Zipp really wants to help him to get through this whole ordeal and that's pretty nice of her to do that for him and this was a pretty nice conversation between the very odd pairing and I like that after a few months he finally take to the sky but this time he's not alone and it's pretty cool that he got his confidence back and he's not afraid this was a pretty nice story keep up the good work

This has to be one of my favorite MLP G5 stories. Upvoted :pinkiehappy:

Aww, I'm so glad! Thank you. :)

Dang that poor guy he really is traumatized being in the air for so long it was nice and zipp to help him

This is so wonderfully written! Ever since I saw the movie, I couldn't help but imagine how the poor guy would react to all of it. To the sudden shift of the world as he knew (physically and socially) completely changing, to the constant that one strong gust of wind or a loose knot or even a irritated bird could end his life. Admittedly it is just also the fact that I over think a lot of the little stuff, but it is so great to see others that have the same thought process!

A Balloon Pony/Ivory Cedar fanfic! Thrilled to see more G5 stories on the site!

This was absolutely adorable! The fear that Ivory felt after his endeavor was portrayed heartbreakingly and had me want to hug him, and it was super-sweet that Zipp was there to help him through his fears. I actually might start to ship CedarStorm thanks to this. :)

And you're right that Ivory Cedar isn't his canon name (at the moment) since canonically he's just called Balloon Pony. But in the fandom tradition of naming unnamed ponies like was done with the likes of Lyra, Bon Bon, and Octavia, why not? Also pleased to see my fan nickname for the guy appears to be taking off, ha ha.

Fantastic job! Loved it!

love it, have a Fav, D

Ahhh, you came up with the nickname? Heck yeah! :D I think it fit him well. :3 And I'm really glad you enjoyed the story. The first thing that crossed my mind when I had the idea was "Oh god, but what do I call him? Can I really just name him myself?" before turning to google and finding a mention of that name under a screenshot on a pony art site. :D

Yup! I actually got the name from Seventh Sanctum's Magical Legend Pony Namer once I realized that no one else was calling him anything other than Balloon Pony, so I thought "Well, all fan names have to start somewhere right?" So I suggested that as a name (saying it's what I personally was starting to call him) and then other people started using it and it kind of spread from there.:twilightsmile:

(I know ivory is a more off-white usually, but I thought something like Diamond, Silver, or Platinum seemed too feminine, especially with Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, and Princess Platinum being in G4.:twilightblush:)

I'll be really interested to see what the fandom names some of the other background ponies that went unnamed in the film, particularly the emo announcer pony since she's my 2nd favorite G5 background pony aside from Ivory.

Oh my god this is one of the most heartwarming story I’ve ever heard in my life

Author Interviewer

Oh, this was very good. :D

Is it weird if based on the way the film ended that I could see Ivory as the sixth member of this group? Lots of others make it Sprout, but I honestly think that the reformed villain teammates were done to death in FiM. Let have the fish-out-of-water type be the one to get acclimated into the group and make it a two-guy-per-team thing with Hitch.

Poor Ivory. I feel kinda sorry for laughing at his predicament in the movie, even if it was played for laughs. This was a good story.

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