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I like violence, heavy metal and talking multicolored ponies

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Wow, way improved sequel. Way better than the first one. Keep up the great work, buddy. :twilightsmile:

Thanks. I had been up in the air for some time if I was going to write a sequel, but I've had a lot of people recently either add the first story or ask me if I was going to write a sequel that inspired me to write it.

Looking forward to see more. I hope that Sunset wakes up, and finds time to heal physically and emotionally. Also, I hope that they will be people who help her, and who knows, she could find a family?

When's the next chapter gonna come up?

I don't have any set time frame as I'm working on several stories at once.

I know never to bring up OC's in comments of other stories. But in all honesty, I have a bastard in my midst that would consider travel to Earth a nice vacation, and cross-universe political assassination a fun activity to have right after a nice pint of dry stout. And would drooling at the possibility of getting his hooves on modern military firepower.

And is also the type to perform rituals with the bodies of his enemies and would attempt a Blood Eagle.


Though in all honesty I better not bring anything here. It would be over to quickly and it would turn this story into a Venture Brothers style dark comedy in the end and would ruin everything you have here. Sorry.

But in all honesty it's heart wrneching reading this. Poor Sunny will never be the same, she may have to spend a year or two in a Psychiatric Ward.

She thought about if he sent someone after Luna, that would be the biggest mistake they ever made. Though Celestia was no slouch in the physical department, being a former under-twenty one power lifting champion, three time judo champion and a second-degree black belt in hapkido, Luna was in a different league on her own, she spent four years in the army and was a veteran of the short-lived Serbian conflict.


"Naw...", the first officer said again, "...you got a couple of visitors. Turn around and place your hands in front of you, palms facing each other, link your thumbs together." After Celestia had complied, the officer placed the handcuffs around her wrists.

I would not understand what he was saying.

Princess Twilight Sparkle, Princess of friendship, Grand Duchess of Smith Prefecture

When did she get that title?

Princess Celestia, Mare of the sun, Mistress of the day, Diarch of the land of Equestria "


"Better you to be the vice-principal than Cinch.", Celestia said flatly, "As much as I respect her, she is a total see you next Tuesday."

What is that supposed to mean?

Fluer reached inside a pocket in her pantsuit and pulled an eyeglass case. Opening it, she pulled out a pair of wire-framed reading glasses and put them on. Opening the briefcase, she pulled out some paperwork. "Wis a little help from Fancy, we were able to track down suspicious wire transfers from ze bank zat Blueblood likes to use. We've got him by ze cheveux courts et boucles. Even if he walks, his career is over, not to mention ze lawsuits he'll face." She pulled a small tape recorder and switched it on. "Before you tell me about ze ozer girl zat has been hurt, for official records, tell me about ze visit you had from Blueblood, please."

What did she just say?

I don't know how you did this, but I had tears forming on my eyes when reading this...

Practice went amazing today. Coach said that if I keep it up, come start of the season I'm gonna make team captain. It's my fault you're laying here hurt. You were just trying to defend me. I should have let Long Pass do whatever he wanted to me. Sunset, when you wake up, I'm going to bring you so many cute, fluffy bunnies and kitties and puppies for you to snuggle. Tree Hugger said that animals instinctively know how to heal us. Don't blame yerself sugarcube, if'n y'all had let 'em do whatever, then y'all'd be th' one laid up in here all hurt instead. Sunset did what she did tuh protect one o' her friends and instead that glorified sack o' cow patties along with his fellow sacks o'...o'...fuck it! It's easier to call them what they are an' drop all this being polite! Those pieces o' shit decided they'd rather hurt somebody than try an' help people. If'n y'all ask me, Pricinpal Celestia went too easy on 'em. Darling! I had an argument with the nurse. I said that this icky shade of green for your gown clashed with your natural skin tones, but they insisted that this was the only color they had and it was more than sufficient to serve its purpose. So when you get out of this bed, I'm gonna throw you a 'Yay, she's awake party!' The nurses took my party cannon, saying that 'this is the ICU and that the patients need quiet to heal!' and I was about to object, but Fluttershy told me I can shoot it off once you get out of here. Please wake up! Please wake up! Please wake up! Please wake up! Please wake up! Please wake up!

Are they all in the room together?

With each step, sensations filled her body, she could feel her lungs expand with each breath, her heart beat in her chest, she could hear her pulse in her ears, feel it in her fingertips.

What could she feel in her fingertips?

Rainbow hopped up to her feet. "WhatdoIdowhatdoIdowhatdoIdo?!"

If I’m on the verge of dying keep rainbow away from me.

Rainbow felt the air squeezed out of her by her terrified friend.

Pinkie would be jealous.

Startled, Rainbow nearly jumped out of her skin. "I-I don't know. Since she woke up, she's been freaking out, scared that someone is wanting to hurt her. They've got a shrink in there right now talking to her."


She gave a neutral smile as the nurse took the card and walked to the nurses station.

What does that look like?

"Older?", Cadance said in an annoyed tone, "I get that all the time.

I’m curious to know who else thought that.

If you're worth your diploma, then you'd know that someone in the middle of a panic attack won't just calm down because you ask them to."

And you are?

"I'll take time to listen to her, not only what she says, but also what she doesn't say.

What does that mean?

Luna recoiled slightly when sunset screamed bloody murder, but kept her hand on the girl's shoulder.

I would have to cover my ears.

Also, how dark was you planning on making this chapter?

I'll answer two of your questions. No, her friends weren't all in the room at the same time, I was trying to use a bit of dramatic flair showing her mind had no concept of the passage of time and the voices of her friends was what her mind had put together that her friends said to her or near her.

As far as how much darker I had originally planned, I had originally written Sunset's panic attacks to be much more intense with her getting physically sick, going into pseudo-seizures, her trying to scratch the eyes out of the nurses while in full on freak out resulting her in being strapped to the bed and Luna having a full on PTSD hallucination/flashback that had her actively reliving her walking through a Serbian death camp, but after taking a few hours to read over what I had written down, I edited it as it felt a little too edgelord to me.

princess luna would easily get rid of her night terrors. Let her get some sleep but they're not in Equestria

"Talk mean all you want, I know*GAK!*" Zephyr put a hand to his throat a split second after a cyan fist collided with it, he staggered away with tears in his eyes while trying to catch his breath.

"Consider yourself lucky that Rainbow's here to support Sunset, any other time she probably would have trounced you.", Rarity chided Zephyr as she shooed him away.

You got me bent.

Rarity walked to the next room, opened a closet and pulled out something on a hanger with crinkly white paper covering it. Returning to the room, she pulled the paper off revealing an orange and black leather jacked with gold-colored piping, on the back was a stylized sunburst, half yellow, half orange. "It's not finished yet, I've still got to finish attaching the liner. Go ahead darling, try it on."

Did she wear this in the show or did you make this up?

I made it up, outside of the first EQG, Rainbow Rocks, the Friendhips Games and Forgotten Friendships, I'm not real familiar with the Equestria Girls franchise. Did they have Sunset wear a jacket rather than her traditional black leather one with the spikes?

Also, a Shrink is another term for a psychologist.

Yes, it's also used for psychiatrists too, the only difference being that psychologists can legally write prescriptions.

Why would she think herself a whore?

And I bet Bloodblood raided her place

She's not in a good place mentally and emotionally, she's not on the most stable ground. She's fixating a lot on the part of her memory from her attack where she had some orgasms while being penetrated against her will. When someone is a victim of a violent sexual assault, they more often than not they have at least one unwanted orgasm because the autonomic nervous system kicks in and makes things happen, which further compounds the trauma they've suffered and to put the extra toppings on that sundae of awfulness, in the mind's attempt to justify what happened, the victims often convince themselves they somehow deserved what happened to them and often times investigators and prosecuting attorneys will (Spoilers for an upcoming scene!)often use that the victims had unwanted orgasms against them, sometimes because they've been misinformed about what the body does.

Also Bloodblood, that's got to be the most 90's sounding comic book name ever. I knew what you meant.

"If you have any brain damage, it was there long before you got hit by the door. Now scoot!", Nurse Redheart scolded.

We would have to fight.

Also, this chapter was kinda confusing.

"Yeah.", Thunderhooves replied, "His name is Coin Purse. We ran his background, before five years ago, that guy didn't even exist, but when we found his picture, we ran the likeness. It turns out he's a former MI-five informant who got burned, his real name is Pound Farthing."

Things are going south for Blueblood very quickly. Also good work with the john delancy impression. This story is bringing tears to my eyes as some of it is quite real for me.

Thank you kindly. While writing it, I have bad to tap into some pretty raw emotions.

the fact that those judges suddenly had new cars and vacation after dismissing a case should have been grounds for removal for them.

when everything said and done. I think Celestia will be aquitted

"I took a first aid course with Fluttershy a few weeks after joining the school. I figured it would be a good thing to know, considering all that strange pony magic and whatnot."

What does a first aid course have to do with magic?

"It's lutefisk.", Rainbow replied as she scooped some of the white gelatinous fish from the plastic container into her mouth, "It's really good. I first came across it as a girl when I visited by cousin up in Minnesota. Want to try some?" She held the plastic container in front of of Sunset's face, whose cheeks turned slightly green from the smell.

I don’t know if I could be rainbow dash’s friend after that.

"Rainbow Luanne Dash!", Rarity scolded, "You know Sunset's a vegetarian. I remember you acting the same when you first tried my Babushka's borscht."

I wish my friends would use my full name.

Sunset was familiar with Rainbow's dad's motorcycle. She enjoyed the few times she straddled that crotch rocket while opening the throttle to full, but today she didn't feel like hanging out...even if it involved sitting astride pure sex going a buck twenty down the old runway.

What the f*ck did she just say? Is she still talking about the motorcycle?

Rosewater pushed back from the hug slightly and looked Sunset in her eyes. "I understand...I've been a cop for nearly twenty years. I've been on my fair share of calls involving neglected kids. I can't imagine how children from your pony world cope with being neglected by their parents." Sunset sighed as she recalled her foalhood.

She knows about that?

Rosewater sat in the driver's seat of the heavy-duty diesel engine police truck, watching in the mirror as the heavily armored officers hooked up thick chains to the front door of the old pawn shop that had been converted into the office for the unlicensed private investigator known as Coin Purse. Her mind went back to her conversations with Applejack and Sunset Shimmer a week ago as she alternated loading beanbag and rubber bullet shells into the shotgun.


Higgs flicked the ash off his cigarette. "Was that before or after Lesty dumped you?"

Who’s lesty?

Rosewater gave Higgs a nudge. "I know you're still cross that Biscuit married the woman you were sweet on, but that was twenty-five years ago. Quit busting his nuts. As far as Celestia breaking up with him back in high school, at least he got farther with her than you ever did. I seem to remember that both she and her little sister shot you down, hell they shot most guys down."

I need to know more about this.

As Rosewater sat at her desk filling out paperwork, Biscuit walked up and placed the transcripts of the tapes on her desk. "The boys in the lab finished transcribing the tapes a couple of hours ago. Boss man wanted you to read the copies."

Why her?

Rosewater read the names on the transcripts, three girls named Sugarcoat, Lemon Zest and Sour Sweet. As she read further down the transcripts, it started out like a standard investigation on a rape case asking when their last periods were, the questioning quickly veered away as all three girls were asked if they had an orgasm. Then the questions veered into asking if they had drank any alcohol or taken any drugs. Finally in the transcripts the three girls were outright accused of having rough group sex and deciding to scream rape because they were jealous because the guys decided to not call them back. She quickly looked over the transcripts again, for two of them the guy claimed to be a lawyer named Ten Penny, in the last he claimed to be an investigator named Cold Iron, the notes jotted down on a separate page about all three transcripts said the voice came from the same person "You didn't find any other tapes did you?", she asked.

What does all that mean?

"Well madame, I can assure you that our law firm has been tracking him for a long time, building evidence against him.", Fleur said, "It's been a slow progress as he left very little evidence behind. Recently our investigation received a shot in the arm when he tried to intervene in an investigation involving a young woman who was raped who just so happens to have a dual citizenship with a country the president has entered into negotiations with."

What does that mean?

"I am sorry madame, but I cannot. All I can legally tell you is when we started investigating further into the citizenship of the young girl, our firm received a phone call from a woman who identified herself as Director Williams advising us to put aside that investigation and offered us enough evidence to bury Blueblood in enough lawsuits that he'd wind up homeless." Fleur opened up her briefcase, pulling out a small stack of forms, an information packet and her card. "Please fill out these forms so we can start getting your daughter the help she needs. Allow me to apologize on behalf of Surviving With Dignity, we would have contacted you sooner, but we've been short-handed. I know it's not an excuse and I profoundly apologize, we will work to improve."

What does that mean?

"Non. All our funding comes from the Mi Amore royal family and private donations from private citizens who want to help victims of sexual violence."

So, a donation and citizen can be private?

A few days ago an odd man came into my office and threatened me. I think he's tied to one of those seven girls. Oh? That's good. So that red-headed one is the cause of this?

How would he know that?

After pressing the hang up button on his phone, he interwove his fingers and tapped his index fingers together. "Now Spring-heeled Jack or whatever you name is. You'll find out what it means to tangle with a Blueblood. Now come at me."


Laughing came through the intercom on Blueblood's desk. "I tried to warn you Blueblood because you had such great potential for chaos. But because you've decided to ignore that advice, I'll let you know right now that if you don't call your dog off, you'll be facing Kay-kay and Moony."

Who’s Kay-kay?

Sunset buried her face into Wallflower's shoulder. "I was so scared!", she whispered in a trembling voice, "If I lose you, I don't know what I would do. I don't know when it happened or how it happened, but I love you! The whole time you were gone, my life was empty."

"I love you too."

The two girls stared into each other's tear-stained faces for several minutes. As if on autopilot, their faces drifted towards each other until lips gently pressed together. For the few second that Wallflower's lips were pressed against hers, Sunset felt like Princess Celestia's sun was shining down on her. As their tears dried, the two parted from the small kiss.

Didn’t see that coming.

It was dark as Luna slumped in the armchair in the front room of her and Celestia's. She looked down at her hand as it started trembling. Unwanted memories from the Bosnian conflict bubbled up in her mind. "Please not now.", She whispered, "It's been so long since I've had a flashback." Her whole body trembled as she reached for the cell phone. Her body locked up as the stink of rotting flesh filled her nostrils. "Please just let me get the phone so I can call for help." The weeping of grieving mothers and the screams of terrified children filled the room and she stuffed her fingers in an attempt to block them out.

As Luna rose to her feet, he legs suddenly forgot how to move and she fell to the floor. Tears ran down her face as she curled up in the fetal position trembling. For hours she couldn't get up from the floor, her body trembled as the stink of decaying bodies filled her nostrils, the weeping of mothers and the screams of terrified children filled her ears. "Somebody please help.", she whispered, "I can't move. The flashbacks are back. I'm trapped in Bosnia again."

She got PTSD?

Alright, move out!" As she moved down the road wit her squad, she swore she saw what looked like a horse with a dark blue coat weaving through the trees.

Princess Luna?

She stopped in her tracks again, there was that dark blue horse again she saw in the trees, it was now weaving between the plywood building, it looked as it was examining the bodies.


Why do you speak in the third person and like Shakespeare, with all the thous and thys?" "We apologize if our speech confounds thee. Going through the passage between our worlds left us disoriented."

How does that make sense?

Principal Luna tapped a finger on her lips. "Wait...you in this world right now?" "Verily. We follow thy nightmare into this world. We are outside thy domicile right now. When we saw thee through the window laying on the floor helpless, we cast a minor sleep enchantment upon thee and dove into thy dreams." Principal Luna took a step bacwards. "Your out side my house right now?" Princess Luna nodded. "Why didn't come inside and help me?", Principal Luna asked. "We apologize. It hast been centuries since trod upon thy world and we were unsure how thy paws work." "No, it's okay. Do you want to come inside? Uh...how do I get you inside?" "We wouldst most enjoy coming inside and meet with thee. Awaken."

I’m confused

To answer some of your questions.

What does a first aid course have to do with magic?

With all of the Equestrian magic floating around, think about all the property damage that has been caused and the potential for bystanders to get injured.

She knows about that?

After the events of Rainbow Rocks and The Friendship Games, Equestrian magic isn't secret anymore and most people in the town knows that Sunset is a pony.

Who’s lesty?

Lesty is one of Celestia's nicknames. At least in a couple of the stories I've written.

What does that mean?

What does that mean?

Expand on that question a little bit please. If I am properly inferring from those questions, basically Blueblood is about to wade into deep doodoo.

So, a donation and citizen can be private?

Thanks for alerting me to that typo.

Who’s Kay-kay?

Seriously? You forgot about Discord's nickname for Princess Celestia?

How does that make sense?

Princess Luna already talks in a outdated and stilted manner. Going through the mirror portal disorients anyone/pony who passes through it. Is it really that much of a stretch that she would fall back into such an old way of speaking when dealing with the disorientation and a world she's unfamiliar with?

I’m confused

This is based before the knowledge of what happened to the Pillars. Is it that much of a stretch to think that the Princesses would have taken ventures through the mirror portal in the past to look for their teacher?

The reason I didn’t know what some things mean is because a lot was happening and being said.

I’ve never watched the show in a long time, so I kinda forgot about the nick names he gave celestia.

Also, doesn’t Luna talk like that even when she isn’t disoriented?

Also, when I said I was confused, I meant I was confused about what princess luna was saying.

In later seasons, Luna started talking more like the rest of her subjects, even if she was still a little stilted n her speech.

Maybe since Wallflower and Sunset have pretty much proclaimed their love for each other in the last chapter maybe adding a romance tag wouldn't be that bad of an idea.

I can't add it in because there is only three blue tags allowed but I will edit it in.

Hope everyone makes it out of this OK.
Especially Luna celestia and sunset

I have plans to do so. I'm also working on a few other stories too and I'm also taking a little time to better think on how I want the next couple of chapters to go.

I hope all that allowed this to happen BURN IN HELL

I actually have a character that could very much help Sunset with helping these survivors. He's gone through some very nasty trauma himself and, in a way, it would be just as healing for him to help them heal (as where he grew up had no concept of psychiatric help or mental health care, so he does have some mental scars).

Contact through Discord - KukriRyuTsukino #3897

I don't have any plans of using anyone's OC for this story, but you can write your own twist on this story if you want.

Was leaning towards an AU from this point where he shows up from Equestria (but I can say that the physical scars he has can be rather... offputting). More than open to helping with ideas as needed.

She and Celestia were muscular and stronger than even most men their age, considering her military background and her sister's history of power lifting and martial arts training, but Princess Luna's build was equal parts muscular and curvy, which made her look like the mythical amazons.

What are mythical amazons?

Principal Luna poured hot in the cup, over the teabag, then dropped two sugar cubes in. Her eyes went wide when a dark blue aura surrounded the cup and spoon, lifting it up to the princesses lips as the spoon stirred the tea. "If you don't mind me asking, how are you doing that?"

So their magic works there?

"Though it feels a bit like walking through flank-high water, the magical field of this responds to our demands. Of course being an alicorn helps a great deal, considering that we have immense reserves."

What does that mean, exactly?

"That was initially thought as well, but concerning reports Sunset Shimmer sent, she and her friends were able to call on magic. Both Twilight Sparkle and our sister have surmised that since the events involving portals opening up in this world, Equestrian magic has mingled with and has awakened the latent magic of this world. It has been surmised that within a generation magic use will become commonplace."

Ok, now that’s cool.

"No, no. It's just a lot to wrap my head around. Before the fall formal a year ago, if someone claimed to use magic, it was assumed they were either mentally ill, a conman, on drugs or a member of one of the umpteen odd religions started by hippies. Now I've heard from someone who is an expert on magic that in a few decades magic is going to be commonplace." Principal Luna raised her shoulders in an exasperated shrug. "I guess that means that schools are going to have to start having magic classes." She looked down at the table. "I want to thank you for helping me with my flashback. Usually they're not that bad."

That would be a school I would go to.

Principal Luna picked at the corner of the table with a finger. "Nearly every day, though they're usually not that bad. Most of the time I'm able to bring myself down with some breathing exercises. Though sometimes, like tonight, they come on hard and I can't pull myself back to reality. When they happen, I usually can call call an old army buddy or a shrink from the VA. It's been a long time since I was on the floor curled up in the fetal position."

What’s a shrink? And what’s a VA?

Shadowy figures laughed at her fear, calling her a whore. A pair of silhouetted ponies turned away saying they wished they had a better daughter.

Is it the princesses?

Princess Luna lowered herself to the ground and extended a wing under Sunset's chin, lifting er face so she could look her in the eyes. "We should have come to help thee sooner Sunset Shimmer and for that we apologize, we were negligent in our duties to all our subjects." She leaned in, pulling the girl into a hug. After parting from the hug, she said, "Steel thyself. We must depart to prevent further harm from others."

Is sunset still one of equestria’s subjects?

Wallflower looked around first at the dark blue-skinned woman, then at the dark blue alicorn. "Um...are you...uh...Princess Luna?"

How does she know princess luna?

"Thy minds are different from pony minds and thou can awake any time thouest so choose.", Princess Luna said, "Come along Luna, we must not tarry, there art other nightmares we must stop. And yes, it is most odd for us to say the same."

How are they different?

"Lemon Zest and Sour Sweet. When they found Lemon, her mind had walled itself off and she was catatonic. For a while she seemed to get better, but then she would have these hysterical freak-outs and she'd shut down again. Her mothers had to pull her out of school out of fear of her getting hurt. Waitaminnit! You're one of those pony princesses! isn't your name something like Twinkie Wiggle?"

Wait, does lemon have two mothers or is that just an error?

Principal Luna took another slug of whiskey and jammed her finger in Princess Luna's chest. "Foalish?!", her voice started becoming slurred as the alcohol started taking effect, "Who the ffffffuck do ya t'ink yah're calling childish, horse?!", she took another slug of whiskey, "C'me talk to me wwwwwwwhen yuh've walked intah a deattttth c'mp an' an' an' seen chi'ren stare at you with hollow eyes!", she dropped to her knees as tears rolled down her cheeks, "Oh god! Kids aren't stare at you like y're gonna beat and rape them!"

For someone with a military background, she gets drunk real easily.

A dark blue aura crackled across Principle Luna's forehead and her eyes closed as she went rag doll. Princess Luna caught the woman and the bottle in her aura. She levitated the unconscious woman to the couch and the bottle onto the counter. Standing over the sleeping form of Principal Luna, she leaned her head down, stopping when she realized she didn't have a horn on this side of the portal or dream aether and touched a finger to the sleeping woman's forehead, drawing a pleasant memory to the forefront so her dreamscape would weave a pleasant dream for her. "Thou were't able to hold thine self together when helping others, but when facing thine own demons, thou hast troubles standing on thine hooves. It would appear we art similar in that accord." She levitated a blanket over the sleeping woman. "Good evening and rest well Luna. If it fated, we shalt meet again." She walked out the door and pulled it close with her magic. "Ponyfeathers, we shalt never get used to that."

I’m confused about about a lot of things in this part.


What are mythical amazons?

The amazons are the warrior women from Greek mythology.

So their magic works there?


What does that mean, exactly?

Please expand om what is confusing you.

Ok, now that’s cool.

That would be a school I would go to.

To quote Big Mac...Eeyup!

Is sunset still one of equestria’s subjects?

Considering I said in a previous chapter that Senator Blueblood saw in her file that she had a dual citizenship, I'm gonna go with...ya.

How does she know princess luna?

Considering that both human and pony are the same shade, have the same color eyes, have the same voice, that the students would have been talking about pony Twilight and that there's A FREAKIN' ALICORN IN HER DREAM it's safe to say she was able to infer from the available information in front of her what is going on, especially now she's not having a night terror.

What’s a shrink? And what’s a VA?

The term shrink is American slang for a psychologist or psychiatrist. VA in this context means Veteran's Administration, it's something that the American government offers people who have been honorably discharged from the military where they can receive medical help, see doctors, get their medication or get the counseling they need.

Is it the princesses?

No, in this story Sunset is not related to Princess Celestia. Remember in a previous chapter where Sunset talked about her parents being social climbers?

How are they different?

Think about it. Why would an alien species, even one that had been polymorphed into human form, have the same exact thought process as a human?

Wait, does lemon have two mothers or is that just an error?

Wait, does lemon have two mothers or is that just an error?

Now, for this story she has two mothers.

For someone with a military background, she gets drunk real easily.

1)Not everybody who has been in the military is a hard drinker. 2)Not everybody has the same level of alcohol tolerance. 3)People with a history of alcohol abuse have a lower tolerance to alcohol because the more heavily you drink and the more time you spend at some level of intoxication, the more damage you do to your liver and the less efficiently your body can resist or fight off the effects of alcohol.

I’m confused about about a lot of things in this part.

Break each part that confuses you down into individual parts and ask me about them.

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