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Voleur (vu-lair) is a newly found criminal, from the city of Fillydelphia, who is eager for a change of life. (Voleur in French literally means thief) He is a unicorn with deep green eyes, a white coat, an orange mane and tail, and he has cans for a cutie mark. Recently, he robbed a bank in return for a house, but the ponies never gave it to him. When Celestia reports this to the six, Twilight and Pinkie go to Fillydelphia to catch Voleur. When he told them his story, Twilight's conscience got to the better of her and she asks the sheriff of Fillydelphia if he can come with them. He agreed and they get onto the train. Before, however, she asked the sheriff for his departure, Twilight developed a crush for Voleur. Will she overcome it, admit it to only him, or just plain out blurt it out to everypony?

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this VERY interesting. will read and wait for more

Hmmm not to shabby:pinkiesmile:

950263 Thanks! I was going for not to shabby!

950270 wow didn't know that my fanfic criticing skills had ecome so good as to figure exactly what you were going for lol

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