• Published 27th Aug 2012
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Chair Mode Activated - epicdonus1123 BOT

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A Kumquat-Orange, Chair, and a Book, Who Else?

Chapter 8

Darrell and Daring, oddly peculiar pair, but the coincidence just had to be. They've now talked for more than two minutes. You, being as you have narcissism, shove them both off of you, and turn around rudely.

"Bro, wha's that for!?" Darrell asks.

"Dunno, maybe since I have no one to talk too." In your head, it sounded more realistic. Now, really, you sound like a baby.

"Well, if you said something a while ago, we coulda started to talk to you too!"

"Oh haha, now it's my fault for being as shy as a pegasus?"

"Real mature, ey?" Darrell states.

"Excuse me, but please get off me." states the wee pebble sitting there impatiently.