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Is this anthro?

Good God I need to expand my vocabulary. This is amazing!

THIS is why I read Mature Sex Fics. For the story and for the story only. These kinds of fics that include both real story and sex are rare, but that's what makes it all the more rewarding when you find them. Here's to hoping your fic makes it to the featured list! It deserves it!

It's quite entertaining to watch Chrysalis as a kind of "forest dryad - seductress in the forest."
this is cute.

I feel the quality of this chapter wasn't quite upto the first.
But it is what it is, hopefully it was an enjoyable read nonetheless.

probably this is due to the fact that the second chapter has changed its vector from one aspect to another.
for some reason I had the idea that in the end Chrysalis would resist with her "instincts of the female praying mantis after mating". Glad it wasn't.
I'm also interested in seeing the clash of two different cultures and how both sides learn something new about each other's lives.
P.S. I wonder if Chrysalis knows that Ponies have to eat material food? It would be sad if her "ideal" husband died a month later from starvation.

Decided to pick it up because of the romance tag and that it was high on the featured tab, and was not disappointed. A really lovely little vignette thing here, simple but deep and interesting worldbuilding mixed with a fun and believable start to a romance :twilightsmile:

I do prefer an M-rated sex story that has some build up to it.
Be the change you wish to see and all that jazz.

A Chrysalis story? My my, I have missed these. I will follow you, fellow author. Keep up the good work. :moustache:

"This forest is old. Very old. Full of memory, and anger."

Ah, I See You're a Man of Culture As Well...

I... THIS might be the greatest Chryssy fic I've read. With your, frankly, unreal depictions of feelings, I am blown away.


just wow

Can we possibly get a sequel or continuation of this? It is soooo good!

She would treat with it, and not unkindly; it deserved that much for its humble approach in the face of what was far greater than it. Given that her prey was male, she was a little more eager to be fair, and she knew that biologically he would also acquiesce to her intense power just that little bit easier.

Poor stallion or lucky stallion?

He was very easy on the eyes, and from what she could see at a glance he looked to be well proportioned enough for her, although with his small body it was a certainty that he was prey even amongst his own, and the kind that male or female would seek to dominate until they were thoroughly satisfied.
He was perfect.

I would have expected she would prefer apex ponies, because they were much more fun to toy with.
They would try to resist her, trying to dominate her as they dominate their fellow ponies. Attempts which have no chance of succeeding.
Of course she could simply crush them easily, but she will take her time to teach them.
Slowly and carefully, so they wouldn't even notice being tamed.

In truth, she knew the forest wouldn't hurt him; just simply just expel him.

Literally, as in growing tentacles and yeet him to the next pony village? (Also you have one just too many.)

"It's charcoal, not dirt. [...] It's an excellent traditional drawing medium, I feel it's better than pens or pencils, and I prefer it to digital art."

So the ponies already have computers?

After she'd gotten her answer she might even deign to let him go on his way without any close and personal treatment seeing as he'd fed her so well already.

Would that be better or worse for him?

Good premise!
After reading the description I expected an more aggressive hunt, like something involving running, hiding and (physically) fighting.
But this is even better.
Now I look forwards to read what will happen in "Not exactly a village". Even though you already gave a hint in the Author's Note.

"It's just... caves... I've never been in any. First time for everything, I guess."
Chrysalis grinned, moving inside.

Chrysalis: "Don't worry, It'll only get more interesting from here. Far more interesting..."

She even felt his mind briefly skirt lust as she'd mentioned it, and how could he not? He was here within her Hive, and was constantly looking upon her perfect form, while they had gotten along incredibly well and indeed built a rapport. Any male with good sense would be feeling the exact same.

Not only the males, I suspect.

"Was that to your liking, Lamb? I found it incredibly enjoyable, but there's still more to be done."
"I-I'm fine with that..."

Can't blame him.

"Yeeessss..." She hissed out as she felt her eyes flutter, breathing in and resting her hooves against his barrel, slightly awkward in practice but uncared for as he continued to move. "Keep going, Lamb."
He might have had a name, but she really preferred the pet one.

At this point he might even be okay with that.

"Mmfruitnow?" He murmured with a dopey smile, his clear elation from a mind-blowing orgasm clearly doing wonders. "Orlamb?"


Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

Did you notice the Anthro tag?
No? Me neither. So the answer is no.

I feel the quality of this chapter wasn't quite upto the first.

It was certainly different, but not better or worse. Merely different.
In a good way.

I really love both how Chrysalis and the changelings as a whole are characterized, and the changeling lore presented in this story is very interesting. I also enjoyed the interactions between Pale Dew and Chrysalis. This is definitely one of my favorite Chrysalis stories I've read, if not the favorite.

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