• Published 27th Aug 2012
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Chair Mode Activated - epicdonus1123 BOT

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Chair Mode Activated

Chapter 1

So, you're standing in your snug living room. Sitting in the armchair, you grab a blanket and indulge yourself in it. The comfortableness that you're feeling is way over your head, so you go and reach for the remote for the television. Once you have the remote, you turn the TV on. The TV screen is already on the HUB network, and lucky for you, it is playing My Little Pony. After a few minutes of continuous TV, you start to hear footsteps outside. Since you are a closeted brony, you immediately turn it off. The person on the other side of the door was your friend. She stands there, greets you, and smiles at you.

"Hey, what's up?"

"What do ya want?" you ask suspiciously.

"Remember the time when you told me to watch that show, My Little Pony?"


"Well, because of you, I'm now addicted to it." Hearing that, you start to bounce up and down in total eagerness and ecstasy. Your friend was the only person who knew that you watched the show, and since she's engaged in it as well, you start to sweat. She ponders at the subtle excitement, but she laughs it off. Your friend was a whimsical person with a laugh that you couldn't help but laugh at.


"Hahaha!" You start to gesture a sign of watching the show together. She gestures back that they'd be delighted too. You flip on the switch, and you get to see the ending of "The Swarm of the Century", in which Pinkie plays the trombone. Your friend dramatically chokes on how hilarious Pinkie Pie is. When it cuts to the credits, you ask your friend when she became a brony/pegasister.

"Ugh, yesterday afternoon. I gave it a go, and it just sucked me in." Speaking of sucked them in, the TV screen flipped to Princess Celestia staring at it. You both were both crept out, so you chose to laugh it off. Celestia screams at you, specifically you, as you flew back in your chair. It was woeful wail, masked behind a significant shriek for aid. The horror of the unexpected shout started to shiver your friend; you, meanwhile, were too frightened to even move a muscle. When the screen shuts of, you look at you friend and start laughing. She doesn't find it too funny, as she cautiously glares at you.

"What are ya looking at?" you quietly question.


"I know that, just what exactly are you staring at?" She points her hoof at you, and things stat to get really awkward. She starts to glare her body, and she yells in amazement.

"I'm a pony, yay!" You try to jump, but the next instant, you find yourself faceplanting the grass under you.