• Published 28th Jul 2020
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Project Sparkle - Jessi

In the dystopian technological future of Canterlot City, Twilight excels beyond measure in the Crown's name.

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I was merely going to congratulate you for coming up with a language for the Changelings (based on Irish or Tolkien?) before I ran into Twilight's drug high.

My goodness what talent you have! Twilight's state of mind is described so beautifully, and it's absolutely terrifying. Your description of the beautiful blooming red flowers reminds me of an old quote. During the 1935-36 Italo-Ethiopian War Mussolini's own son was in a plane and dropped a bomb. His words were that "it looked like a budding rose unfolding" and were much criticized.

Just wow.

I appreciate the praise, friend.
On both counts I'd hoped it would be noticeable enough.
The Changelings are quite entwined in British folklore, so I gave them a name befitting them based from general Celtic language, Welsh or Irish. In a way I suppose that's rather Tolkien as I imagine its where he got a basis for his own incredibly brilliant works.

Undoubtedly. Though I have also heard that he based Elvish on Finnish.

Uh. holy sh*t, Twilight's scary. And pervy.

Your new profile pic sp00ked me when I clicked on the story :rainbowderp:

Damn it was just getting good too.

Man this makes me want a cyberpunk, mass effect ish mlp game! A damn good job Mr.wtiter im hooked!

Gwyndolin Grimfeathers is great grandmother of Gawdyna Grimfeathers from Fallout Equestria right?

Nah. The surname Grimfeathers is just a nod to FO:E.

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