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Torque Wrench receives a letter from Applejack one day, and reminisces over the last time she had been creative. And how poorly it had gone.

Original written for the Quills and Sofas Speedwriting Palette Cleanser contest. Incomplete during the contest and finished later.

A thank you to The Red Parade, Seer, KorenCZ11, and Vis-a-Viscera for editing and proofreading for publishing.

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Oooh, this was a great one! A really touching story. I love the connection you made between Torque Wrench and Kerfuffle!

Seriously folks; if the descrip at the end of this tale isn't enough to get you enthused about liking it, have my comment at the start:

Torque Wrench is ingenious and charming to the end, Kerfuffle's an amazing complement to her, and the twist at the end will blow you away.

I'm about to feature that mechanic pony in a tale of my own Wednesday, that's how much Bill warmed me up to a thunderously underrated pony.

Thank you for a fantastic FIMFic, Bill; I only regret I had one time to pre-read it.

This was nice.

The characters interactions was smooth and complimented well.

That was a very sweet story, thank you for this.

Those two are good friends indeed.

A wholesome story :ajsmug:

I am so glad you finished this one. I remember Torque's heartbreak at the end of the first draft over on QnS, and telling you there was a great story to finish here. The accents were very well done (I know a few Minnesotans myself), and of course, Kerfuffle's bubbly enthusiasm always steals the scene.

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