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I love donuts and ponies, therefore i am a dony.


Okay, you get sucked into Equestria; you know, the normal stuff. However, you don't get turned into a animate object. All you got is your friend and a book to talk to, and ponies will come and sit on you. How awkward will things get for you?

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What is this I don't even....

Honestly, I think I'll have to read this.

Well... that is a very strange thing you have written. May I ask where you came up with this idea?

I was hoping something pewdie related. I have no idea what's happening, but it's good in a random way.

WHY? this is really fucked up xD:twilightblush: AND I LOVE IT!!! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowkiss:

a fic about being turned into a chair? we are in the midst of a genius.:rainbowderp:

This is, um... :rainbowhuh:

Actually, I don't really know... :twilightoops:

So who's the hot one and who's the slightly less hot one (regarding Bon-Bon and Lyra)? Tread lightly there, friend.

Not too bad. Not too bad. There are few things that need fleshed out, some grammatical errors, but I think if you acquired an editor or joined a group that helped out writers you would be pretty good.

Otherwise, I'm giving you a thumbs up on the premise alone. This is a zany little story you have going here.

1168954 Lolz

1169010 I actually got it from a certain song, which drives from... th03.deviantart.net/fs70/PRE/i/2012/040/b/f/pewdiepie___calling_dr_jones_by_catc0617-d4p6r6m.png

1169046 Exactly, bros'll think that this is about Mr. Chair, but the nature of the fic is to troll them, by you going in as a chair.

1169064 Thanks!

1169093 Thank you, because not everyone turns into a pony.

1169105 He would be, maybe.

1169146 Lolz.

1169455 Me too!

1169471 Lyra is the hot one, and Bon is slightly. And, I'll go and check up on those mistakes in a bit.


at a gess its in mimicry of stories that include

twilight as a cloud
the ponies as airships.
twilight as RDs urine.
RD falling in love with a sink.


just the general random genre kinda inspires itself into a rather formulaic story structure.


your going be sat on by naked ponies?

lol, thumbs up btw

......THIS IS THE BEST DUO IN THE WORLD the story of a chair and a book what else could be added to this to make it better:rainbowkiss::twilightsmile::moustache:

Ha, I'm gonna be writing a Pewdiepie crossover soon too!

yay another member of the bro army is also part of the brony army:yay:
........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
..........''...\.......... _.·´
BROFIST ...........
poorly copied bro fist...... also for those who know not pewdiepie

1170988 Possibly, a pot, rock, statue, monster, pig, or maybe another chair? Does any of this ring anypony's bell? Btw, it was originally going to be about Mr. Chair, but then the troll side of me got to the words.

1176981 i know who pewdiepie is
:twilightsmile: and i will watch him

how much pot did it take to come up with this? because I love it.

best story? best story

1276740 I'm so sorry!:raritydespair: I'll make the next few chapters longer!:pinkiesad2:

1278516 You better! *shakes fist in an intimidating manner*

When will we get to the actual sitting?

Or was that just to get our attention?

How much of this can I take before I get high?
It's like, drugs. They kill brain cells but make people feel good and happy.

Protip: Don't add your stories to the front page of SFNW.

1414298 :eeyup: i came for pewdiepie ill have look as soon as i finsih my school work IM IN CLASS RIGHT NOW LOL at one point when i saw the title i yelled it out in pewdiepie's voice at least 5 people thought pewdiepie was attually in the room XD

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