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Cyberpunk ponies always make for an interesting story.

Okay, those last few paragraphs were the hook. looking forward to more of your work.

Thank you for writing this. I happen to like detailed storytelling and you've avoided the styles common pitfalls of tangents or distractingly specific statements.

An excellent AU and Pinkie is glorious in all her friendliness.

I have absolutely no clue what you're going on about so I'll just smile and nod, I just like to write, and do so in detail if I can.

You had me at cyber-agent twily, some ponut is just icing on the cake :twilightblush:

I find this world amazing and interesting can't wait for this story to continue

this looks like the Neon District

I would imagine quite a lot of cyberpunk set media is similar where neon is involved.

I don't play Roblox, but as I said, a majority of cyberpunk where neon is concerned looks similar.

Oh snap, I was thinking about this story like a week ago! :twilightsmile: Good timing!

Nice to know. Hope the story is bringing you joy.

Now there would be five coins with nigh-impregnable tamper and preservation spells that even the most dedicated criminal could not breach. Palladium sovereigns, platinum moons, gold sols, silver meadows, and bronze rabbits. It would also be incredibly simple to add and divide up as the system would adopt the same principle applied in mathematics where units were divisible by ten. Sovereigns being the highest value, and all other coins going up to one-hundred.

i like to think of them as the same value but one person might accept more from a platinum moon then a golden sol
and yes im rereading this

Comment posted by Soviet propaganda deleted Oct 28th, 2020

Their ornate Spearshots were certainly fully loaded with magically imbued anti-everything rounds, quite ready to be brought to bear against any threat against the Royal Palace and its inhabitants. The golden weapons were, in essence, a compact high-calibre battle rifle and a long-sweeping glaive melded into a single destructive instrument of death, attached to an expertly weighted heavy staff. They weren't simple weapons to wield, and took years of training to master their usage in combat.

im guessing that's an oversimplification because I dislike when people say "oh this can beat everything. blah blah blah"

That would be Twilight's feelings on the matter I would imagine, yes.

Im just rewriting this after i reread this and i think Luna is a bit too harsh she seems to come off as quite nightmarish

God damn, I love your descriptions and world-building you've got goin on here. All of the small random things just come together perfectly, like the pony eating breakfast maybe checking out the foal-droid and the zebra cab driver, etc. I feel like you could have achieved this chapter and the last in 50% as many words, but that fact that you didn't is what makes this story so good. That's also the whole reason I like the megacity and neon aesthetic. Fundamentally, (with no insult intended) I like the cyberpunk aesthetic because of the setting and not necessarily the story that could be told essentially the same in any other setting. Which is why I love the way you expand the setting, almost as much if not more than the actual story. Twilight is pretty much our guide through the world you've built. :twilightsheepish:

Also, God-Tier-and-still-speaks-old-equestrian-and-is-very-intimidating Luna best Luna. Her character definitely reflects on what you built previously, of Equestria expanding exponentially so the low-life criminals are able to rise up, but at the end of the day the diarchy will destroy you if you actually manage to catch their ire. Anyway, this is good stuff right here, keep it up! :twilightsmile:

Lol "have good sex" Ha! Best line of this chapter.

Well I'm hooked on this story and I can't wait to read more of it.

Now I have an excuse to re-read the 3rd chapter and get more disappointed Luna!

Welp, amazing as usual.

So much exposition, can't bloody help myself.

Please don't help yourself, the exposition is amazing. I loved all of the Princess lore in this chapter and you even somehow described legal systems in an interesting way. And I got more second hand Luna :twilightblush: which is always good. And poor Noctis, it must be rough being near delirious Twilight, definitely wasn't expecting them to actually be amicable with each other. Fun little twist having our introduction being that Twilight hates him. Anyways looking forward to more. :twilightsmile:

In that state of mind, I think we can see Twilight hates everything.


Why?! What the Hell happened to her that she acts this way?! Probably not good I guess.

I thought there were supposed to be months between these chapters?

Apologies for my sudden inspiration, if you'd like I could always bugger off again for a while? :ajsmug:

No, no, not at all. Please make yourself at home Inspiration. Would you like something to drink? Stay as long as you like. :trollestia:

I do so appreciate your comments.

Oh, what is this I spy? Is that the plot thickening? Must be some mad scientist at some megacorp if they're blowing enough resources to put the worlds smallest hexcores into individual bullets. Now I'm curious to see how the interrogation goes. Also I love Celestia's pop-top garden, seems like a relaxing place that would certainly give of Celestia vibes. And I laughed when everyone just admonished Twilight for making Luna beat her ass because they all knew it was Twilight's fault. :rainbowlaugh:

quite frankly this luna need to sit and rotate on her fucking pike for a long while till it wears down that adamantium rod jamed up her fucking plot

Nothing whatsoever.


Do you only comment in the form of emotes? :rainbowhuh:

I was merely going to congratulate you for coming up with a language for the Changelings (based on Irish or Tolkien?) before I ran into Twilight's drug high.

My goodness what talent you have! Twilight's state of mind is described so beautifully, and it's absolutely terrifying. Your description of the beautiful blooming red flowers reminds me of an old quote. During the 1935-36 Italo-Ethiopian War Mussolini's own son was in a plane and dropped a bomb. His words were that "it looked like a budding rose unfolding" and were much criticized.

Just wow.

I appreciate the praise, friend.
On both counts I'd hoped it would be noticeable enough.
The Changelings are quite entwined in British folklore, so I gave them a name befitting them based from general Celtic language, Welsh or Irish. In a way I suppose that's rather Tolkien as I imagine its where he got a basis for his own incredibly brilliant works.

Undoubtedly. Though I have also heard that he based Elvish on Finnish.

Uh. holy sh*t, Twilight's scary. And pervy.

Your new profile pic sp00ked me when I clicked on the story :rainbowderp:

Tempest please don't stop fucking Luna and I love how everyone and everything is described in this story. Even how the sexual parts are it's done in a very tasteful manner.

I wouldn't say its tasteful, but thanks, I like to lend descriptions to a character in stories like this under the idea that not everyone may know what the character looks like in this version of the world, even if they can guess it helps to give them an idea.

Damn it was just getting good too.

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